My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 82: Vice-President Looking for Trouble

Chapter 82: Vice-President Looking for Trouble

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"CEO, you need to fire Qingfeng Li. He dared to hit my son who is the Head of Security. He went against his superiors."

Jianjun Hu loudly said with his pot belly.

He greatly despised Qingfeng Li. He did not even have the heart to hit his son but this wicked fellow dared to hit him. This fellow must be fired.

"Yes, President. My father is right. This type of employee who dares to go against his superiors should be fired."

Qiang Hu stood on the side and said.

For some reason, he felt that the CEO did not want to fire Qingfeng Li. He had already written a complaint letter but the CEO did not act. Faced with no choice, he asked his father to avenge him.

Qingfeng had just walked to the CEO office when he heard them request Xue Lin to fire him. He instantly became displeased.

What the f*ck, I worked so hard to settle a partnership for the company. I even sacrificed my integrity and agreed to have Ruyan Liu be my gan-sister. But you guys dare to complain and want to fire me?

They were stabbing him behind his back. It was the actions of a villain and could not be tolerated.


Qingfeng Li walked in directly without knocking on the door.

"Who wants to fire me?"

Qingfeng Li walked with large strides into the office and said with displeasure.

"Who are you. How can you come in without knocking? Do you know the rules?"

Jianjun Hu frowned and lectured. He has never met Qingfeng so he did not know who this young man was the fellow he wanted to fire.

"It’s none of your fking business if I knock or not. Who are you anyways?"

Qingfeng Li side eyed this bald fatty and lightly said.

"I am the Vice-President of the company. How dare you talk to me like that. Do you know your mistake now?"

Jianjun smiled coldly and assumed the haughty manner of a higher-up.

In the company, some higher-ups liked to assume a haughty manner of a higher-up and act arrogantly in front of the employees.

"Oh, you’re the Vice-President. Sorry, sorry. Can I ask why you want to fire me? Did I sleep with your wife? Or are you crazy?"

Qingfeng Li coldly smiled and insulted.

The Buddha needs incense and a man needs self-respect. If you try to find trouble with me, I’ll retaliate.

Who cares if you are the Vice-President. If you dare to lecture me and even fire me, you are my enemy.

Qingfeng’s belief was to mercilessly insult and beat up his enemies.

A wise man once said that treat your friends well and don’t go lightly on your enemies.

"Fellow, you dare to insult me. Don’t you know I'm the Vice-President?"

"I know that."

"You still dare to insult me even if you know? I have more power than you and a higher status than you. With one order, I can fire you. Do you believe me?"

Jianjun Hu threatened. His face was livid.

As the Vice-President of the company, he held a lot of power and was ranked just below Xue Lin. He was used to abusing his power in the company. He was used to the employees sucking up to him and treating him with respect.

Now, this young man dared to insult him. He was looking to die.

"I discriminate clearly between kindness and hatred. Of course I will insult you since you want to fire me. What a retard."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and said with disdain.

He felt that this fellow in front of him was retarded. Why would I insult you if you didn’t say you wanted to fire me?

"You are Qingfeng Li, the fellow who hit my son?"

When he heard Qingfeng Li’s words, Jianjun Hu was dazed for a moment. He then realized that this young man was the man he wanted to fire.

He had never met Qingfeng in the past. Today was the first time seeing him. But this meeting angered him even more and made him more determined to fire his man.

"Ke Ke, so you are the father of Qiang Hu. No wonder both of you try to find trouble with me. You are a pair of arrogant men."

When he found out that the man was the father of Qiang Hu, Qingfeng became even more blunt.

"CEO, you’ve seen it too. This fellow, Qingfeng, openly insults others and have no respect for his higher-ups. He even dares to beat up his higher-ups. Please fire him."

Jianjun Hu turned his head and said to Xue Lin.

He knew that he would not win a verbal battle with the young man. He could only ask the CEO to fire him.

"Vice-President Hu, let me say it again. I will not fire Qingfeng."

A flash of displeasure appeared on Xue Lin’s face. She was more and more displeased towards Jianjun Hu.

Before, she was referring to Jianjun Hu as Uncle Hu. Now, she was calling him Vice-President. It’s a sign that she was angered.

"CEO, I would like to know. Why do you refuse to fire Qingfeng Li?"

Jianjun Hu frowned when he heard her call him Vice-President. He knew that the CEO was displeased with him.

But he did not understand why the CEO would protect Qingfeng Li instead of firing him.

"Vice-President Hu, let me tell you. Qingfeng oversees the partnership with Ruyan Liu right now. He is very important to the company so I cannot fire him.

Xue Lin frowned and coldly said.

"What a joke? How could an ordinary employee like him form a partnership with Ruyan Liu? I don’t believe it."

Jianjun Hu shook his head in disbelief.

Ruyan Liu was the CEO of the Liu Corporation. The Liu Corporation was a top corporation in China. There was no way she would take a fancy on a bastard like Qingfeng.

"Ke Ke, and what if I can sign a partnership with Ruyan Liu?"

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly when he heard Jianjun Hu’s words. A flash of disdain crossed his eyes.

If you cannot accomplish something, it does not mean that I can’t do it either. I not only signed a partnership with Ruyan Liu, she has also became my Gan-Sister.

"If you can really form a partnership with Ruyan Liu, I will apologize to you. If not, I will fire you."

Jianjun Hu shook his head in disbelief.

"Okay, I’ll show out my contract with Ruyan Liu."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and prepared to take out the contract.

But his expression changed at the next moment, "Oh no, the contract is in my briefcase and I left it on Ruyan Liu’s car."

"I’m sorry, I left the contract in Ruyan Liu’s car."

Qingfeng Li’s face turned awkward. He was prepared to take out the contract to retort Jianjun Hu. But he had forgotten the contract.

"Who are you lying to? You left the contract in Ruyan Liu’s car? She drove you home?"

Jianjun Hu said with disdain. Why would Ruyan Liu, an CEO, drive you an ordinary employee? This fellow was boasting.

When she saw that Qingfeng could not take out the contract, Xue Lin’s expression changed as well. She had said that Qingfeng was in charge of the partnership with Ruyan Liu. But now, he could not show the contract. This made her slightly speechless as well.

"Qingfeng Li, you not only beat up your superiors, you also ignore your superiors and lie to the CEO. I have decided now, to fire you from the Ice Snow Corporation."

Jianjun Hu smiled coldly and announced the firing of Qingfeng.

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