My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 69: Hey Beautiful, Long Time No See

Chapter 69: Hey Beautiful, Long Time No See

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The second day, it was cloudy and the sky was a gloomy grey like it was about to rain.

Qingfeng Li yawned and got dressed. Then he washed up and walked towards the Ice Snow Corporation. As for Xue Lin, she got up before Qingfeng Li. She already drove to work an hour ago.

The two of them had an agreement that they couldn’t reveal their relationship at work, so they had to go to work separately all the time.

"Big Brother Li, you finally came to work." Right when Qingfeng Li arrived at work, a crisp voice complained.

He turned around and looked, he saw that standing behind him was Xiaoyue Zhang. She wore a white shirt today. Her light blue suit pushed her papaya sized breasts up like they were about to jump out.

She had a trace of resentment on her cute face. The fact that Qingfeng didn’t come to work for two days made her very unhappy.

In her heart, she naturally wanted to see Qingfeng every day. If she didn’t see him for a day, it was like something was missing in her heart and her whole body would ache.

"Xiaoyue, I'm so sorry. I had some stuff to do these days." Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and explained.

"Big Brother Li, if you don’t come to work in the future then you must remember to call me and take days off. You can’t skip work without a reason." Xiaoyue Zhang naturally wouldn’t admit that she wanted to see Qingfeng, so she had to use work as an excuse. She was definitely not thick skinned.

"Got it, Xiaoyue. I will definitely let you know next time." Qingfeng Li saw the milk and bread in Xiaoyue Zhang’s hands, his stomach felt hungry. He didn’t even get to eat breakfast yet.

"Big Brother Li, here, you can eat this for breakfast." Xiaoyue Zhang saw the look in Qingfeng’s eyes and guessed that he didn’t eat yet so she gave the breakfast in her hands to him.

"Xiaoyue, if I eat it what will you eat?"

"I am already full, Big Brother Li, you should eat."

"Thank you, little sister Xiaoyue." Qingfeng Li said his thanks, then he took the milk and bread and started eating.

But he didn’t pay too much attention to the fact that the straw was already in the milk box. He bit the straw and started sucking.

The milk was deluxe milk. It was sweet and tasted very good.

Seeing that Qingfeng was drinking her milk, Xiaoyue Zhang’s face blushed. She was kind of embarrassed. She suddenly remembered that she just inserted the straw into that cup of milk and drank some too.

So doesn’t that mean that her lips kissed the straw and now that the straw was in Qingfeng’s mouth? They just indirectly kissed!

Indirectly kissed, thinking about this Xiaoyue Zhang was super embarrassed and her heart was jumping at a rapid rate.

Qingfeng Li was focused on drinking milk so he didn’t notice the expression on Xiaoyue Zhang’s face.

After finishing with breakfast, Qingfeng Li walked to the table #9 to start working.

"I’m someone with clients too now." Qingfeng Li sat on the chair and was pretty happy.

He’s been at the company for a couple of days now and he never had a single client. This made a lot of people in the sales department laugh at him and he was also kind of embarrassed.

But now it was different, he had a client too, and it was a big client, that was Ruyan Liu.

Xue Lin had already agreed to let Qingfeng Li be solely responsible for the collaboration between the Ice Snow Corporation and the Liu Corporation. He just needed to do his best to work on the big client Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng Li took out information on the Liu Corporation and started reading, in order to partner with them he needed to start by getting to know them.

He wouldn’t have known if he didn’t look, but now that he did he was shocked. This Liu Corporation was a giant. They were worth over a billion dollars, and they had their hands in hotels, real estate, jewelry, auction houses, etc.

In the country, the Liu Corporation had over a dozen subsidiaries. The Liu Corporation in Eastern Sea city was just a subsidiary.

Because the Liu Corporation subsidiary in Eastern Sea city recently just started, that was why Ruyan Liu was doing this herself and helping the company develop. Eastern Sea city was a major developmental target for the Liu Corporation.

Qingfeng Li finished reading the information on the Liu Corporation, and then he had a clear understanding of Ruyan Liu and her company.

Unconsciously, it was already noon.

Qingfeng Li stood up and was about to call Xiaoyue Zhang to go eat together, but he couldn’t find Xiaoyue Zhang. After asking around he found out that Xiaoyue Zhang was out with a client.

Ever since Xiaoyue Zhang got promoted to manager, her client-base dramatically increased. She became extremely busy and had a lot of work every day.

Because Xiaoyue Zhang wasn’t found, Qingfeng Li could only go eat in the cafeteria alone.

He waddled to the cafeteria, and suddenly he focused and saw someone he knew.

There sat a beautiful woman at one of the tables, this woman had a beautiful face, nose, and eyes. The light blue business suit wrapped her slim body perfectly, her legs were thin and long and it made people want to go touch her.

Goddess, this was a beautiful Goddess.

"Hey, pretty, haven’t seen you in a while." Qingfeng Li walked to beside the long-haired girl and gestured with a smile.

"Oh, it is you. Yes, I haven’t seen you in a while." A sense of excitement appeared on the pretty face when the long-haired girl saw Qingfeng Li. And the fact that Qingfeng Li called her pretty made her fluster.

"Don’t call me pretty, call me director Xia." The long-haired girl was not anyone else, it was Wanqiu Xia. She was also Qingfeng Li’s boss, the director of the sales department.

"It is very strange to call you director Xia. The two of us are kind of bounded by fate, so I will call you pretty."

"It doesn’t sound good to call me that, why don’t you call me Miss Xia."

"Okay, Miss Xia, haven’t seen you in a couple of days and you got even prettier."

Qingfeng Li called her Miss Xia and praised her, he was extremely thankful for this beautiful Goddess who had helped him get into the company.

"Loquacious." Wanqiu Xia glanced at Qingfeng Li, her face showing how embarrassed she was.

Being called beautiful by a man, of course, made her happy. There were thousands and tens of thousands of ways to lie and not be able to get away with it, but praising a woman would never get busted. Every woman loved to be beautiful, and they all liked being called pretty by others. This compliment from Qingfeng Li made Wanqiu Xia very comfortable.

"Miss Xia, where did you go recently. I haven’t even seen you in a while."

"What, do you miss me because you haven’t seen me lately?"

"Of course I miss you, I even want to see you in my dreams. I dreamt of you last night, actually." Qingfeng Li said while laughing, he was great at coaxing women. It only took him a couple of sentences to get Wanqiu Xia to start laughing.

"I’ve been really busy these couple of days, talking about our collaboration with the Chen Corporation. It was going well a couple of days ago, but for no reason, they directly rejected to work with us today."

Wanqiu Xia’s eyebrows were raised, there was a sense of confusion on her pretty face.

Qingfeng Li, however, knew very well what happened after hearing what Wanqiu Xia had to say. Well, he would, since he hit Chen and Ting Chen at the charity dinner. Of course, the Chen Corporation no longer wanted to collaborate with the Ice Snow Corporation.

But of course, he would definitely not tell Wanqiu Xia about the fact that he slapped the boss of the company that she was trying to work with.

"Miss Xia, it is okay if they don’t collaborate. The Ice Snow Corporation is a big company too. We don’t need to look at the face of the Chen Corporation to succeed." Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and said.

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