My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 68: Wife Got Jealous

Chapter 68: Wife Got Jealous

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"As I said, this piece of jade will be given to Ruyan Liu. Whether it be 10 million or 20 million, it’s the same." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and still wanted to give the jade to Ruyan Liu.

At this moment, everyone casted a shocked look at Qingfeng Li. Was this guy a tycoon. He did not even flinch at giving away 10 million for nothing.

Can you stop acting so mighty… How can the rest of us act rich in the future if you don’t even care about 10 million? Some rolled their eyes, their faces full of depression.

"Thank you for your kindness, but you also paid for it. I can't get it for free. This bank card has 10 million in it. Take it." Ruyan Liu took out a bank card and obstinately put it into Qingfeng Li’s hand.

Qingfeng Li refused a couple times, but Ruyan Liu insisted on giving him money, or else she wouldn’t take the jade. Eventually, he had to accept the 10 million.

The charity banquet was over and everyone left.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin left the banquet hall and met Young Master Zhang at the gate.

Qingfeng Li had positive feelings towards Young Master Zhang. Though the latter looked coquettish and like a p***y, he did seem like the loyal kind of guy.

"Young Master Zhang, give me your phone number." Qingfeng Li came to Young Master Zhang’s side and said. The reason why he wanted that number was because he wanted to help him.

"37… this is my number. Brother, you are so strong. You kicked Young Master Chen! Too damn cool. I’ll treat you to dinner!"

With a little smile, Young Master Zhang gave him a thumbs-up, his eyes full of adoration. After all, Young Master Chen was one of the Four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City and was very powerful. The guy in front of him even kicked Young Master Chen. It was too cool to be true.

"Young Master Zhang, 5 … this is my number. Keep it. Call me later so I can help you solve your penis problem."

Qingfeng Li patted on his shoulder and whispered to him in a voice only the two could hear.

"What, can you fix my tiny little brother?" Young Master Zhang’s mouth opened wide, his face full of shock.

After all, his size and impotency problems were caused by an injury in the womb, and was a difficult condition to cure.

Young Master Zhang had visited lots of famous experts and doctors but all the effort resulted in vain. Now Qingfeng Li said he could cure it, Young Master Zhang was naturally very shocked in his heart.

"Of course, I’m a highly skilled doctor. I’ll cure you sometime later. Now go back and sleep." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and said.

"Alright. I’ll wait for you."

Young Master Zhang said, his face full of excitement. As for Qingfeng Li’s expertise, Young Master Zhang was quite confident. Because the opposing party could see through Young Master Chen, Wang and Li’s sicknesses, proving that he had outstanding medical skills.

Qingfeng Li waved his hand and walked to the BMW away from Young Master Zhang’s excited gaze.

He sat in the BMW, turned the key, stepped on the pedal and turned the wheel. Vroom!

The car flew out, driving Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin towards the Noble Palace.

An hour later, Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin were back in 13 Villa.

Inside the Villa.

Sitting in the living room, Xue Lin’s beautiful little face was stiff. Her nose was slightly wrinkled and she appeared somewhat unhappy.

"Honey, what’s up. Why are you unhappy?" Seeing Xue Lin’s sullen face, Qingfeng Li asked, smiling. Calling her CEO outside, he naturally called her honey at home.

"Let me ask you, what is the relationship between you and that woman Ruyan?" Xue Lin’s beautiful eyebrow slightly knitted and asked.

"Our relationship is very pure and innocent."

"Really? Then why did you give her that 10 million jade pendant?"

"Honey, are you jealous?" Qingfeng Li felt that it was a bit funny. After all the fuss, his honey was jealous because he gave the jade to Ruyan Liu.

However, from another perspective, it showed that his honey was concerned about him. He was secretly happy in his heart.

"Huh, who got jealous for you. You’re not allowed to buy things for other women." Xue Lin’s cold beautiful face appeared to be bossy, and returned to her Ice Snow Goddess state.

"Yes, my honey, come, I'll give you a massage." Qingfeng Li smiled gently, coming to Xue Lin’s back. He put his palms on her shoulders and began to massage.

In the beginning, Xue Lin resisted Qingfeng Li touching her body. She was a neat freak. But thinking of that bitch Ruyan Liu, she felt threatened and decided to give her husband some little benefits.

Mom told little Xue that men were lustful. I’ll let my husband taste some benefits, so he won’t do it with others. Xue Lin secretly thought.

It had to be said, Xue Lin was indeed very beautiful. She had a pretty face, snow white skin, graceful figure and smooth shoulders. Qingfeng Li massaged her shoulder, causing her to feel extremely comfortable.

"Hum, be gentle." Xue Lin’s face turned red and she said charmingly.

Hearing this, Qingfeng Li loosened a little, massaging gently and slowly.

"A little harder." Xue Lin felt his strength was a bit too small and asked him to force a little.

"Honey, I’ll use a little more force." Qingfeng Li smiled gently and pressed a bit harder. Xue Lin was too innocent, not noticing the pun "a bit harder".

"It smells good." As Qingfeng Li massaged for Xue Lin, he smelt her unique fragrance of her body and found it very enjoyable.

Xue Lin also enjoyed the massaging of the fingers a lot. She closed her eyes, her beautiful face turned red, and her body felt a stream of warmth.

"Honey, shall I sleep in your room tonight?" Seeing Xue Lin got very comfortable by the massage, Qingfeng Li decided to beat the iron while it’s hot.

"Hmm." Xue Lin hummed slightly, not hearing what Qingfeng was saying at all.

"Honey, you are very kind, agreeing to sleep with me." Qingfeng Li said happily.

"Who is sleeping with you?" Xue Lin opened her beautiful eyes and said faintly.

"Honey, you just said that you will sleep in a room with me, are you going back on your words?" Qingfeng Li was a bit dissatisfied.

Xue Lin made a "uhm" sound just now, agreeing to sleep with him in a room. It did seem unreasonable to go back on her words right now.

"I said it by accident. We’ll leave this matter later." Xue Lin smiled, stood up and walked towards the bedroom on the second floor, leaving a beautiful figure for Qingfeng Li to gawk at from behind.

In fact, letting Qingfeng Li touch her body and massage her was already a great benefit to him.

As for sleeping in the same bedroom, it was an important matter and should wait longer.

"Aye, the plan for making a baby has failed again." Qingfeng Li was a bit annoyed. He wanted to sleep with Xue Lin in the same room to make a baby. Obviously, the opposing party disagreed.

However, Qingfeng Li had massaged Xue Lin’s body, which was a small step to success.

If Xue Lin were an iceberg, Qingfeng Li had finally climbed onto the iceberg, taking his first step.

He believed that as long as he insisted on his efforts, one day he and Xue Lin would sleep in the same room and make a baby together.

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