My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 459: Sleeping With Xue Lin on the Same Bed

Chapter 459: Sleeping With Xue Lin on the Same Bed

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To respond to the lady’s question, Qingfeng Li shook his head and said, "No, I’m not with them."

Apparently the lady didn’t believe Qingfeng Li’s answer, as he was quite close to the bullies, like dozens of meters away. It seemed that he was part of the bullies, no wonder she had doubts. (TL: then you might as well f*ck everyone at the supermarket)

The lady in green stared at Qingfeng Li with her eyebrows twisted, and the look on her face was getting more and more serious. She sensed a force, which could only be owned by a master. It was impossible to see or touch the force, but it indeed existed.

The way Qingfeng Li stood was quite particular. Although he looked like he stood there casually, his feet were crossed and his chest was leaning forward. That was a standard posture for a front kick, which allowed him to attack in the shortest amount of time once he was in a dangerous situation. Unlike him, normal people would just stand perfunctorily.

"Gorgeous, don’t worry, I saw you are very excellent at martial arts. Was that the Baji Fist?" Qingfeng Li said with a smile on his face.

He learned about the strength generating techniques of the Baji Fist from his master, it looked the same as what the lady just did.

The lady’s pupils suddenly shrunk, he was the first person figure out her skills event since she came to the Eastern Sea City. This young man wasn’t simple.

"Let’s go Cheng Wu." the lady grabbed Cheng Wu and left after giving a slight smile.

The young man in front gave her an uncomfortable feeling, which was similar to an encounter with another masters. Since this man wasn’t with the bullies, she didn’t want to be in a tangle, so she just left with her brother.

Qingfeng Li wished he could keep the conversation with the lady, since it was rare to meet a master, and it would be nicer if they could exchange a few techniques over a quick combat. But she just left with no hesitation, which disappointed him.

"Damn, I’m here for grocery shopping. My parents-in-law are still waiting for me at home." Qingfeng Li smacked his head regretfully and walked back home.

He had already got some stuff at the supermarket, however, he was distracted by that marvelous lady. He stopped to watch, but didn’t expect it would take him so long.

As Qingfeng Li finally got home with some rice and food. Xue Lin and his parents-in-law had been waiting forever and were starving.

"What took you so long for grocery shopping, Qingfeng?" Xiaoyun Mu asked with a confused look.

As a housewife, Xiaoyun Mu used to go grocery shopping. She had lived here for a while before Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin got married, thus she knew their place was close to Walmart. It only took about half an hour to bring all the stuff back home but this time it took him over an hour.

"I’m sorry, I got interrupted by something," Qingfeng Li rushed to the kitchen after apologizing.

What could he do? He was the son-in-law, he couldn’t let his parents-in-law cook.

Luckily, Qingfeng Li was quite smart that half of the food he got was cooked, all he needed was to warm it up in the microwave, which only took about ten minutes.

While warming up food in the microwave, he turned on the gas and started frying food. He made three dishes, stirred green pepper with egg, spicy sour cabbage, stewed eggplant in soy sauce, plus three plates of cooked food, which made six dishes.

As soon as the dishes were on the table, his parents-in-law started eating immediately. Seeing Xue Lin having a hard time eating with chopsticks, Qingfeng Li then picked up some food and started feeding her.

It took a short time to finish dinner, since everyone was very hungry.

It was over nine o’clock after dinner and his father-in-law wanted to go home. Obviously, Qingfeng Li would walk out with him.

In terms of the mother-in-law, she wouldn’t go home for now, as she had to stay at Xue Lin’s home and take care of her.

"Qingfeng, please take care of my daughter Xue recently." Shi Lin said to Qingfeng Li outside the villa.

In general, Shi Lin was very satisfied with his son-in-law. Moreover, it would be better if Qingfeng Li could help him expand his corporation.

"Don’t worry father-in-law, I will take good care of Xue Lin." Qingfeng Li nodded and promised.

Shi Lin left with great content after getting answer from Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li went back to the villa after sending his father-in-law away. Xue Lin was chatting with her mother, they were enjoying their chats since they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, they had a lots to catch up.

Xue Lin was a sweet considerate daughter. She planned to go through some corporation documents, but she wanted to spend more time chatting with her mother, so she just put the documents away.

Qingfeng Li sat beside listening to their conversation and chipped in occasionally. What they talked about the most was things happened when Xue Lin was a kid.

"Dear Xue, do you still remember things when you were at elementary school?" Xiaoyun Mu asked with a slight smile on her face.

"There were so many things back then, which one were you talking about mother?"

"I meant the time when you were on your way back, you fell and broke your leg on a heavily snowy day."

"Of course I remember that, I wouldn’t have been here if mother you didn’t look for me." Xue Lin said with great appreciation.

She remembered clearly that when she was in grade one, one day there was a heavy snow, she fell in a huge gap on her way from school, and her leg got broken.

Xue Lin was covered by the thick snow. She thought she would probably be dead, as the path was quite out of the way. However, her mother saved her out of the gap regardless of the heavy snow and darkness.

That moment had always remained fresh in Xue Lin’s memory. She always had so much to talk about when she was with her mother, but they were mainly talking about things happened when she was young.

Xue Lin and her mother didn’t finished their chats and go to bed until eleven o’clock at night.

Qingfeng Li zoned out for a few seconds when he heard it was time for bed, as he couldn’t sleep in a separate bedroom when his mother-in-law was here.

It was very considerate of Xiaoyun Mu asking Xue Lin to sleep in the bedroom with Qingfeng Li instead of her.

Xue Lin tried to refuse, but Xiaoyun Mu insisted that she wanted to sleep alone. As a result, Xue Lin had to sleep in the same bedroom with Qingfeng Li.

Obviously, Qingfeng Li carried Xue Lin to the bedroom on the second floor.

Xue Lin was in excellent shape. Sha had fair skin, huge breasts and pumped bottom. Although Qingfeng Li had already seen her gorgeous figure many times, he still got pretty aroused.

Fire lit up in Qingfeng Li’s eyes staring at Xue Lin, he wished he could do her right away. However, he had to keep his desires inside, since Xue Lin just got out of the hospital and didn’t fully recover yet, she wasn’t able to do that with him.

"Watch your hands, don’t mess around." In the bedroom, Xue Lin said sheepishly, her face blushed and her body got clumsy out of shyness.

After all, it was Xue Lin’s first time laying on the same bed with Qingfeng Li, it was hard for her not to get nervous.

"Ok, got it." Qingfeng Li mumbled, but apparently he didn’t take what she said, as his hands were still wandering on her body.

It might be fine not having sex when such a beauty laying beside him, however, it was such a misery if he wasn’t even allowed to touch her.

Qingfeng Li had a wonderful night taking advantage of Xue Lin. In terms of Xue Lin, she could hardly fall asleep, since there was a pair of wolf claws touching her, keeping her awake.

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