My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 458: This Woman is Not Simple

Chapter 458: This Woman is Not Simple

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Qingfeng Li took a closer glance, and a lady dressed in green appeared in front of him. She was very pretty with her tanned and tight skin, her eyes were like black pearls giving out charming shines.

On the side of the lady in green stood a young man also dressed in green. They seemed together. However, they were surrounded by a group of thugs now.

This group of thugs were quite arrogant. The leader was a man with blonde-dyed hair. He looked and at the lady in green and said, "You walked by and damaged my beer bottle. What are you gonna do with that, gorgeous?"

Laying beside the bully’s foot was a broken beer bottle. Apparently, it broke as it fell to the ground. Qingfeng Li had no idea how it got broken, as he was shopping in the supermarket and didn’t witness how things happened.

The pretty lady didn’t say anything. Instead, the young man beside her went mad and said, "You are bullshitting, it was you that pushed the bottle off the table. Why blackmail my sister?"

The young man looked no older than twenty, he had strong muscles and a very figured face. His body was in great shape, which revealed that he worked out frequently and was from a mountainous area.

Young people in the city used to be either fat or skinny, but neither had solid muscles no matter which kind they were. However, this young man’s muscles were like refined iron, with great power coming out of his tanned skin.

Obviously, only a master like Qingfeng Li was capable to tell that the lady in green and the young man weren’t simple by their look. Any normal person didn’t have the capability.

"Little brat, if I said it was your sister then it was her." The blonde hair man frowned and said arrogantly.

The fact was, the bottle was pushed off by the blonde hair man purposely when he saw the lady in green coming. He did that just in order to keep the lady around, as she was so pretty that the blonde hair man had a crush on her.

To be honest, the blonde hair man had seen countless beautiful ladies in Eastern Sea City, even movie stars. But he had never seen anyone with such elegant charm.

If it was the case of beauty, there were ladies that were actually more beautiful than her. However, talking about charm, the lady in green had the most unique charm without doubt. She was giving out a vigorous scent, a wild kind of beauty, like a female panther in the forest, triggered the desire to conquer her.

"What do you want?" the lady in green frowned and asked.

Her tone wasn’t very nice, even had some coldness in it. That was because the aggressive way he looked at her made her feel disgusted.

"It was simple, gorgeous. You broke my beer bottle, then you just have to have some drinks with me tonight." the blonde hair man flirted, his voice couldn’t be any more evil.

The couple of thugs behind the blonde hair man burst into laughter, with their eyes full of malicious intentions. Some even started stirring up trouble, yelling at the lady in green asking her to have some drinks with the blonde hair man.

Disgust flickered in the lady’s eyes, she said in a cold voice, "You are blackmailing me, you broke the bottle as I was walking by."

"Blackmail you? Hahaha, I am blackmailing you. But what can you do? Don’t expect to leave if you aren’t going to have drinks with me today." The blonde hair man laughed arrogantly.

They were bullies who just like to make troubles and flirt with pretty ladies. The beer they had made them more aggressive. Therefore, as they ran into this pretty lady, they decided to approach her.

"I’ll say it for the last time, we are going to leave so move out of the way." the lady in green sneered, a beam of chilling light appeared in her eyes.

Unfortunately, the blonde hair man didn’t notice the coldness in her eyes, instead, he acted even more arrogantly, and yelled, "dudes, let’s take her away since she isn’t willing to have some drinks with us."

All the bullies started laughing all of a sudden, walked towards the lady wobbly, trying to get her.

"Sister, let me teach them a lesson for you." the young man said in a cold voice, which revealed his anger.

Goddamn the bullies, how dare them to flirt with the sister. It was time to show them a lesson.

"Young man, how can you protect your sister when your hair isn’t even fully grown yet. Be careful or I’ll beat you up." the blonde hair man scorned at the young man.

Madness flickered in the young man’s eyes, he clenched his fist and was ready to make his move.

"Cheng Wu, just show them a bit punishment, don’t kill them." the lady in green said carelessly, didn’t show any emotion.

What? Don’t kill them?

The blonde hair man twisted his eyebrows. Anger appeared in his eyes, the kind of anger came from being looked down. The blonde hair man was quite well-known in this area, who was very tough and had a dozen of bullies with him. Everyone was scared of him.

But now, this lady asked her brother not to beat him to death, isn’t that humiliating?

"Dudes, let’s get him and beat him up so that he could know how strong we are." the blonde hair man gave his command to the bullies around him.

A fat bully who stood closest to Cheng Wu threw a punch at his chest, trying to show off his braveness in front of the blonde hair man.

"You are just playing with fire." Cheng Wu gave a cold smile. He then accumulated all the air in his lower abdomen, gathered his strength in his fist, and threw his right fist abruptly at the fat bully’s fist with a sonic boom.


The fist of the fat bully broke immediately, the white bones and red flesh underneath exposed. He made a miserable cry, then held his fist and screamed on the ground.

Cheng Wu shrugged his mouth, didn’t give a shit about the fat bully screaming on the ground. He remembered her sister’s words, so he only used half of his strength. The fat bully could have ended up dead if Cheng Wu used all of his strength.

"That wasn’t satisfying, the Heroes List was so much better since we could sharpen our skills without worrying about killing others." Cheng Wu pondered.

The purpose of their trip to the Eastern Sea City was for the Heroes List Competition. He had already attended and won one so far. They were going for a dinner to celebrate tonight but didn’t expect the appearance of those bullies.

"This young man isn’t easy to deal with, go get the lady first." the blonde hair man waved his arm and made his command.

He could tell Cheng Wu was from a martial art family who was tough to fight against, so he decided to get the lady in green first.

Cheng Wu shrugged his mouth again hearing what the blonde hair man said. "What an idiot, they wouldn’t have any idea how they end up dead if they dare to touch my sister."

"Go get the lady."

The blonde hair man yelled and rushed towards the lady with a bunch of bullies.

The face of the lady turned downcast, a cold light flickered in her eyes, as those bullies were so despicable that they reached their hands to her chest trying to take advantage of her.

"Baji Fist."

The lady groaned, located her abdomen in the middle, set her feet as the base, lifted her arms and shoulders horizontally. She punched with her right fist suddenly, shot hard at the blonde haired man with a strong wind that fired up the air.


The blonde hair man fainted event before he could make a scream, his body flew all the way backwards to a couple of bullies, who fell on the ground and lost their consciousness immediately.

Knocked over half of the bullies with a single punch, the rest of the bullies were all left with pale faces and terrified eyes. This lady was incredibly powerful, like a fierce female dragon. They had never seen any woman as strong as she was.

The rest half of the bullies tried to run away, but the lady walked up one step, waved her fist and knocked them over.

The dozen of thugs all passed out by only two punches from the lady.

"This woman is not simple." Qingfeng Li frowned and his eyes showed his concerns.

Seeing Qingfeng Li stood not far away, the lady asked in a cold voice, "are you with them?"

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