My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 454: Xue Lin Wants the D

Chapter 454: Xue Lin Wants the D

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"Mom, I know that Qingfeng is very good to me." Xue Lin said sweetly with a smile.

She could feel there was a sense of jealousy in her mother’s words, but she did feel she was very lucky to marry Qingfeng. Not every man would wash their wife’s feet.

At least she never heard anyone that was willing to wash their wife’s feet.

Actually, Xue Lin did not want Qingfeng to wash her feet. It didn’t sound good if other people heard that a man washed his wife’s feet, but Qingfeng insisted on doing it for her. For Qingfeng, it was perfectly fine for him to wash Xue Lin’s feet. She was his wife, so if he didn’t do it for his own wife, who else would he do it for?

"Xue Lin, when are you going to have a baby with Qingfeng?" Xiaoyun asked.

Xiaoyun knew that the best way to hold a man’s heart was to have a child with him. Just like herself and Shi Lin, if she didn’t have her outstanding daughter Xue Lin, they might have divorced. Because they had their daughter and their daughter married Qingfeng, Shi Lin stayed with her instead of divorcing her.

Xue Lin’s beautiful face became red, her mother’s words made her embarrassed, "Mom, I didn’t enter the nuptial chamber and make love with Qingfeng. How can we have a baby?"

What? You haven't made love yet?

Xiaoyun was shocked and her face was filled with surprise. She couldn’t believe her daughter had not entered the nuptial chamber with her son-in-law. What’s all this about? They had already signed the marriage certificate for a long time, how could they not have made love yet?

The main reason for a man to marry a woman was to have sex and make children for the future generation.

Xiaoyun was completely surprised when her daughter told her they didn’t do it yet. When she married Shi Lin in the past, they entered the nuptial chamber the night they got their marriage certificate and had sex right away. Shi worked hard all night like a donkey.

Thinking about how strong Shi was at that time, Xiaoyun blushed in her face. Compared with before, Shi was like an old ox now, not much energy and strength left.

Oh my god, a slip of the tongue. Xue Lin regretted that she spoke out thoughtlessly and spilled the beans, her face changed colors. Luckily the person in front of her was her mom. If it was somebody else, the result would be bad.

A woman who got married and didn’t enter the nuptial chamber with her man and have sex? This would result in big damage to the woman’s reputation, as well as the man’s reputation too.

The other people would say the woman had some issue with her body, or the man must have issues. Xue Lin wanted to find an excuse to explain, but her mom’s following words made her shocked and regret even more.

"Xue, how could not have sex with Qingfeng? Don’t blame mom for saying this to you. A good man like Qingfeng is rare. If you don’t want to make love with him, there would be many women willing to have sex with him. When it is too late, you won’t be able to find a place to regret and cry." Xiaoyun looked at Xue discontentedly and said in a low voice.

As Xue’s mother, Xiaoyun naturally thought ahead for her. She was a sensible mother, since her daughter did something wrong, she had to criticize her instead of being partial to her.

Moreover Xiaoyun’s criticism was for Xue’s good. Plus, only the people who truly cared about her could criticize her, others would even feel disinclined to criticize her.

Xue’s heart suddenly got startled, she felt what her mother said was very right. Qingfeng had very good martial art skills and medical skills. He was also very handsome and attractive. If he was a normal man, he would definitely have that kind of thought. If she didn’t have sex with him, he might turn to the other women for it. If he went to look for the other women, it would be all her fault.

Xue was suddenly enlightened. She had made a mistake, a very big mistake, that she didn’t make love with Qingfeng. She gave the other women a chance to approach Qingfeng, to have sex with him.

Xue regretted very much, at the same time she was also somehow worried. She hoped the other women wouldn’t be attracted by Qingfeng’s charm and have sex with him. Otherwise she must regret to death.

As Qingfeng’s wife, she didn’t have sex with her husband and let other women have sex with him, what kind of matter was this! Before long, Qingfeng came in with water for foot- washing. He saw Xue’s face full of regrets and then asked her, "Xue, what happened? Who annoyed you?"

He remembered very clearly that she was very happy with a smiling face when he left for the water, but when he came back she looked very remorseful. What had happened?

Xue saw Qingfeng back, she held her remorse heart and said to him, "Dear, I want make love with you."

What? Make love with me? Qingfeng was excited and almost got carried away. It was absolutely the best news he had heard the whole day. The reason for him to marry Xue was to enter nuptial chamber and make love with her.

Xue had refused to enter nuptial chamber with him before because she was disgusted with men. Every night he could only sleep by himself alone. How painful was it for him to see a beauty every day and can’t make love with her?

Actually Qingfeng wanted to do it with her before, but Xue rejected because she was a proud snow goddess. But now, she took the initiative to ask him to enter the chamber and make love which made hims extremely happy.

However, Qingfeng’s happiness vanished when he saw Xue’s injured body.

Xue was injured now, the wounds caused by this traffic accident were very severe, and several bones were broken. Luckily Qingfeng preserved her life initially with his essence and blood. Because of Qingfeng’s essence and blood, Xue Lin recovered faster than normal.

Even though the effect of essence and blood was huge, it still needed around one month for Xue’s body to fully recovered.

Although Qingfeng wanted to enter nuptial chamber with Xue right away and make love hundreds of times, yes, hundreds of times, the only thing he could do was to forbear patiently until Xue recovered from her injury.

"Wife, when you fully recover from the injury, I will hold a world-class wedding for you. Then we will enter the nuptial chamber and I will make love with you at that time."

Holding Xue’s hand, Qingfeng smiled and looked at her with his eyes full of tender feelings.

He had promised to give Xue a world-class wedding and invite a lot of famous people to attend their wedding. He even planned to invite the Wolf Continent president to the wedding.

Qingfeng would make Xue Lin the happiest bride in the world. After the wedding, he would enter into the nuptial chamber and make love with her over there. This was also the respect he gave to Xue because he owed her a wedding.

"Thank you," Xue‘s heart was moved. She had not thought that Qingfeng would be so considerate to her in all the aspects.

In Xue Lin’s life, Qingfeng had become her most important person. Even if she had to die for this man, she was also willing to do so because she loved him.

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