My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 453: The Wolf King's Dream

Chapter 453: The Wolf King's Dream

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Qingfeng brought the IV medication to Xue Lin’s ward. Yanran Zhao followed closely behind him. Her face was flushed and her heart beat wildly.

"Nurse Zhao, why is your face so red?" Xue Lin asked.

Yanran Zhao’s face was red like an apple. She clearly remembered that Yanran Zhao’s face was normal when she left. Why was it so red now?

Yanran Zhao shook her head and awkwardly said, "It’s nothing. Maybe it’s because I drank too little water."

Xue Lin was speechless. I am not well-educated. Don’t lie to me. Why would your face turn red because you drank too little water?

But she was the patient and required Yanran Zhao’s assistance in administering the IV medication. Thus, she did not persist in her questioning.

"Here, I will help you inject the IV."

Yanran Zhao smiled lightly as she held onto Xue Lin’s hand. She first sanitized the back of her hand with an alcohol wipe. Then she used a rubber band to tie her elbow tightly. The green vessels instantly popped out.

Yanran Zhao was a very skilled nurse. She grabbed the needle and pierced Xue Lin’s vessel. Then, she covered it with a band-aid. She counseled Xue Lin on a few things to be careful of before leaving the ward.

"Do you feel better?" Qingfeng asked with concern.

Xue Lin nodded and said, "Yes, I feel much better."

Xue Lin was a workaholic. Even though she was sick, she still asked Qingfeng to bring her the documents from the company and prepare the documents for her. She wanted to manage the dealings of the company. Qingfeng initially disagreed but could only obey her demands.

Truthfully, Xue Lin was not so busy. However, Xue Lin was the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation. The company depended on her. A lot of matters required her signature and approval.

Furthermore, Xue Lin was already backlogged because of the wedding and car accident. If the matters were not resolved properly, the revenue of the company would be affected.

"Wife, I have a lot of money. You don't need to work so hard," Qingfeng said when he saw Xue Lin working intently.

Qingfeng had a lot of money. He had gathered tens of billions of Yuan from the families of the Capital. This money was enough for them to spend.

Xue Lin shook her head and said, "Even if you have tens of billions of Yuan, I still need to work. The Ice Snow Corporation is a gift from my grandfather. I promised my grandfather that I will expand the company so that it becomes the number one company in the world. It is my dream to become the richest woman in the world."

Number one in the world, richest woman in the world?

Qingfeng was stunned by Xue Lin’s dream. He never expected Xue Lin to have such a big dream.

Yeah, the Ice Snow Corporation was a gift from her grandfather. She would try her best to fulfill her promises to her grandfather.

"Dear, what is your dream?" Xue Lin asked with a charming smile.

To be honest, even though they have been married for so long, the two did not have a lot of opportunities to have heart-to-heart talks. She did not know Qingfeng’s past experiences or his dreams.

What is my dream?

Qingfeng furrowed his brow and pondered deeply.

Dream was a word that could be big or small. It was something that motivated people to work towards but it was not something that everyone would achieve even if they worked really hard.

Xue Lin had a great dream. What about me?

Qingfeng suddenly wondered…what was his dream?

Everyone had a dream. When he was in kindergarten, his dream was to be a scientist. Then, his parents disappeared. His dream was to find his parents. His teacher brought him to Wolf Continent. His dream at Wolf Continent was to survive. Yes, it was to survive in this place of countless dead people.

Slowly, when Qingfeng mastered his medicine and combat skills, his dream became to save and kill people. It sounded like a conflicting dream but it was not. He could save people since he was a doctor. He killed people since he was Wolf King.

Qingfeng suddenly recalled that the night before his father disappeared, his father had asked him, "Qingfeng, what is your dream?"

Qingfeng answered his father, "Father, my dream is to become the King of Martial Arts. I will be unbeatable. My second dream is to become a doctor and save all the sick people in the world."

His father had said to him, "Qingfeng, I will wait for the day you achieve your dreams."

His father’s words resounded in his years. Sadly, his father disappeared and could never hear his words anymore.

Qingfeng thought about his promise to his father and said to himself, "I will accomplish my promise towards you. I will be the number one fighter in the world and the best doctor."

At this moment, Qingfeng found his motivation and goal. He will work towards this goal in the future.

Xue Lin worked on the company’s matters as she received her IV. Qingfeng accompanied her by her side. When the IV medication was finished, he would call the nurse. When it was time to eat, he would go and buy her meal.

Qingfeng had become Xue Lin’s personal housekeeper. He helped her with everything.

Xiaoyun Mu came to see her daughter. When she saw that Qingfeng was cleaning Xue Lin’s forehead with a towel, she said, "Qingfeng, you can leave that for the nurse. Rest a bit."

"Mother-in-law, it’s okay. It is my duty to take care of Xue Lin," Qingfeng said with a smile.

He did not call for the nurse to clean Xue Lin’s body. He did it himself.

Qingfeng’s feelings towards Xue Lin were very complex. He liked her, loved her but also felt guilty towards her.

Qingfeng rubbed her body gently and soon used up all the water.

"Mother-in-law, can you stay here? I will get a basin of water for Xue Lin to wash her feet," Qingfeng said before leaving the ward.

Xue Lin could not bend down since she was injured. She could only wash her feet with someone’s help.

Qingfeng wanted to help Xue Lin wash her feet just now but there was no one else in the ward. He did not want to leave Xue Lin alone in the ward. Now that his mother-in-law was here, he could go and grab the basin of water.

Xiaoyun Mu watched Qingfeng’s departing figure and said to Xue Lin, "Daughter, you are lucky to be married to such a man. I have been married to your father for years but he has never washed my feet for me."

Xiaoyun Mu was even slightly envious of her daughter.

Xiaoyun Mu and her husband did not suffer many hardships, or had a car accident during their wedding. However, they were not very close. Shi Lin would never feed her or help her wash her feet.

Qingfeng treated Xue Lin so well that even Xue Lin’s mother was envious.

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