My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 39: Favored by the CEO

Chapter 39: Favored by the CEO

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"What? Fire me?"

Bo Wang’s eyebrows shot up and he was shocked. He wasn’t sure if he had heard wrong. Qingfeng Li should be the one fired. How did it become him?

"President, Qingfeng was the one who skipped work. Not me. Did you make a mistake? You should fire him, not me." Bo Wang said with his face filled with flattery.

He was only a small sales manager Naturally, he had to please the CEO of the company.

"I didn’t make a mistake. Bo Wang, the person I want to fire is you. You can start processing your departure paperwork today." Xue Lin coldly smiled and said without a trace of emotion.

She was extremely disgusted with this man who repeatedly tried to find trouble with her husband.

Bo Wang’s faced turned ghastly white when he heard the CEO’s words. It was as if his parents had died.

It took him several years to climb to the position of sales manager. But now, he was fired. This made him furious.

Why? Why? Why? Bo Wang roared in his heart and walked out dejectedly.

"Qingfeng, Bo Wang was the sales team leader. Now that he is fired, why don’t you be the sales team leader?"

Xue Lin said to Qingfeng with her slightly raised red lips.

Xiaoyue Zhang and the other sales employees were stunned when they heard the CEO’s words.

"What’s going on? The CEO not only fired Bo Wang but wants Qingfeng to be the sales team leader?"

"The CEO is helping Qingfeng, did I hear correctly?"

"Dude, you heard right. The CEO is helping Qingfeng."

"What’s the relationship between Qingfeng and the CEO. Why does it feel like he is being favored by the CEO?"

The surrounding employees chatted with surprise written all over their faces. They were also a little jealous, guessing the relationship between those two.

"CEO Lin, this is my third day at the sales department. I am still not familiar with the responsibilities. If I become the sales team leader, I’m afraid that others would not agree. It’s better if I turn down the position for now."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and rejected the position of the sales team leader.

Even though Xue Lin wanted to help him, he had a clear understanding of himself. He was just a new employee. If he suddenly became the sales team leader, the other employees would not listen to him.

The Sales department was an important department of the Ice Snow Corporation. If you sold more jewelry and brought more profit to the company, others would naturally respect you.

Xue Lin had a look of admiration after hearing Qingfeng’s refusal.

To be honest, Xue Lin also realized that she was impudent in her offer. As the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation, she needed to be fair and just, instead of favoring anyone.

Even if Qingfeng were to become a sales team leader, he should rely on his own ability instead of their relationship.

"Qingfeng Li, since you do not want to be the sales team leader.

Then, recommend someone to be the sales team leader."

"President Lin, I believe that Xiaoyue Zhang would be most suitable to be the sales team leader. She is a senior employee and familiar with the responsibilities. Furthermore, she was named employee of the month last month. She is a responsible and dedicated employee."

Qingfeng looked at Xiaoyue Zhang and recommended her to Xue Lin.

Ever since he arrived at Ice Snow corporation, two people had helped him the most. One was Wanqiu Xia, the other was Xiaoyue Zhang.

The first was the Director of the Sales Department. There was not much he could do to help her. The latter was only an ordinary employee. He should naturally help her when he could to repay her kindness.

"Good. The sales team manager of the Sales department will be Xiaoyue Zhang. Listen to her from now on, and work hard."

Xue Lin spoke a few words to the Sales Department and left.

She was the CEO of the company and was extremely busy. Every day she had many duties and responsibilities, so she returned to her office.

When they saw that the CEO had left, everyone started to look at Qingfeng strangely.

Who was this fellow? And what is his relationship to the CEO? Why would the CEO listen to him?

"Big brother Li, thank you for recommending me to be the sales team manager." Xiaoyue Zhang gratefully said with a flushed face.

She knew that it was difficult to be the sales team leader with her qualifications. But she easily obtained the position with Qingfeng’s recommendation.

Xiaoyue Zhang was a dedicated employee. The position of sales team manager was an affirmation of her performance so she was very happy.

Furthermore, the salary for the sales team leader was 1-2 thousand higher than an ordinary employee. Other than the salary, the attendance award, year-end award, and various benefits were all better than ordinary staff.

Her father had become sick and she urgently required money for the hospital. Now that her salary was higher, her father could receive better care. Therefore, she was very grateful towards Qingfeng.

"Little Xiaoyue, you’re welcome. You deserve it." Qingfeng smiled slightly and said.

He was fond of this beautiful, dedicated and responsible beauty.

"Big brother Qingfeng, this is 50 thousand, take it." Xiaoyue Zhang suddenly took out 50 thousand from her purse and handed it to Qingfeng.

"Xiaoyue Sister, what do you mean. I did not recommend you to become the sales team leader for money."

Qingfeng said with slight anger. He helped Xiaoyue Zhang out of pure gratitude and fondness.

Now that Xiaoyue Zhang had given him 50 thousand, what did it become? Bribery? It made him very angry.

"Big brother Li, please don’t misunderstand my intention. This 50k is an award for recovering the 1 million debt from the gang. I naturally have to give it to you." Xiaoyue Zhang’s explained with her slightly raised lips.

"Oh, it’s an award." Qingfeng nodded and suddenly understood.

He had looked at the reward system of the company before. There was a 5% commission award for every piece of jewelry sold or every difficult debt reclaimed.

Xiaoyue Zhang and he reclaimed 1 million of debt from the gang the other day. 50 thousand would be equal to a 5% commission reward for 1 million.

"Xiaoyue Sister, the mission was yours. The money should be yours, you should take it." Qingfeng shook his head and said.

"Big brother Li, without you, I would be unable to reclaim the 1 million debt. Please take it."

"Xiaoyue Sister, I already said that I would not take this money. You take it."

"Big brother Li, if you don’t take it, neither would I."

"Well, let’s each take half then. We will each take 25 thousand." Qingfeng smiled lightly and separated the 50 thousand bills into two parts, each person would have 25 thousand.

Xiaoyue Zhang refused to take even 25 thousand. Under the strong request of Qingfeng, she hesitantly took the money.

It must say, this was a pure and good girl. If it was another girl, they would jump at the 50 thousand.

"Big brother Li, we earned 50 thousand this time. Let’s celebrate after work."

"Ok, how do you want to celebrate."

"Big Brother Li, I’ll treat you to karaoke at Silver Diamond."


Qingfeng nodded and decided to go for karaoke at Silver Diamond with her after work.



Lone Hill.

At the moment, Bo Wang’s expression was dark. He had brought 10 thousand and came to Lone Hill.

"Boss King Kong, I would like you to teach someone a lesson. Here is 10 thousand."

Bo Wang placed the money in front of King Kong and said in a low voice.

"Ok, who is it?" King Kong lightly smiled with indifference.

"His name is Qingfeng and he will be at Silver Diamond tonight. Once he is there, I will notify you."

Bo Wang said while clenching his teeth. His face was filled with hatred.

Even though he had been fired from the Sales department, he still had connections and spies within the department.

When an employee of the Sales department texted Bo Wang that Xiaoyue Zhang and Qingfeng were going to Silver Diamond for karaoke tonight, he made up his mind to seek revenge and teach Qingfeng a lesson.

Qingfeng was unaware that a revenge against him was about to begin.

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