My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 38: Fire Qingfeng Li

Chapter 38: Fire Qingfeng Li

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Everyone had a good time eating this meal. Xue Lin and her mother were chatting while Qingfeng Li and his father in-law were drinking.

At the end, the two bottles of white wine were completely gone. Of course, Qingfeng Li drank a bottle and a half while his father-in-law only drank half a bottle.

It was quite notable that the father-in-law was a light weight. He got drunk after half a bottle and the mother-in-law Xiaoyun Mu had to drive him home afterwards.

Before they left, Shi Lin told Qingfeng Li that he needs to mention it to his family and take care of the business of the Lin family. That was the main purpose of his visit today. As the son-in-law, Qingfeng Li nodded and agreed.

"Dear, my father is extremely greedy, even if you take care of his business he wouldn’t thank you either. He would just manipulate you."

After Shi Lin had left, Xue Lin said to Qingfeng Li.

She knew better than anybody how her father liked to treat people,

In her father’s eyes, profit will always be the most important thing.

"Honey, he is my father-in-law after all. I can’t reject him."

Qingfeng Li frowned, he thought this was going to be difficult. He was the younger generation and was also the son-in-law. He couldn’t ignore his father-in-law. That’d be unreasonable.

"Honey, can I sleep with you in your room tonight?"

"I am not ready, can you give me some more time?"

Xue Lin’s face changed slightly and rejected the request of sleeping in the same room.

She has a fetish for cleanliness and she hated men since she was little. The fact that she was hugged by Qingfeng Li yesterday was already a huge compromise on her part. She couldn’t accept more compromises in such a short period of time.

"It’s okay, honey, whenever you finish thinking it through, then we can sleep in the same room."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and walked towards his bedroom on the first floor.

He knew that Xue Lin was a little frigid, and hated men. This was almost like a disease, he couldn’t force it, it needed to be treated slowly.

He believed that as long as he persisted, there will come a day when Xue Lin would agree to sleep in the same room as him.

To conquer the cold yet glamourous CEO and let her fall for him step by step would give a man a huge sense of accomplishment.

The second day, it was sunny outside, and the early birds chirped non-stop on the branches.

The weather was great again today.

Qingfeng Li woke up really early and found a cup of milk and a piece of bread on the living room table. There was also 1000 Yuan and a slip of paper.

On the slip of paper it said, "Dear, I am going to work first, here is food and money for you."

"This cold wife finally knows to care about me."

Looking at the money and food on the table Qingfeng Li smiled.

After he washed up, he sat on the chair and ate the milk and bread, then he took the 1000 Yuan and walked towards the Ice Snow Corporation.

Since he got cash in his pocket now, he grabbed a taxi and taxied to work.

"Big brother Li, you are finally here."

Qingfeng Li heard a crisp voice right when he arrived in the sales department of the company.

He turned around and saw that Xiaoyue Zhang looked at him with surprise on her face.

Xiaoyue Zhang was wearing a light blue dress today that wrapped around her graceful body exquisitely. Her breasts that were the size of papayas were trying to escape the dress and her cute face was rosy.

"Xiaoyue, you turned even prettier today?"

Qingfeng Li’s eyes flashed and praised.

"Big brother Li, you are teasing me again."

"Xiaoyue, I wouldn’t dare to tease you."

"Big brother Li, why didn’t you come to work yesterday?"

"Xiaoyue, I was busy yesterday so I couldn’t."

Qingfeng Li said with a smile. Xue Lin encountered an assassination yesterday and was injured, he had to take care of her at home so naturally, he couldn’t come to work.

"Li, if you don’t come to work you need to ask for leave, you didn’t do that yesterday so it is considered as absenteeism. Bo Wang is looking for trouble for you."

Xiaoyue Zhang looked worried and gave him a heads-up.

"It’s okay, I only skipped work for one day. What, is he going to fire me?"

Qingfeng Li shook his head, indicating that Xiaoyue Zhang shouldn’t worry.

"Exactly, you skipped work without a reason, so I can fire you."

Suddenly, a cold voice came. And then Bo Wang walked into the sales department in a suit.

"Manager Wang, I only skipped work for a day, the most you could do is to take away my salary for one day and my full attendance bonus, how can you fire me?"

Qingfeng Li frowned, a flash of dissatisfaction appeared on his face.

"Qingfeng Li, let me ask you, you’ve been with the company for 3 days, have you sold a single piece of jewelry yet?"


"That is right, our Ice Snow Corporation is a big company. We don’t pay for people who idle, you haven’t sold a single jewelry in three days and skipped work without a reason. I am officially announcing that I am firing you."

Bo Wang laughed coldly and said loudly.

His voice was very loud and more than a dozen people in the sales department all heard.

"Oh Qingfeng Li is done. He dared to hit manager Wang two days ago, now he’s been caught and will be fired."

"He asked for it, why did he cross manager Wang anyway."

"I think manager Wang is over doing it, the most you should do for skipping work is deducting salary and the attendance bonus."

Everyone in the sales department was discussing. Some of them were laughing, but there were also some people who were sympathetic.

"Manager Wang, even though Li didn’t sell any jewelry, but he collected the one million yuan debt from the gang, you can’t fire him." Xiaoyue Zhang’s face was red with anger. She said angrily.

This manager Wang was so evil, he wants to fire Li, she would never let that happen.

"Xiaoyue, that one million Yuan of debt was work that I gave you, as far as I am concerned, you are the one who collected it, and it has nothing to do with him. I am definitely firing him today."

Bo Wang said with a darkened face, he didn’t leave any room for negotiation.

"What is the argument here."

Xue Lin came to the sales department. She originally wanted to visit Qingfeng Li, but she didn’t think that she would hear so much bickering.

"President, you are here, Qingfeng Li skipped work without a reason yesterday, he didn’t tell anyone and he also cannot sell any jewelry. I am about to fire him." Bo Wang ran in front of Xue Lin and said.

The CEO had a lot of things to take care of every day. She had more than a dozen departments and hundreds of employees to overlook. It was the sales department’s honor that she would visit, Bo Wang of course needed to perform to her satisfaction.

"You said Qingfeng Li skipped work yesterday so you want to fire him?"

Xue Lin raised her eyebrows and glanced at Bo Wang.

"Yes, CEO, I will fire him. We don’t need people who skip work at the Ice Snow Corporation."

Bo Wang said righteously and made it seem like he was doing everything for the company.

After hearing what Bo Wang said, Xue Lin pursed her lips. She was frowning.

Bo Wang is so stupid. He wants to fire my husband in front of me? Don’t be so dumb.

And the reason Bo Wang used to fire Qingfeng Li was because he didn’t go to work yesterday. But he was taking care of me at home!

"Manager Bo Wang, I am announcing now that you have been fired by the Ice Snow Corporation."

Xue Lin curved up her red lips and said coldly.

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