My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 36: Ruyan Liu

Chapter 36: Ruyan Liu

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"Little boy, who are you? Did you need something?"

The woman smiled seductively. She was like a rose in full bloom – delicate, red and fragrant. She was very charming.

Her smile was ravishingly beautiful and made everything pale in comparison.

She was the same as the ancient beauties who could wreck an entire country and bring calamity to the people with her beauty.

As the number one King of the underworld, Qingfeng had seen numerous beauties. But this seductive woman could be ranked number one.

Oh, no, she should be co-ranked as number one with Xue Lin. His wife was also very beautiful. But just too cold.

Usually, Qingfeng would like to chat with this beauty for a while. But now that his wife was sick, he needed to make soup for his wife, so he had no time to chat with this seductive woman.

"I would like to borrow some food from you. I’m looking for meat. It’ll be best if its Black-bone chicken."

Qingfeng asked with a clear gaze. He had suppressed the surprise in his heart.

The seductive woman was shocked when she saw Qingfeng’s expression. A look of astonishment flashed across her eyes.

The average man who saw her would salivate and look like a fool.

This handsome man could withstand her charms. This aroused her curiosity.

After all, a man who could withstand her charms was rarer than a giant panda.

"Little Boy, do you know who I am? You dare to borrow something from me?"

"Who are you?"

"My name is Ruyan Liu.? You’ve heard of it right?"

"I’ve never heard of it."

Qingfeng frowned slightly and shook his head. He has never heard of this name.

"You’ve never heard of my name?"

A look of surprise appeared on Ruyan Liu’s seductive face.

"I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of your name."

Qingfeng confusedly shook his head. Are you very famous? Why would I have heard of your name?

"Ha ha…someone in Eastern Sea city doesn’t know my name."

Ruyan Liu seductively smiled. Her beautiful face was filled with surprise. Her attractive eyes blinked charmingly.

Did this man come from a foreign country? Or else why would he have never heard of her name? Ruyan Liu’s eyelashes fluttered and her heart was filled with puzzlement.

One must know, Ruyan Liu was the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City. She was known as the legendary beauty of Eastern Sea City along with Xue Lin. One was seductive and the other one was cold. Both were goddesses in the hearts of countless men. They had charmed countless men from the upper-class society.

Furthermore, Ruyan Liu came from a mysterious background and had powerful connections. The entire East Sea upper class revered her. Some would say they feared her.

Someone had once said that they would rather anger the East Sea City mayor than Ruyan Liu.

If you angered the mayor, you would still be alive. If you moved to another city, you could still survive. But if you angered Ruyan Liu, there wouldn't be a place for you in the entire nation.

It could be seen that Ruyan Liu’s connections were strong and covered the entire nation.

"Ms. Liu, could you tell me how I can borrow food from you?"

"It’s very simple. Tell me your name and identity."

"My name is Qingfeng Li. I am a sales employee. Could you lend me your food now?"

Qingfeng smiled lightly and asked.

He had revealed his present identity. He would naturally not reveal his identity as the Wolf King.

He could tell that the woman ahead of him was not simple and came from a strong background. He did not want to cause any trouble for himself.

"Little brother, wait a second. I’ll get it for you."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and strode gracefully into the room. After a moment, she brought out a frozen Black-bone chicken.

"Here, this is an imperial grade Black-bone chicken, I’ll lend it to you."

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and passed the Black-bone chicken to Qingfeng with her delicate pale hands.

When he heard that this was an imperial grade Black-bone chicken, Qingfeng’s eyes lit up. That was the best source of Black-bone chicken in the entire nation. Its nutritional value was extremely high and it was a great supplement for the body. In ancient times, imperial grade Black-bone chicken was a tribute that only the Qian Long emperor could enjoy.

Qian Long emperor loved Black-bone chicken soup. This caused his body to be extremely healthy and he became the emperor with the longest reign.

The number of imperial grade Black-bone chicken was extremely small. Only the higher-ups in Beijing could access it, ordinary citizens could not have a taste of it.

Qingfeng did not expect that the seductive woman in mansion number 14 could have access to imperial grade Black-bone chicken. She must have very strong connections.

But, he had to cook soup for his wife and thus, was not interested in the background of the woman. Or he would like to talk with her for a while.

"Thank you."

Qingfeng thanked her and left with the imperial grade Black-bone chicken in his hand.

In a moment, he had disappeared into the darkness.

"What an interesting borrow Black-bone chicken in the middle of the night."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and closed the door. She strode into the room with her voluminous body.

The first meeting of the two started with a Black-bone chicken.

Qingfeng returned to the mansion and placed the Black-bone chicken into the pot. He added water,turned on the stove and started slow cooking it.

An hour later, a strong fragrant scent emitted from the pot. The black-bone chicken soup was ready.

Qingfeng held the Black-bone chicken soup and arrived at Xue Lin’s bedroom.

"Honey, come and drink some Black-bone chicken soup to replenish your body."

Qingfeng said with a smile and held the soup by Xue Lin’s mouth.

"Such fragrant Black-bone chicken soup."

Xue Lin’s face lit up with a touch of delight when she smelled the rich fragrance from the bowl.

The usual Black-bone chicken soup which Housekeeper Zhang cooked was never so fragrant.

She took a sip. There was a hint of sweetness in the fragrant soup. It was delicious. In a moment, she had finished the entire bowl of soup.

"Where did you find this Black-bone chicken. How can it be so delicious?"

Xue Lin licked her lips, her face was filled with puzzlement.

She knew that the housekeeper was not at home and there was no food in the kitchen. How did Qingfeng manage to cook Black-bone chicken soup?

Furthermore, she could taste that this was not an ordinary Black-bone chicken. It was a high-quality one.

"I borrowed this Black-bone chicken from someone. It’s imperial grade black-bone chicken and very nourishing for the body."

Qingfeng smiled lightly and said.

Imperial grade Black-bone chicken?

A flash of surprise crossed Xue Lin’s eyes. She had heard of imperial grade Black-bone chicken. It was used exclusively for the higher-ups in Beijing. It was so precious that even Xue Lin had never tasted it before.

But many of the people who lived in Noble Palace had deep connections and strong backgrounds. It would not be surprising if some of these people knew the high-ups in Beijing.

She was curious who Qingfeng borrowed the Black-bone chicken from. It was actually the legendary imperial grade Black-bone chicken.

"Honey, do you feel better?"

"Much better. This Black-bone chicken soup is very good."

"Of course. This Black-bone chicken is imperial grade. Even I would hesitate to eat it."

Qingfeng opened his mouth and said. The nutritional value of black-bone chicken was extremely high. It could replenish iron, nourish the body and delay aging. This was especially true for the imperial grade black-bone chicken, which was the king among chickens and very hard to come by.

He had worked hard and cooked it for hours. But he had not taken a single sip, Xue Lin had drunk all of it.

"Dear, thank you."

"I’m your husband, it’s my duty to take care of you."


Xue Lin responded. Her heart was filled with warmth; she was touched.

She was a hygiene freak, and she also have slight sexual apathy. Ever since she was young, she had disliked man and did not like interacting with them. This caused her to develop a cold personality.

But she wanted to get closer to the man in front of her. Perhaps it’s the sense of security, she muttered in her mind.

"Honey, rest well. I’ll be here with you."

Qingfeng covered the blanket for Xue Lin and lightly said with a smile.

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