My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 35: Charming Lady

Chapter 35: Charming Lady

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"I wouldn’t dare! How could I dare to threaten Your Majesty the Wolf King? The police will give you trouble since you killed Poisonous Spider. I could go talk to the police and tell them to not further investigate."

Red Butterfly Yip’s face was pale and she said slowly.

Seeing that the Wolf King’s face had darkened, Red Butterfly Yip continued to talk carefully, "Your Majesty Wolf King, if you let Hao Wang go, we can provide you with the necessary help you need in Eastern Sea city. For example, we can protect Xue Lin."

In order for Wolf King to let Hao Wang go, Red Butterfly Yip even promised to get people from the Dragon Fang clan to protect Xue Lin.

To be clear, the Dragon Fang clan was a special department that was only in charge of protecting the higher up executives. Red Butterfly Yip will no doubt protect Xue Lin like a higher authority. This was a pretty high-level perk.

"Ok, I will let him go once, there won’t be a next time."

Qingfeng smiled coldly, flicked his right hand and threw him 7 or 8 meters away. He fell to the ground hard. That fall made him see stars and become extremely dizzy.

He considered himself when he let Hao Wang go as well. Firstly, this was Hua Xia, police still had a lot of power. Secondly, he didn’t have any grudge against the Dragon Fang Clan. Once he kills Hao Wang, then there would be no stop to that grudge and that was completely unnecessary. Thirdly, this was the most important reason, he couldn’t follow Xue Lin every moment of the day. The Dragon Fang clan had an official background after all, and they were powerful. If they were protecting Xue Lin, that would improve her safety.

Combining the three reasons above, he ultimately decided to let Hao Wang go.

"Thanks, Your Majesty Wolf King. Please, do you know where the Tiger King is?"

Red Butterfly Yip’s face was pale white, she asked in a quiet voice.

The Tiger King was the enemy of the Dragon Fang Clan. A year ago when the Dragon Fang Clan was doing a mission in the Tiger continent, they were attacked by the Tiger King. The Tiger King broke the leg of the vice-captain of the Dragon Fang Clan, and now he could only walk with the help of a cane.

Dragon Fang Clan must take revenge on this grudge.

Before, when the Tiger King hid in the Tiger Continent, they tried to kill him a couple of times and they were not successful. Now that the Tiger King had come to Hua Xia, they naturally wanted to get rid of him and take revenge for their vice-captain.

The Dragon Fang was the strongest combat team in Hua Xia. In certain aspects, they were the representation of the descendants of Hua Xia.

Whoever dared to threaten Hua Xia’s reputation, regardless of how far they were, they must be executed!

The Tiger King was already on the must-kill list of the Dragon Fang Clan.

"Poisonous Spider said, the Tiger King was at Tian Yang Road, in the abandoned basement of Sunshine Real Estate."

Qingfeng put the knife away and said lightly.

"Wolf King, the Tiger King was going to assassinate you, aren’t you going to give him some trouble?"

Red Butterfly Yip rolled her eyes and said.

"Little girl, you want to use me to kill the Tiger King?"

"How would I dare to use Your Majesty the Wolf King?"

"Little girl, I will definitely kill the Tiger King, but not now."

"Wolf King, he is now in the basement of Sunshine Real Estate! Are you scared?"

"Little girl, reverse psychology doesn’t really work on me, I can only tell you that if the Tiger King was really in the basement, he would be long gone by now."

Qingfeng smiled lightly, turned around and walked towards Noble Palace.

It wasn’t too much time before he disappeared into the darkness.

He did want to kill Tiger King, but not only was Tiger King powerful, but his personality was very suspicious and was very sly. When he told Poisonous Spider to kill Xue Lin, he probably already moved his location.

Even if he went to the basement of Sunshine Real Estate, there would be no way he could find the Tiger King. This was the intuition of the Wolf King.

"Leader, what should we do?"

Watching Qingfeng disappear into the shadows, Hao Wang’s face was pale as he came to Red Butterfly Yip’s side and asked.

There were 30 something members in the Dragon Fang Clan in Eastern Sea city. Red Butterfly Yip was the leader, and Hao Wang was the assistant leader.

"Immediately gather our people, we have to go to the basement of Sunshine Real Estate, I don’t believe that the Tiger King really left."

Red Butterfly Yip waved her hand and said elegantly.

"Yes, leader."

Hao Wang replied, then immediately took out his phone to start contacting his subordinates to go capture the Tiger King.


After Qingfeng left the riverside, he started to run maniacally, he got back to house #13 after one minute.

Inside the room.

Xue Lin’s face was pale white and she laid on the bed like a sleeping beauty.

Qingfeng found rubbing alcohol, gauze, medicine. He first wiped away the blood from Xue Lin’s face, and then sanitized her with rubbing alcohol, then he put on the medicine and lastly wrapped it up in gauze.

Looking at Xue Lin that was like a mummy, Qingfeng’s heart was hurting.

He knew that this woman was only hurt because of him.

"Ah, don’t come closer, don’t come closer."

Xue Lin suddenly screamed loudly, her eyes were full of terror.

While she was unconscious, she had a nightmare.

"Honey, don’t be afraid, it is me."

A sense of self-blame and hurt flashed in Qingfeng’s eyes, and he hugged Xue Lin’s body tight.

Xue Lin used to be such a proud person, now she was terrified like this.

Damn Poisonous Spider, even if I cut your body into 10000 pieces it still wouldn’t make me less angry. He wanted to kill but at the same time, he felt bad.

"Woooo, dear, it is really you, I thought I would never see you again."

Xue Lin opened her eyes and saw that it was Qingfeng who was beside her, so she immediately started crying.

When Poisonous Spider appeared, she was scared, terrified and helpless.

Even though Xue Lin was the Queen of the business world and could do a lot in business, she was a woman after all. When faced with these killing machines such as the demon-like Poisonous Spider, she was, of course, weak, so she would be scared.

If Qingfeng appeared any later, she would’ve committed suicide.

"Honey, sorry, I promise, I won’t let you get hurt anymore."

Qingfeng held Xue Lin and said with determination.

He was the Wolf King, he had never apologized to anyone. This was his first time apologizing to a woman, and it was his wife.

He knew that Poisonous Spider came to assassinate Xue Lin because of him, it was him that brought such a disaster to this woman.


Xue Lin grunted, her face was slightly blushing, she wasn’t used to having a man hold her in their arms.

Little Xue Xue, this is your first hug, and you use it like this, she thought to herself.

But being held by this man made Xue Lin feel safe. It was like she returned to the warm arms of her mother.


Xue Lin’st stomach made a gulu sound, she was clearly hungry, this made her feel awkward.

"Wifey, take a rest, I will go make soup for you."

After hearing Xue Lin’s stomach, he knew Xue Lin was hungry.

He put Xue Lin down carefully on the bed, and he turned around to leave.

He entered the kitchen, there was no food, he opened the fridge, there was no food again, this made him really angry.

Xue Lin was hurt and needed to recover her blood and body, but the kitchen didn’t have any food, so naturally, he couldn’t cook.

Furthermore, it was now 12 am, all the stores had closed, he couldn’t even go buy food.

"Whatever, I will go to the neighbors to borrow some."

Qingfeng closed the door and walked towards house #14.

Three minutes later, Qingfeng arrived at house #14, even though it was 12 am, but the light in the house was still on. Clearly, the resident hadn’t gone to sleep yet.

Pa pa pa~

Qingfeng knocked on the door three times. Momentarily, a sexy woman in light makeup and pajamas walked out.

This woman’s face was charming, her red lips lifted up slightly, sparkling white teeth, and her long eyelashes were like two windows that flapped. It was very attractive, it made people want to sink into them.

Her body was slim, full and graceful, and when she smiled she carried a charming air.

At this time, she was only wearing thin black lace pajamas, allowing her graceful body to appear in Qingfeng’s eyes, which was extremely attractive, and extremely sexy.

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