My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 33: Thousand Blades and Ten Thousand Cuts

Chapter 33: Thousand Blades and Ten Thousand Cuts

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"Honey, are you okay?"

Qingfeng’s body moved and arrived beside Xue Lin in the blink of an eye. His eyes were extremely caring and carried a sense of self-blame.

Poisonous Spider was his enemy and came here to kill him, but Xue Lin, as his wife, was dragged into this mess for no reason.


Seeing that Qingfeng had come, Xue Lin’s charming face was covered in excitement. Right when she wanted to talk, her head tilted over and she fainted.

She was just scared and then she got injured. Suddenly seeing that Qingfeng had returned, her heart got too excited and she fainted.

"Poisonous Spider, you deserve to die."

Seeing the blood on Xue Lin’s forehead, Qingfeng was radiating a strong murderous air.

"Oh no, the Wolf King returned. I have to escape."

Poisonous Spider’s face changed. He turned around and rushed out.

He originally wanted to kill Xue Lin before the Wolf King came back, but because of his horny heart, he wasted too much time.

Now that the Wolf King had returned, Poisonous Spider naturally had to run. He never thought he could pose a challenge to the Wolf King.


Poisonous Spider’s body moved and directly left the house and disappearing into the night.

"Can you really run? Today, you must die."

Qingfeng put Xue Lin onto the couch. Then his body moved and immediately chased after where the Poisonous Spider had disappeared to.

12 am, it was night and everywhere was dark.

Poisonous Spider rushed towards the river. He had left a boat on the river. If he could run there then he would be safe.

Closer, closer, the river was right before him and a sense of happiness appeared on Poisonous Spider’s face.

Suddenly, a shadow arrived in front and blocked him. He looked up and his face immediately changed.

The person who blocked his way was not anyone else, it was the Wolf King.

The speed of the Wolf King was too quick. He caught up to him within a couple of minutes.

"Wolf King, must you kill me?"

Poisonous Spider stopped and said with a dark face.

"Poisonous Spider, the moment when you decided to assassinate Xue Lin, you were fated to die."

Qingfeng said coldly with a serious look.

To be honest, ever since he returned to Eastern Sea city from the Wolf Continent, he had always been hiding his desire to kill in his heart because he wanted to have a peaceful life and didn’t want to kill anyone.

But then even if he wanted to leave the scene, his enemies still wouldn’t let him go. Not only did they want to assassinate him, they also wanted to assassinate his wife. Qingfeng was so angry that his desire to kill was completely released.

Since he couldn’t live a peaceful life, then he will kill as he desired.

If Gods blocked him then he will kill the Gods. If buddhas blocked him, he will kill the buddhas.

He must kill until everyone recognized his status. He must kill until he no longer had any enemies in the world. He must kill until

everyone trembled at his feet.

"Okay, they always said that the Wolf King is the number one king. Today I will experience it for myself."

Knowing he couldn’t escape, Poisonous Spider gave that up and stepped forward and got ready for a fight to the death.

"You don’t deserve to fight me."

Qingfeng laughed coldly. His eyes were looking down, like he was looking at an ant.

"You dare to look down on me?"

Poisonous Spider was angry. His body shot forward and his right foot kicked hard at Qingfeng’s stomach.

Qingfeng laughed coldly. His right foot suddenly kicked out like a ray of lightning, landing immediately on Poisonous Spider’s leg.


The two legs collided. Poisonous Spider’s leg broke with a loud sound. He let out a wail and fell hard onto the ground with a scared face.

One move, and Poison Spider had already lost.

If the Tiger King came, Qingfeng would be a bit worried.

But Poisonous Spider was just a subordinate of Tiger King. He was the best sniper, but ever since his arm was broken by Qingfeng and could no longer use a gun, he became a tiger without teeth. He could only let people hurt him however they wanted.

Qingfeng was boiling with rage after remembering what Poisonous Spider was about to do to Xue Lin. This guy wanted to dirty his wife! Did he want to die?

He hadn’t even touched Xue Lin yet, yet Poisonous Spider dared to touch her. He was really just looking for his own death.

Qingfeng came before Poisonous Spider, lifted his right foot and stepped down hard on his crotch.


A deep sound and Poisonous Spider’s nether regions exploded. He opened his mouth, letting out a wail.

The wail was extremely miserable. Even the birds beside the river were scared and flew away.

"Wolf King, you are so cruel, you actually destroyed my balls."

Poisonous Spider covered his crotch. His face was pale and his eyes were full of anger.

One's balls were the icons of men. Once they were destroyed, then the man becomes a eunuch. He wouldn’t be able to play with women for his whole life.

To a man, destroying their testicles was the biggest punishment.

Poisonous Spider’s face was pale, if looks could kill, he would’ve killed the Wolf King with just his glare.

"You seem to really hate me?"

"Wolf King, you won’t die nicely. His Majesty the Tiger King would never let you go."

"Oh, I almost forgot about this Tiger King guy. Tell me, where is he?"

"Don’t even think about it, even if I die, I won’t tell you."

"Poisonous Spider, there is a torturing method in China called the thousand knives ten thousand cuts. Do you want to try it?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly, pulled out a knife from his arms and walked forward.

When it came to his enemies, he had always been cruel. In the Wolf Continent, no one could tolerate his torture. Eventually, he would get all the information he wanted.

Seeing the black knife in Qingfeng’s hand, the Poisonous Spider's face changed, he knew that this knife was called the Life Taking Knife. There were numerous people that died because of the knife.

He didn’t want to die, and he didn’t want to tolerate 1000 cuts even more.

"Wolf King, if I tell you where Tiger King is, could you let me go?"

"No, if you tell me where Tiger King is, I can leave you a full body, or I will gut you alive."

"Hmph, if I have to die regardless, why would I tell you."

"Oh, then I will give you a taste of 1000 cuts."

Qingfeng smiled coldly. He took the sharp knife and stabbed it into the Poisonous Spider’s arms, slicing off a piece of flesh.


Poisonous Spider let out a miserable wail, his face was pale white and he was bleeding non-stop.

First cut, second cut, third cut…...

By the time Qingfeng was on his 20th cut, Poisonous Spider couldn’t take it anymore, he said in fear, "Wolf King, please, just kill me."

"It is simple if you want to die, tell me, where is Tiger King, or else I won’t let you die even if you wanted to die."

Qingfeng’s face was cold while wiping the blood off of the knife.

"He is at Tian Yang Road, the abandoned basement of the Sunshine Real Estate."

Poisonous Spider couldn’t take in that kind of pain and finally exposed the location at which the Tiger King was hiding.

"Mhm, you can die now."

Qingfeng took the knife and right when he was ready to kill Poisonous Spider, a crisp voice sounded.

"Your Majesty Wolf King, please stop."

A voice came, and then two young individuals dressed in black walked out from the darkness.

The two youths were one man and one woman. The man was handsome and the woman was pretty.

The person that just spoke was the woman. She was about 25-26 years old and her face was charming. She had a slim body, and was radiating a very powerful scent.

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