My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 32: Wolf King is Here

Chapter 32: Wolf King is Here

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The light in the living room was switched on. What appeared in front of Xue Lin was a man in black.

This man was 1.7m in height. His face was cold and his eyes were like reverse triangles. There was a bandage on his left hand, and he was radiating a thick murderous air.

The circuit breaker switch of the house was pulled down by the black-clothed man, so of course there was no more electricity. He had just pulled it up again, so naturally electricity was flowing.

"It is you?"

After seeing the face of the man, Xue Lin’s face changed dramatically. She recognized this man in black. It was the Poisonous spider that tried to assassinate her and Qingfeng Li yesterday.

"Oh no, if my husband doesn’t come back then I am dead for sure." Xue Lin’s face was pale. She was terrified on the inside.

Her biggest wish right now was for Qingfeng Li to come back quickly, and save her from this situation.

Before, she used to hate seeing Qingfeng Li’s face, but now she really wanted to see his face.

But reality was cruel and her wish didn’t come true. Qingfeng Li didn’t appear.

"What to do, what should I do?"

Xue Lin was desperate. Did she need to sit here and wait for her death?

Little Xue Xue, come on, you are the best! Don’t give up! She kept on urging herself on internally.

"Poisonous Spider, if you leave here I will give you a lot of money! Is 5 million enough?"

Xue Lin held down the fear inside her and started to negotiate with Poisonous Spider.

Of course, it would be best if they reached an agreement, but even if they didn’t reach an agreement, it was a good way to drag on the time until Qingfeng Li came back.

"5 million, the life of a big shot CEO is only worth 5 million?"

"Then what do you think about ten million?"

"You want to drag on the time, but that is useless. I am not interested in money, I am only interested in your life."

Poisonous Spider smiled coldly, and murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

But when he looked at Xue Lin’s face and charm appeared in his eyes.

This woman was really pretty, regardless of whether it was her face or body, she would always be considered as top notch.

"Pretty lady, I changed my mind."

"Poisonous Spider, you are going to let me go?"

"No, before I kill you I need to taint you. You are so pretty if you die it’d be kind of unfortunate."

Poisonous Spider’s eyes flashed a lustful look as he said with a perverted smile.

Wolf King, Wolf King, aren’t you really powerful. You even broke my hand so I can’t be a sniper anymore. Today I am going to play with your woman and then kill her. I will make you wish you'd died.

"B*stard, you are shameless."

After hearing what Poisonous Spider had said, Xue Lin’s face went pale from fear.

"Escape, I must escape."

Xue Lin knew she must think of a way to escape because staying here wouldn't end well.

The front door was locked by Poisonous Spider, and he blocked it too. If she wanted to run, she could only go to the window on the second floor.

Xue Lin turned around and ran towards the window on the second floor. If she could jump out of that window and call for help loudly, the guards would hear her and they would come save her for sure.

This was the only opportunity for her to stay alive, so she treasured it.

"Want to run, but can you really run away?"

Poisonous Spider laughed coldly. He took a pillow from the sofa and smashed it at her back.


Xue Lin had only taken about two steps before she got hit by the pillow. Her body tilted over and she fell hard to the ground.

Her hand grazed the ground and blood started oozing out. It was causing her a lot of pain.

Run, I need to run. She couldn’t care less how much her hand was hurting so she stood up hurriedly and continued to run.


Another pillow flew over and hit her square onto the ground again.

This time Xue Lin’s forehead landed on the floor and there was a bruise. Her head was dizzy and she could no longer run.

She got hit twice continuously and she had spent all her energy. Her body was injured too so she could only sit weakly on the floor.

"Beautiful lady, you don’t have any energy to run anymore right? Let me take care of you."

Poisonous Spider smiled and walked towards Xue Lin.

"What do you want, don’t come here."

Xue Lin’s face was pale. Her beautiful face had no color of blood so she kept on retreating backwards on the floor.

"Oh beautiful lady, of course I want to take care of you. The wife of the Wolf King! This is so exciting."

Poisonous Spider licked his lips. His face was twisted.

That twisted look really scared Xue Lin. Her whole body was shaking.

"Stop, if you come any closer I will scream."

"Scream, the guards were already knocked unconscious by me. Even if you scream your throat hoarse, no one would save you. As well, there is a sound barrier in this room."

"Shameless, if you come any closer I will kill myself. Even if I die I won’t let you win."

Xue Lin’s face was pale and said in fear.

She was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation, and she was Qingfeng Li’s wife. Even if she died, she wouldn’t let this guy take advantage of her.

"Hehe, suicide, let me tell you, even if you commit suicide, I will f*ck your dead body."

Poisonous Spider laughed perverted, all the words he said were cold and hard as stone.

After hearing Poisonous Spider’s words, Xue Lin was in despair. She originally wanted to commit suicide to keep her own innocence. But from the looks of it, even if she did commit suicide, she wouldn’t be able to escape this demon.

This guy was clearly a demon. How could there be such an evil person in the world? Her heart was in despair.


Noble Palace, front entrance.

When Qingfeng Li walked to the front entrance, he frowned because he noticed that something was wrong.

"The Guards and doormen were all unconscious."

Qingfeng Li focused and noticed that in the pavilions, a couple of guards and doormen were all unconscious. There was a spider palm mark on all their necks. Even though it wasn’t that apparent, he still noticed.

Spider palm mark, that was the signature of Poisonous Spider.

"Oh no, my wife is in danger."

Qingfeng Li’s face changed dramatically. He moved his body and ran towards house #13.

He knew that Poisonous Spider had already entered the neighborhood, and his target was clearly Xue Lin.

Stupid, why didn’t I think of this? His target was Xue Lin! At this moment, Qingfeng Li was blaming himself.

Qingfeng Li originally thought that because he broke the arm of the Poisonous Spider, he wouldn’t return in a short period of time. He didn’t think that it’s been a day and he had already come back.

Inside the house.

Xue Lin kept on moving backward. She picked up everything around her, from pillows to cups, and threw them at Poisonous Spider.

But these things were basically harmless. They were no threat to Poisonous Spider.

"Beautiful woman, I am here to take care of you."

Poisonous Spider waved his hands and hit away those things and came to the front of Xue Lin with a few strides.

He took out his hand and was ready to capture Xue Lin.

At a dangerous moment such as this, Xue Lin took off her heels and threw it at Poisonous Spider’s face.

Unexpectedly, Poisonous Spider was hit by the high heel. Even though it didn’t cause him any damage, but there was a shoe print on his face. It was extremely unpleasant.

"Stupid b*tch, you clearly want to die."

Poisonous Spider’s face was twisted in anger and he kicked Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s body was kicked out a couple of meters by Poisonous Spider. She opened her mouth and spat out blood, her face was pale and she had no strength in her limbs. It was even impossible for her to move.

This Poisonous Spider was too powerful, she was no match.

"Stupid b*tch, watch me take care of you."

Poisonous Spider laughed pervertedly and walked towards Xue Lin step by step.


A huge sound, the front door to the house was kicked open.

Qingfeng Li walked in with huge strides. When he saw Xue Lin lying on the ground covered in blood, his face suddenly changed.

When the Wolf King was angry, corpses will pile up within a thousand miles. An overwhelming murderous intent suddenly covered the whole house.

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