My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 30: Bo Wang's Threat

Chapter 30: Bo Wang's Threat

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"My little girl Yue Yue, why are you unhappy, huh?" Qingfeng noticed Xiayue was sad behind him while driving.

Xiaoyue didn’t look happy since they left as if she was bothered by something.

"Big brother Li, which one do you think is prettier? Me, or that policewoman?" Xiaoyue frowned her brows while holding onto Qingfeng from the back seat.

Qingfeng raised his brows. He found it funny after hearing what she said.

He finally got the answer-- Xiaoyue was jealous about the policewoman.

"You are definitely prettier than her! That policewoman is aggressive like a lion and always tries to get me in trouble."

Qingfeng was pretty good at complimenting at women. He, of course, would choose to flatter Xiaoyue.

Xiaoyue started to laugh at how Qingfeng scolded the policewoman. The way she laughed was as beautiful as a blooming flower.

Speaking of which, that policewoman was indeed aggressive, pointing her gun at someone right off the bat. She couldn’t fit the description that Qingfeng gave her any better.

Besides, Xiaoyue was also glad that she was prettier in Qingfeng’s opinion.

Xiaoyue, you can do this! You are the prettiest in his eyes. She tightened her little fist and said to herself in her mind.


Qingfeng fastened the throttle on the motorcycle and sped toward the Ice Snow Corporation.

It was already the afternoon since they’ve spent so much time on the hill. He had to hurry back to the company before his shift was finished.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng finally arrived back at the company.

"Xiaoyue, go back to the sales department first. I need to return this motorcycle to the fatty." Qingfeng smiled and said to Xiaoyue while pushing the motorcycle towards the company.

"Sure. Come back to the department fast, it’s almost closing time." Xiaoyue walked to the sales department on the second floor while telling Qingfeng.

Qingfeng parked the motorcycle and walked back to the security department with the key.

The security department was located on the North-East side of the building. It covered more than 100 square meters and had more than twenty security guards.

"Dude, you finally came back." The security fatty, Hao Luo, ran to Qingfeng when he saw him coming in.

He thought Qingfeng only needed the motorcycle for a short period and didn’t expect he actually borrowed it for a whole day. He was even blamed by the director since he couldn’t run his errands with it in the afternoon.

"I’m sorry that I used to for a while. Your dinner is on me next time." Qingfeng smiled and handed the key back to him.

"Alright! My number is, 139..." The fat guy took out his phone and started to tell Qingfeng his number.

"My number is 185..." Qingfeng also exchanged his number and left afterwards.

The shift was about to be over. The fat guy had to finish the clean-up in the security department and Qingfeng also had to go back to the sales department.

However, some commotion was happening in the sales department at the moment.

Sales Department, Second Floor.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, did you collect the one million yuan debt from the Three-Yuan Gang yet?" Bo Wang asked Xiaoyue while staring at her nastily in the office.

"Manager Wang, we got the money back."

"Where is it?"

"Mr. Li is holding it, he’s coming in a second."

Xiaoyue stepped back while holding her fist. She was scared by merely looking at him.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, do you know what will happen if you lie to me?"

"Manager Wang, what do you mean?"

"What I mean is simple enough. Qingfeng Li didn’t get the money back and you are lying to me."

"Manager Wang, Mr. Li really had gotten the money back."

Xiaoyue tried her best to convince Bo Wang after she knew he didn’t believe her.

"Xiaoyue, I don’t believe what you said. Now, I have two choices for you, you either be my woman or leave Ice Snow Corporation.

"Manager Wang, don’t push me."

"B-i- t-c-h, what are you going to do if I do?" Bo Wang started to approach her while sneering.


The door was suddenly kicked open by Qingfeng. He walked up to Bo Wang furiously.

He was extremely mad after listening to the conversation between them.

This guy was actually forcing this poor girl to be his woman, what an as*!

"Mr. Li..." Xiaoyue was sobbing.

Xiaoyue rushed to Qingfeng and started to cry while he coming.

She was so scared these days since Bo Wang kept getting her into trouble.

Today, she was even almost humiliated by him.

"Don’t be afraid, little sister Yue. I’m going to kick this jerk’s ass."

Qingfeng felt sorry for seeing this little girl crying.

"Qingfeng Li, this is my office! Who said you can come in?!" Bo Wang frowned his brows and was yelling out threats.

Why did this dude suddenly come in when he was just trying to kiss Xiaoyue. He was annoyed that Qingfeng interfered with his business again.

"Huh, aren’t you looking for the money? Here, it’s the one million yuan check." 1 million?  

How is that possible? How did he get this money back?

Bo Wang was shocked when he saw the check and the signature of King Kong, the head of the Three-Yuan Gang, on it. The Three-Yuan Gang, these people were all street thugs. People that were sent by Bo Wang to get the check before had all their arms broken by these thugs and were still staying at the hospital.

What kind of superpower did this guy have to get the check back from them?

One million was not a small number to those thugs. How were they even willing to return the money back.

No matter how Qingfeng got back the check, Bo Wang was really mad that he actually got rid of this issue with the debt.

"Listen, Xiaoyue Zhang. I don’t care whether you got back the check or not, you have to be my girl if you want to continue working in the sales department. Otherwise, I won’t let your days go by peacefully!" Bo Wang gave up and was threatening Xiaoyue directly.

He broke his limit. If he couldn’t win her heart, at least he could get her in person.

"What a jerk! It’s such a shame to have you in Ice Snow Corporation!"

Qingfeng was yelling at Bo Wang furiously after hearing his words.

"Dude, you dare yell at me? Do you no longer want to work here?"

Bo Wang's face turned dark and he threatened Qingfeng madly once he heard Qingfeng berate him.

Qingfeng was just a regular staff member in the sales department. How dare he yell at him?!

On the other hand, Bo Wang was a manager in the department, who was his boss.

"Yelling at you? I’m going to beat the sh*t out of you!" Qingfeng sneered while approaching him. He decided to punish this arrogant freak.

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