My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 29: The Debt was Collected

Chapter 29: The Debt was Collected

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"Qingfeng, can you return the bullets to me?" Mengyao’s face turned pale while asked carefully.

The bullets were like her second life as well, she had to take it back.

"For sure, but you have to call me darling first. Otherwise, don’t even think about it." Qingfeng smiled while juggling with the bullets in his hand.


Although Mengyao’s face flushed and turned as red as wine, she still called Qingfeng "darling" quietly while holding her grudge and anger.

"Good girl, here you go." Qingfeng smiled and handed the bullets over under Mengyao's furious stare.

"Were the people on the floor all injured by you?" Mengyao frowned her brows and asked.

She now knew that Qingfeng was a hidden fighting master. All of these people were highly possible to have been injured by him.

She could detain him and bring him to back to the police station as long as he admitted.

He had to pay back for what he did. Mengyao thought in anger.

Girls changed their faces faster than flipping pages. Mengyao was definitely one of them. She changed into a completely different person as soon as she got the bullet.

"Don’t blame it on me, they tripped themselves."

Qingfeng shook his head and refused to admit he hurt them.

Right away, he could tell this chick didn’t like him at all right away. How would he let her catch any evidence of him breaking the law?

"Are you kidding me? How could one break their arms for only tripping? Do you think I was born yesterday?" Mengyao said with disdain while blinking her eyes.

What an annoying liar! He must be punished.

"I’m telling all the truth, you can ask him if you don’t believe me. His name is King Kong, you guys should know each other." Qingfeng pointed at King Kong while smiling.

King Kong?

Mengyao looked at him carefully and realized the one who broke his arm was really King Kong.

She definitely knew who he was. The head of the Three-Yuan Gang, an awful rogue with more than ten minions under him.

"Tell me, who beat you like this?" Mengyao looked at King Kong with anger and asked coldly.

What the hell, couldn’t you even tell I was beaten by Qingfeng? Do you have a brain? How can you even ask such a stupid question? King Kong was thinking in his head.

But since King Kong had encountered Qingfeng and knew how scary he was, he kept shivering and didn’t want to get into more troubles.

The police could maximally lock him in the jail for a few days, but once he got into trouble with that crazy evil bastard, he was likely going to die.

How would he dare to get Qingfeng mad if Qingfeng could knock down a bunch of his people in a minute.

He told Mengyao he tripped himself at the end which drove her insane.

*Phone Ringing

Mengyao’s phone was ringing. She picked up the phone right away when she checked it out and knew it was called by the Police Station Chief.

"Hi, Chief, anything wrong?"

"Mengyao, come back to the police station now."

"Chief, I’m dealing with something outside right now, I’ll be back later."

"No, come back right now. We got an emergency, a girl was killed outside the city. Come back and investigate the case right now."

"Yes, chief." Mengyao had to go back for the case.

However, Mengyao threw a harsh glance to Qingfeng while she was leaving since she still couldn’t release her anger.

"King Kong, it’s time to pay back the one million debt to the Ice Snow Corporation, right?" Qingfeng sneered at King Kong while walking up to him.

"King Kong shivered and nodded his head like a crazy after having eye contact with Qingfeng.

"Yes big brother, I’ll get you the money right away."

King Kong ran to get the one million check from his house and handed it to Qingfeng carefully.

"The debt is collected. Let’s go, Xiaoyue." Qingfeng left with Xiaoyue while holding her hand after he put away the check.


He drove to the Ice Snow Corporation with Xiaoyue on the motorcycle.

However, Qingfeng didn’t know a conspiracy was going on in a basement that was kilometers away from them.

There was only a dimmed candle light in the basement.

At this moment, a strong young man with a muscular body and a stiff nose was sitting on a chair at the moment while looking cold.

A strong sense of chill was mingling around his body which terrified everyone.

"Tiger King, I failed."

Poisonous Spider was sitting on his knees with his bandaged hands, he was so scared that he couldn’t stop himself from sweating.

Nobody would know better how terrifying Tiger King was than Poisonous Spider. He was a vicious and cruel animal.

"You know what the consequence is if you fail, right?" The Tiger King said coldly while holding two wrecking balls.

"Tiger King, please give me one more chance, I’ll kill the Wolf King this time for sure!"

The Poisonous Spider’s face turned pale. He knew Tiger King hated losers the most and would definitely send them all to hell.

"You? You can kill the Wolf King?"

"Tiger King, I cannot kill him, but I can kill his wife and make him suffered throughout all his life."

"Alright, I‘ll give you one more chance then. But if you fail again, you’ll what would happen."

Tiger King waved his hand and asked the Poisonous Spider to leave after he finished his words.

The dark basement returned silent again.

Tiger King already knew everything about Qingfeng’s marriage and his wife.

However, Qingfeng still has no clue that an assassination against his wife was slowly approaching at the moment.

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