My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 212: Hurry Up

Chapter 212: Hurry Up

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"Hurry up, dear," Xue Lin said shyly. She had opened her eyes after waiting for Qingfeng to kiss her.

She wanted her husband to kiss her quickly but Qingfeng was touching her bed and deep in thought. This caused her heart to pound.

"Honey, here I come," Qingfeng smiled faintly as he pounced on her like a big bad wolf. In his eyes, Xue Lin was a weak rabbit. He kissed Xue Lin on the lips. Her lips were sweet and soft; it was as if he was eating a delicious honeydew.

"Wuwu~ dear, you are so bad. You can only kiss me. Where are you touching?" Xue Lin protested.

This pervert was not only kissing her but was also rubbing her breasts.

"Honey, a massage is good for your health. It can also help your breasts undergo a second growth spurt." Qingfeng grabbed onto the rare opportunity. His hands and lips were both busy as he took full advantage of Xue Lin.

The poor Xue Lin thought they were only going to kiss. She did not expect to be taken advantage of. After a while, Xue Lin was sweaty and flustered, lying on the bed weakly. Under Xue Lin’s shy and angry gaze, Qingfeng stood up and returned to his bedroom.

To be honest, he wanted to xxoo with Xue Lin. But Xue Lin did not agree. She only agreed for him to kiss and touch her. Thus, Qingfeng could only suppress his urges.

Qingfeng knew that since Xue Lin already agreed for him to get on his bed, he was close to sleeping with her. He was eagerly waiting for that day to arrive.

The second day, the day was bright. It was another sunny day.

Recently, the weather in Eastern Sea City had been great. It was sunny every day.

Because of global warming, even the winters were warmer. It was unlike the winters when he was young, where the winters were icily cold with flurries of snow. Qingfeng woke up bright and early and, after getting ready, he headed towards Ice Snow Corporation.

As for Xue Lin, she had already left for work. She was a workaholic and never took days off. Yesterday was an excception, where she took a day off for the Antique Competition.

"Did you read the morning paper? Qingfeng won the Eastern Sea City Antique Competition."

"I saw it. I thought I made a mistake. But the person on the photo is Qingfeng. I didn’t expect him to win first place."

"Yeah, he not only won the champion. He also won the title of ‘Eastern Sea City King of Antiques’. How impressive."

The people of the sales Department discussed animatedly. They were full of praise and admiration for Qingfeng. After all, the Ice Snow Corporation was a jewelry company. As employees of the Sales Department, they had some understanding of antiques.

Thus, they understood how difficult it was to win the title of "King of Antiques". They were all stunned that Qingfeng had won the title.

Of course, after the initial shock, they were all very proud. Qingfeng was part of the Sales Department and him winning the competition also brought honor to the Department.

When Qingfeng arrived at the Sales Department, he happened to hear their discussions about him. He muttered, "Wow, news spread so fast. I just won the competition yesterday. But everyone has heard about it today."

"Look, Qingfeng is here." An alert sales person was the first to discover Qingfeng’s arrival.

Everyone in the office gathered around Qingfeng. Some took out an autograph pad and excitedly said, "Qingfeng, please give me your autograph."

Qingfeng’s identity was not simple. He was the current ‘Eastern Sea City King of Antiques’. These people wanted an autograph to flaunt later.

Faced with the enthusiasm of the crowd, Qingfeng could not decline their requests. He took out his pen and signed an autograph for everyone.

"Brother Li, sign me an autograph too," Xiaoyue Zhang said happily as she took out a card.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, do you admire me as well?" Qingfeng took the card and signed his name on it.

"Of course I admire you, Big Brother Li. You are so strong. You managed to earn the title of ‘King of Antiques’ and you also resolved the crisis of the company. Everyone in the company admires you," Xiaoyue Zhang said with stars of admiration in her eyes.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, don’t look up to me or I will be too proud," Qingfeng said as he stroked Xiaoyue Zhang’s small hand.

Xiaoyue Zhang’s hand was white, soft and smooth. It was comfortable to the touch.

"Pervert," Xiaoyue Zhang said with a playful glare. A blush had appeared on her innocent face.

Even though she called Qingfeng that name, she did not remove her hand. She allowed Qingfeng to continue to hold onto her hand. She was secretly delighted in her heart. Women often did not mean what they said. They would call you a pervert and say no but they wanted it in their hearts. That was the shyness and demure of women.

After flirting with Xiaoyue Zhang, Qingfeng delved into his work. He did not come to work yesterday so he had a lot of work to complete.

Even though there was a lot of work, Qingfeng worked efficiently. He organized the documents and created the sales spreadsheets quickly and accurately.

In the afternoon when it was time to get off work, he had already completed all of his work. He was even praised by Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Time to get off work, let me go and see Ruyan," Qingfeng walked out of Ice Snow Corporation and headed to find Ruyan Liu.

Ring ring ring..

Qingfeng had just left the building when his phone rang. He took out his phone and saw that it was his sister-in-law, Jiaojiao Liu. He had a slight headache when he was faced with this pretty girl. But he had seen her body and touched her chest, so he felt guilty. Whenever he saw her, nothing good would happen. He felt that no good would happen today either.

"Hi, Jiaojiao. What’s the matter?" Qingfeng asked after accepting the call.

"Brother-in-law, I am waiting for you at Dream bar. Come quickly."

"Jiaojiao, I am busy tonight. Let’s meet some other day."

"No, you promised me three things. You just completed the first thing last time. Today, you shall complete the second thing or I will let my sister know that you touched my body."

"Jiaojiao, please don’t tell your sister. I will be there right away," Qingfeng said quickly.

Ruyan Liu deeply doted on her sister. He did not dare to let Ruyan Liu know that he had touched her sister or she will tear him apart.

Qingfeng was speechless and gloomy. He stopped a taxi and headed towards Dream Bar.

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