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Chapter 211: Xue Lin‘s Bed Smells So Nice

Chapter 211: Xue Lin‘s Bed Smells So Nice

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"Thank you, president Xu," Qingfeng said while receiving the white pearl.

He knew that he could only have participated in the antique contest because of President Xu’s recommendation. He now not only saved the company from a reputation problem but also won the title "Antique King" of Eastern Sea City with the precious pearl.

It wouldn’t have happened without the help of President Xu, that’s why he was so grateful to him.

"Qingfeng, that was all from your ability. All I did was just sign you up, " Yunchang smiled while giving the pearl to Qingfeng.

He knew this young man had a rich understanding of antiques, even more than he himself, as the president of the Antique Association, might have. When they saw Qingfeng win the competition and obtain the title of the "Antique King", Young Master Chen and Sitao Song looked incredibly dissatisfied while shooting glares of hatred at Qingfeng.

They were humiliated by the fact that Qingfeng had won the competition and were thinking of ways to take revenge at the moment.

The Antique contest was officially done. Qingfeng had become one of the Antique Kings in Eastern Sea City.

Some antique jewelry companies came up to Qingfeng and tried to get him to work for their company when he had just gotten down from the stage. Some people even tried to hire him, offering a 5 million Yuan salary.

In their eyes, a 5 million annual wage was far more than what Qingfeng was earning as a sales staff member now. What made them so surprised, yet, was that Qingfeng didn’t even think twice about the money and rejected the offer directly.

Some companies still kept trying and even offered a ten million annual salary to Qingfeng even though they were all rejected by him eventually. Everyone was so shocked and surprised. Nobody understood why Qingfeng rejected the ten million salary offer to stay as a minor sales staff member that earned only a few thousand per month.

However, Qingfeng couldn’t care any less about what these people thought. He squeezed into the crowds to search for Xue Lin and left the Cloud-Top Highrise with her after.

He was going to go back home since the Antique Competition had ended.

It was seven at night right now, and the competition had taken a whole day.

Xue Lin drove Qingfeng back to Villa 13 in her BMW. In the living room.

"Darling, you did an amazing job," Xue Lin praised Qingfeng while smiling at him.

She didn’t expect that her husband not only saved the company from the lawsuit but that he had also gained the title of the "Antique King".

Currently, a lot of people in Eastern Sea City were aware that Qingfeng became the Antique King and was working in the Ice Snow Corporation. Some of them decided to buy some jewelry from the Ice Snow Corporation because of his newfound reputation.

Because of Qingfeng, the Ice Snow Corporation experienced an increase in their popularity and reputation.

"Haha, your husband is, of course, the best," Qingfeng flaunted arrogantly.

"Right, honey. This Luminous pearl is for you," Qingfeng took out the Luminous pearl and handed to Xue Lin.

The Luminous Pearl was light white and as smooth as a piece of jade. It had a subtle glow to itself which made it pleasant to look at.

"Thank you, my husband," Xue Lin received the Luminous pearl happily started spinning it in her hands.

This Luminous pearl tended to catch a women’s eyes. Xue Lin had already completely fallen for it.

"Honey, I need a reward."

"What do you want?"

"Kissing you. Did you forget?"

"I didn’t. But it’s seven now, can we kiss after dinner?" Xue Lin said shyly while flushing.

Qingfeng nodded his head after hearing what Xue Lin said since he felt a bit hungry, too. "Honey, let’s cook now and we kiss after."

Qingfeng then rushed to the kitchen excitedly. He opened the fridge and found that there was barely anything left again. There were only two tomatoes and some spinach.

How does Tomatoes and egg noodles sound? Qingfeng decided to cook that for Xue Lin since she loved the egg noodles he made last time. She will definitely like it even better with the tomatoes this time.

Qingfeng turned on the gas and heated up the pan. He drizzled some peanut oil on the pan and added some garlic. Later, he put in tomatoes and stir-fried them until they became a paste before pouring water and letting it boil.

After the water was boiled, he put in the noodles, fresh spinach, two eggs, some salt, pepper, and a few drops of sesame oil, and it was done! A beautiful, delicious tomato and egg noodles soup was ready.

"Honey, what did you make? It smells so good," Xue Lin couldn’t hold her curiosity and asked when she smelt the aroma in the living room.

"I made tomato and egg noodles soup, come and try some," Qingfeng smiled while moved the noodles up to Xue Lin.

Looking at the colorful and delicious tomato and egg noodles soup, Xue Lin was thrilled and started to dig in with chopsticks.

"This tomato and egg noodles soup is so good," Xue Lin couldn’t stop complimenting it while eating.

She didn’t stop eating even when she was talking since the noodles tasted so good. Soon, she finished the whole bowl of noodles.

Certainly, Qingfeng had also already finished his before Xue Lin finished. He ate much faster than her.

"Honey, it tastes so good. Make it again for me next time," Xue Lin smiled and said while touching her round stomach.

"Sure, I’ll definitely make it for you again next time," Qingfeng said while smiling.

"That's perfect."

"Honey, we have finished our dinner now. I want my reward."

"Alright, you have to be gentle though."

"Honey, I want to kiss you in the bed," Qingfeng held up Xue Lin and walked to the second floor excitedly.

"Honey, we could do it in the living room," Xue Lin said shyly while her heart was beating crazily.

Qingfeng shook his head and said, "Nope, I want to be in bed."

He picked up Xue Lin and walked up to her room on the second floor, and then put her down in her bed with a dirty look. Xue Lin looked stunning at the moment. The fair skin on her serious face was flushed like a red apple because of shyness. She kept her marble-like eyes close since she was too nervous.

She had a really hot body. Her collarbone was prominent and her chest was large. Her cleavage was so deep that you could even see it from afar.

The reason why Qingfeng wanted to kiss Xue Lin in bed was not just for a kiss. He was planning to get her to feel more comfortable before accepting her, and then he could have sex with her.

"Little Xuexue’s bed smells so nice!" Qingfeng smiled while touching her bed.

It had to be mentioned that Xue Lin’s bed was, indeed, fragrant. It carried a light rose scent that just made people feel pleasant.

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