My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 11: The Drunk Beauty

Chapter 11: The Drunk Beauty

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"Big brother Li! Sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose."

A look of fear appeared on Xiaoyue’s beautiful face. She didn’t expect herself to trip either and spill the coffee on the other person’s pants.

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was at a loss for words.

That was his little brother, it was tied to how happy his sex life was. What would he do if it was burnt? This Xiaoyue, she was too careless.

But Xiaoyue was pouring him coffee, and she had good intentions. He couldn’t blame her.

It was like a mute eating a berberine. Even though it was bitter he still couldn’t say anything.

"Big brother Li, let me wipe it for you."

Xiaoyue was flustered. She extended her tender white hand, and was about to wipe off the coffee off of Qingfeng’s pants.

The space under the office desk was very small and it could only fit one person. Once Xiaoyue had entered, it seemed kind of cramped.

The bodies of the two people were right beside each other. He looked down and saw her snow-white cleavage, and noticed a faint fragrance. It was extremely refreshing.

This little girl, her face was pure, her skin was snow white, under her embarrassment there was a blush, and she was uniquely attractive.

She squatted on the ground with her extended hand and was wiping the coffee on his pants. The area she was reaching for was super awkward and her face was red from the embarrassment.

This was her first time doing something like this. It was so embarrassing, the more she thought about it, the more she felt like she couldn’t get married in the future. Her heart rate multiplied within moments.

Xiaoyue, come on, you are the best. She was encouraging herself to shakily wipe the coffee off of Qingfeng’s little brother area.

So cute, this was such a cute beauty.

Looking at Xiaoyue's embarrassment, a teasing look appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes.

In such a materialistic society today, it was hard to find innocent beauties like this.

"What are you guys doing?"

Suddenly a surprised voice sounded, it scared both of them.

Xiaoyue turned around to look and saw that it was Wanqiu who was talking. She was stunned.

Crap, Director Xia saw, she definitely misunderstood. Xiaoyue’s face was red and she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to find a crack in the ground and go in.

Wanqiu Xia’s pretty face was stunned. She saw that Xiaoyue was bowed down and touching Qingfeng’s pants. Of course, she thought they were doing something.

This was at the office okay! You guys are doing that kind of things at the office?

"Be careful next time, if you guys want to do it go to a hotel."

Wanqiu glared at the two and turned around to leave the sales department.

But even she herself didn’t notice her tone had a hint of jealousy.

"It is all your fault, we were misunderstood by Director Xia."

Xiaoyue’s pretty face was red and she said sadly. Her eyes were tearing up and she was about to cry.

"Okay, this is all my fault, don’t be upset."

Qingfeng knew that Xiaoyue was not thick-skinned like him. Looking at her, it seemed like if he didn’t comfort her, she would definitely cry at the next moment.

To make sure this girl wasn’t sad, he used his tricks to coax women and spent a long time to make her feel better again.

Because of this, the whole afternoon Wanqiu was using odd eyes to look at them. Randomly she would walk beside Qingfeng to monitor what the two of them were doing, which scared them.

Time passed by quickly. With the blink of an eye it was time to get off work.

Qingfeng left the office and walked out.

It was 8pm at night. Night had descended.

The LED lights surrounding him were flashing. There were many people on the streets, there were old people who were dancing on the square, and there were young couples taking a walk while holding hands.


That beauty seemed drunk?

When Qingfeng walked by the Zero-Degree bar. He saw that there was a beauty in the front of the bar wobbling like a crab, wobbling left and right and could fall over whenever.

Based on how she was walking, she definitely had too much to drink.

Women who came to the bar to drink ... they were all looking for excitement and a release of pressure.

Qingfeng glanced over and decided to leave, he didn’t want to mind other people’s business.

He naturally had a dislike towards women who drink.

But in the next moment, he stood still, because he noticed two blonde good-for-nothing thugs were walking towards the long-haired beauty with wretched looks on their face.

He knew that these thugs were the scum of the society. They often went to bars to do things like finding drunk beauties to take back and take turns to rape.

A while ago, the news had reported that at 12 am, a drunk woman was raped repeatedly by a couple of thugs. At the end, the woman woke up and was depressed. She ultimately jumped down from the 20th floor, and died on impact.

I am a good person, a righteous person.

Qingfeng praised himself and walked towards the drunk girl.

He didn’t want this drunk girl to be repeatedly raped, especially by these two ugly mofos.

At this time, the two blond good-for-nothings were dragging the drunk girl and walked towards the inside of the bar.

"Brother Big Dawg, this girl is so pretty. I am going to let her eat my banana later."


The blonde good-for-nothing on the left moved his crotch, his eyes were full of heat.

"Dawg Junior, I am warning you, this girl is not that simple. She is the one that Brother Biaowanted. It would be best if you don’t touch her."

The good-for-nothing on the right with the earring stiffened. A flash of fear appeared in his eyes.

Brother Biao.

After hearing this name, the skinny good-for-nothing’s face changed dramatically.

Brother Biao was the boss of the Zero-Degree Bar. He was extremely strong, whoever wronged him had all their limbs broken. It never ended well.

If this girl was someone that Brother Biao wanted, then he was completely hopeless.

Even though she was pretty, but to risk his life for a pretty girl, that would be pretty not worth it.

The two good-for-nothings led the girl into the bar. The people inside the bar all saw that she was pretty and wanted to come chat with her, but after seeing the face of the two thugs, they all walked away in fear.

They recognized that these two homies worked for Brother Biao. At the Zero-Degree Bar, the reputation of Brother Biao was murderous. Nobody dared to touch a woman he wanted.

When Qingfeng entered the bar, he heard deafening sounds. The music was booming.

The young women and men on the dance were twisting their bodies non-stop, they were high as f*ck.

The bar was the dance floor of the young people. It was the favorite of everyone who lived the nightlife.

Dance, drink, flirt, open hotel room, those were the favorite things of everyone at the bar.

Qingfeng paused and stared. After a couple of strides, he blocked where the two good-for-nothings were going.

"Son, who are you? You dare to block where we are going, get lost right now."

After seeing that Qingfeng had blocked their way, the skinny thug impatiently said with a cold face.

"Let her go."

Qingfeng put his hands behind his back and said lightly.

Because the drunk girl had long hair and her head was down because she was drunk. Her hair covered her face so Qingfeng couldn’t see what she was like.

It was just that she seemed familiar, as if he had seen her somewhere before.

The studded good-for-nothing laughed after hearing that Qingfeng wanted him to let this drunk girl go.

This was the woman that Brother Biao wanted, how could he dare to let her go, this man that stood in front of him clearly wanted to die.

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