My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 10: Act of Bravery

Chapter 10: Act of Bravery

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"Police Bro, you must have it wrong. This guy went to a foot massage place last night to look for prostitutes, you guys should arrest him! Why are you guys giving him a flag of bravery?"

Bo Wang shook his head and displayed doubt.

"Hmph, Mr. Qingfeng Li is the perfect citizen. After finding an SOS note left by a victim named Xiao Hong last night, he went to the foot massage parlor to help. It was an extremely righteous move. If you accuse him again, be warned that I might sue you for defamation."

The flat-headed police glared at Bo Wang coldly. His tone was very unfriendly.

Through interrogations at the police station last night, they saved Xiao Hong and discovered that Xiao Hong and a couple of other girls were all trafficked here.

Through the clues that Xiao Hong provided, they were able to solve a huge human trafficking case. Everyone at the police station was praised by their superiors.

Yesterday, the police station misunderstood Qingfeng Li, so they felt bad and today they got someone to especially gift him a courageous pennant as a reward.

Now this Bo Wang wanted to accuse someone that the police station wanted to praise. Wasn’t this looking for trouble?

"Yay, I knew Big Brother Li wasn’t that kind of person."

Xiaoyue’s beautiful face was filled with joy. She waved her pink fist and her crescent eyes were filled with happiness.

Wanqiu Xia who was beside her also let out a sigh. She had always believed in Qingfeng Li so it was good that the police proved her right.

Since he was innocent, then the CEO should no longer fire him.

Wanqiu Xia’s eyes moved to the side and glanced at the CEO who was in front of her. She saw that the Xue Lin's pretty face kept on changing. She didn’t know what she was thinking.

"I… misunderstood him."

Xue Lin’s eyelashes moved and her beautiful eyes looked complex.

She had some regrets, and she was also kind of angry. If this guy was innocent and he went there to save people, why didn’t he explain last night?

But, Xue Lin forgot, she never gave Qingfeng Li an opportunity to explain.

Xue Lin’s conflicted face glanced at Qingfeng Li, and then she turned to leave the sales department.

Her personality was cold. Even if she realized that she wronged Qingfeng, she still didn’t plan on saying anything.

Did he want her to apologize to him, that was clearly impossible.

Xue Lin was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation, the Queen of the business world. She was noble, and had never apologized to anybody.

The two policemen left the bravery pennant with them and praised him, then they turned around to leave too.

The people around him looked at the pennant and the situation became awkward. They were just making fun of Qingfeng, but in the blink of an eye, they basically got slapped across the face.

These slaps across theirs face made loud sounds.

The person that had a corrupt character in their eyes was actually a brave person. This made them very awkward and their faces were glowing red when they left.

As to Bo Wang, he took this opportunity to leave too. He also felt he was losing face.

"Director Xia, this is my resignation letter, I hope you can approve it."

Qingfeng Li took out the pre-prepared resignation letter and handed it to Wanqiu Xia.


Wanqiu Xia’s pretty face was stunned, there was a flash of confusion in her beautiful eyes. She asked, "Qingfeng, you were brave, you don’t need to resign. The company will give you a bravery bonus too."

"Direct Xia, you don’t need to try to keep me, I have already decided to resign."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said.

Even though the police gave him back his innocence, the crack between him and Xue Lin had already formed.

He told Xue Lin this morning that they are going to get a divorce tomorrow.

Since it was already decided that he was going to divorce this woman, then he naturally didn’t need to stay at his company.

He was the Wolf King, the underworld emperor of the Wolf Continent. He had his own honor and pride.

"Wait a second, I need to go ask the CEO. "

Wanqiu Xia’s elegant eyebrows frowned. She told Qingfeng to wait a bit and took the resignation letter to Xue Lin.

After all, Qingfeng Li just received the pennant for bravery. If he resigned, this would have some impact on the reputation of the company and the CEO.

10 minutes later.

Wanqiu Xia came back with the resignation letter. Her eyes were odd as she explained, "The CEO didn’t accept your resignation letter."


Didn’t agree that I could resign?


Qingfeng frowned, he felt a bit blue, he never imagined that Xue Lin would actually not let him go.

Maybe Xue Lin found her conscious and realized that she wronged him, so she didn’t want him to resign.

"Whatever, I will work for this one last day."

Qingfeng Li’s eyebrows paused and walked back to his office desk.

He had already decided, today would be his last time at work. After the divorce tomorrow he will leave Eastern Sea city.

As for the Ice Snow Corporation, he naturally wouldn’t come back ever again.

Because it was his last day, Qingfeng Li was not in the mood to read more information of the company, so he took out his phone and started playing Candy Crush.

Candy Crush was a very fun game. It wasn’t long before he passed 30 something levels.

"Big brother Li, why are you playing games during work?"

Xiaoyue Zhang’s desk was to the left of Qingfeng Li. She glanced to the side and noticed that he was playing games, so she immediately warned him quietly.

To be fair, the management at Ice Snow Corporation was extremely strict. Employees could not play games during work. If they were caught, their salary or year-end bonus could be deducted or if it was serious, it could result in direct firing.

From Xiaoyue Zhang’s point of view, this kind of punishment was very severe so she couldn’t understand Qingfeng Li’s actions.

"Nothing, I'm just bored."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and continued to play his game. He seemed to not have the intention of stopping.

As to getting fired because of playing games at work, that was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to leave Ice Snow Corporation and had even written a resignation letter, but Xue Lin didn’t approve it which made him very depressed.

"Big brother Li, don’t worry, I will help you keep the secret."

Xiaoyue Zhang’s red lips rose up slightly and she whispered in his ear.

She knew that big brother Li was wrongfully accused by others today, so he probably wasn’t too happy, so it was understandable that he wanted to play games.

"Smells good."

He smelled the special odor from Xiaoyue Zhang’s body and said with a smile.

My love no longer kisses me, so I am looking for someone in the crowd who understands me.

If Xue Lin didn’t love him and will divorce him, then he didn’t have a reason to mistreat himself.

He could tell that Xiaoyue Zhang, this beauty, liked him and flirting with this little beauty was like seasoning his life.

This girl was really stunning. She had a pretty face, cherry lips, and her skin was snow white. Her chest was the size of papayas. It was hard for someone to hold themselves back from becoming a beast.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s flirtatious comment, Xiaoyue Zhang blushed. Her face was flustered, her heart was pumping like a deer.

Big brother Li was kind of inappropriate, but why am I not angry, and even a little happy?

She immediately looked down to hide her embarrassment.

When Qingfeng Li was at level 70, it was lunchtime.

Employees of the sales department all trickled out to eat in the cafeteria on the first floor.

When it was lunchtime, they all had an hour of lunch.

"Big brother Li, why don’t you go eat?"

After seeing Qingfeng Li sitting there unmoved, Xiaoyue Zhang frowned and asked.

"I’m not hungry."

Qingfeng Li waved his hand to indicate that he wasn’t hungry.

To be fair, the fundamental reason was that he didn’t have money to eat, yesterday Xiaoyue Zhang bought him food. He couldn’t get her to buy him food today again.

A man always letting a woman pay, that’s not something he could do.

"Big brother Li, since you aren’t hungry, let me pour you a cup of coffee."

Xiaoyue Zhang smiled prettily and went to the coffee machine on the side to make a cup of instant coffee.

But right when she was about to pass the coffee to Qingfeng Li, she tripped on her heels. Her body tipped over and the coffee in her hands poured onto Qingfeng’s pants.


My little brother (TL, in China, this refers to d*ck).

Qingfeng Li covered his little brother and let out a wail.


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