Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 830 - Chapter 830: 830 Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance

Chapter 830: 830 Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance

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Before Tan Rou could say anything, Professor Wang said impatiently,” Student Tan Rou, we’re all schoolmates. It’s only right for us to help each other out. Since you have this resource, you should do more for everyone. With your relationship in the future, there will be more of us at Capital University who want to cooperate with TL Company.”

” If everyone wants to open a backdoor for their own team like you, wouldn’t my TL be a junk collector?” Tan Rou said.

Professor Wang frowned and said unhappily,” You can open a back door for Jiang Min and the others. Why can’t you help Hu Cheng and the others?”

Tan Rou said,” I didn’t open a back door for Senior Jiang Min. Although I’m also part of this team, I wasn’t the one who decided to cooperate in the end. It was the product that the team made that moved the people in the company. The contract they signed has nothing to do with me.”

Professor Wang narrowed his eyes and smiled.” Don’t lie to me with such words. I’ve been in school for so many years. What kind of twists and turns have 1 not seen? If you didn’t open the back door, Jiang Min’s team’s things wouldn’t have caught the attention of TL Company at all.”

Tan Rou was a little annoyed.” I didn’t open a back door for Senior and the others. 1 didn’t go through the necessary procedures. It’s their ability to cooperate with the TL company, and it’s also the honor of the TL company. As for you guys, don’t think about it anymore. I won’t give you the chance to cooperate!”

Now that things had developed to this point, if Professor Wang backed down, how could he continue to mingle in the school in the future?

” Tan Rou, don’t be too selfish. Such a good resource, yet you don’t want to share it with everyone and want to keep it for yourself. Isn’t that too much?” Professor Wang asked.

This was the biggest joke Tan Rou had heard today. She could not understand Professor Wang’s train of thought.” Professor Wang, if 1 remember correctly, this company belongs to me, right? I’m the boss of the company. I can work with whoever I want. No one can force me to work with whoever 1 don’t want.”

Professor Wang pulled a long face.” You’re also a student at Capital University. Shouldn’t you be thinking about the school?”

“I’m a student at Capital University, but 1 don’t have to be!” Tan Rou said angrily. Don’t think that I only have one school to choose from. If 1 ask to transfer now, there will be countless famous schools at home and abroad extending an olive branch to me!”

When Principal Zhang rushed over from the principal’s office, he heard the last part of Tan Rou and Professor Wang’s conversation. After he heard it, he felt his vision darken. What was Old Wang up to?

Principal Zhang was about to get off work, but he suddenly received a message from Tan Rou asking him to come to the laboratory building. They had a project to discuss with the principal. The principal thought highly of Tan Rou now. Since Tan Rou had said so, he would definitely come. Professor Wang gave him a big surprise.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t!” Principal Zhang walked in and said,”What’s the matter? Why are you so angry?” You actually want to transfer schools!”

” Principal, you came at the right time,” Tan Rou said.” I’ve always believed that you’re the fairest person in this school, so I’d like to invite you over to help us judge.”

Principal Zhang glanced at Professor Wang and said,”Go ahead. I’m listening.”

Tan Rou briefly explained the ins and outs of the matter. Principal Zhang was very surprised. For a moment, he didn’t know if he should be surprised that Jiang Min and the others were working with TL or that Tan Ron’s new identity was shocking.

However, the most important thing now was to solve the matter at hand. If Tan Rou, this good seedling, slipped away under his nose, then he would definitely be heartbroken.

Principal Zhang’s face darkened.” You guys, come with me!” he said sternly.

Professor Wang pointed at himself.” Is the principal talking about us?”

“Who else could it be if it wasn’t you guys?” Principal Zhang said angrily. Hurry up and get your ass next door!”

Professor Wang led his students back to his laboratory in a panic. Principal Zhang chased all the students out of the laboratory, leaving Professor Wang and the other two behind.

“Principal, 1 didn’t say anything!” Professor Wang took the initiative to speak.” Besides, I’m doing this for the good of the school. If Tan Rou can take out the resources, it will bring huge benefits to our school.”

Principal Zhang glared at him fiercely.” What right do you have to ask them to give you resources? That’s his own company.. What does it have to do with you?”

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