Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 829 - Chapter 829: 829 I’ll Prove It to You

Chapter 829: 829 I’ll Prove It to You

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Hu Cheng sneered ” Don’t think that you can talk nonsense just because there are fewer people here. If she’s the big boss behind TR Company, I’ll jump down from the fifth floor right now!”

“There’s no need to be so ruthless.” Tan Rou stated another condition. “If 1 can prove it to you, then please don’t appear in front of us again. It’s really annoying.”

Hu Cheng agreed immediately. “Alright, if you can prove your identity, then I will never appear here again. 1 swear that 1 will never step into the laboratory building again!”

Jiang Min and Lang Yue were very excited. “Rourou, go and prove it to them. Slap their faces!”

Tan Rou took out her phone and sent a message to Hang Wei, but the other party seemed to be busy and did not reply to her message in time.

“You’re not thinking of making up an identity now, are you?” Hu Cheng mocked when he saw Tan Rou fiddling with her phone.

Tan Rou lowered her head and sent a message. “I’m just making preparations.”

Tan Rou was a little annoyed that Hang Wei did not reply to her several messages. What was he doing? They couldn’t possibly still be in a meeting at this time, right?

Hence, Tan Rou gave Hang Wei a call. Hang Wei picked up immediately. “Dear Big Boss, is there anything you need me for?”

The voice was indeed Hang Wei’s voice, but technology was so advanced now that it was very easy for Tan Rou to synthesize Hang Wei’s voice. Therefore, Hu Cheng still did not believe it.

“Do you have time now?” Tan Rou asked.

“I want to make a video call to discuss the second generation robot.”

“Of course!” This time, Hang Wei recovered very quickly. “You don’t have to call me. I’ll immediately gather the technical department for a meeting and tell everyone directly.”

“Cut the crap, listen to me!” Tan Rou said patiently.

“Oh.” Hang Wei didn’t talk nonsense anymore. He hung up the voice call and turned on the video call.

Tan Rou connected to the projector in the laboratory in case Hu Cheng said she was faking it.

As soon as he turned on the video call, Hang Wei became serious. He was still sitting in his office. He needed to look through the things that Jiang Min had sent over this afternoon and prepare for tomorrow’s meeting, so he got off work a little later than usual.

“Big Boss, you haven’t gone home yet.” Hang Wei said, “You’re quite busy too. Not only do you have to improve the second-generation robot, but you also have to participate in the experiments of your research team. You haven’t returned home yet. You’re working harder than me.”

Tan Rou was not here to listen to Hang Wei talk about this. She was here to prove herself. “Regarding the meeting tomorrow, I have a few requests to make.”

Tan Rou never participated in company meetings, so Hang Wei was a little confused when he heard this. However, he didn’t ask. “Okay, Boss, go ahead. I’ll write them down.”

Tan Rou said a few simple words, but they were actually all trivial matters. Almost every boss of a company would say such things. It was nothing more than to make good minutes of the meeting, inform her of the results of the meeting, and solve the problems raised in the meeting in time.

Hang Wei felt that Tan Rou was a little strange. Did she specially call just to tell him about this?

“Boss, were you kidnapped by someone? If you’re kidnapped, just blink. I’ll send someone to save you immediately,” Hang Wei asked.

“That’s all,” Tan Rou said mercilessly. “Work hard. Get off work early tonight and go back to accompany Sister-in-law.”

“Alright…” Hang Wei was just about to say goodbye to Tan Rou when the call was cut off. This made him more and more confused. Could it be that Boss was really kidnapped?

On the other hand, why did Tan Rou cut off the video call? It was because Hu Cheng had come over to snatch the phone.

“Let me have a few words with CEO Hang!” Hu Cheng shouted, “Director Hang, I’m Hu Cheng from Capital University. I have a project in my hands that I want to work with the TR company. Please give me a chance!”

Tan Rou put her phone back into her pocket. “There’s no need to shout. He’s already hung up.”

Xue Lin reacted faster than Hu Cheng. That idiot only knows how to talk to Hang Wei. Did he forget that the girl in front of them is the biggest boss of TL Company?

“Junior Tan Rou, it’s all our fault for what happened in the past. Please give us another chance on account that we’re schoolmates.” Xue Lin bit her lips and begged. If possible, she really didn’t want to lower herself to Tan Rou..

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