Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 21

021 The shameless Tan Rou

Zhou Wu was an adaptable man. He immediately changed his attitude and tried to curry favor with Tan Jing with a smile. It was good that the casino was exposed. He probably didn’t have to pay off his gambling debts. At most, he would just go to jail for a few days, but he still had to get some benefits.

Tan Jing also knew that these people were all heartless crooks. They would change sides whenever it benefitted them. After she returned to the Tan family, she received lots of cash gifts. Chen Yi also gave her a lot of pocket money, however, when she thought about how she was going to give this money to these people cheaply, her heart ached. She reluctantly took out her phone and transferred the money, “Alright, keep this for the time being.”


Zhou Wu looked at the money and pursed his lips. This missy was really stingy. This bit of money was barely enough for him to gamble once, but he did not say anything. He was going to slowly milk her.

Tan Jing was not happy either. She grew up leading a hard life and had always placed great importance on money. She turned around and was about to leave.

Wang Tian called out to her, “Hey! Sister Jing, what about my boss?”

“What do we do? The police station is not owned by the Tan family. Do you think you can leave just because you want to? You were too impulsive in the first place. Just stay in there for a few days and learn your lesson.”

Tan Jing was a little impatient. It was all Tan Rou’s fault. She had used some tricks to walk out scot-free. Now, she had to face this mess in order to win over these two people.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she got. Tan Jing left without looking back.

Tan Jing felt that she had been a little unlucky these few days. Not only did she fail to one up on Tan Rou, but her reputation was also destroyed and she even lost the favor of the Tao family.

All of this was Tan Rou’s fault. Everything she had should be hers. If she was unhappy, how could Tan Rou live comfortably?

In fact, she was still very attached to the Tao family’s love for her. It was just that she did not manage to resist the temptation from the Tan family. But this was also human nature. What right did they have to criticize her? Was it comfortable for Tan Rou to leave the Tan family? Who would want to lead a hard life?

Tan Jing not only wanted the power of the Tan family, but also the love and affection of the Tao family! Only she can abandon them, how could they do it to her instead?

The more she thought about it, the more she was unwilling to resign to fate. Tan Jing felt that she had to go to the Tan family to make up for it. However, Tan Rou was there and she was a great obstacle. If she acted like she was unwilling, then Mother Tao really wouldn’t forgive her.

She took out her phone and called Li Jia, “Help me with something. The Tao family should have gone back. Think of a way to get Tan Rou out of the house. I have to go back to the Tao house. Let me know if anything happens!” Hearing Li Jia’s promise, Tan Jing was slightly relieved.

Then, she got ready to go to the mall to pick up some expensive gifts.

Li Jia hung up the phone. The task gave her a headache. In order to please Tan Jing, she had been sent by her to secretly observe the Tao family. She did not dare to leave the whole time, but how should she get rid of Tan Rou? Just as she was thinking, she saw the Tao family members walking over, happily chatting and laughing away.

Li Jia stood awkwardly at where she was. She did not know what to do. Tan Rou also saw her.

Tan Rou thought about it. Since she had already hinted to Tan Jing that she knew of Li Jia’s presence, she might as well get rid of her. She signaled to the Tao family members, “That seems to be someone I know. She must be looking for me. I’ll come home after I settle things with her.”

Mother Tao smiled and nodded. “Okay. Remember to come home early for dinner.” The rest of the family went back first.

Tao Zheng was still a little worried, “Are you alright? Who is that?”

Tan Rou smiled. “Brother, are you worried about me? I’m just a little girl. What danger can I be in?”

Tao Zheng felt made fun of, “Who’s worried about you? You’re overthinking things! “On second thought, she was right. He had seen Tan Rou’s skills with his own eyes. So many men could not even hurt her. His worries were redundant, he turned around and entered the house.

Li Jia did not expect things to go so smoothly. Tan Rou stayed behind alone. She even looked like she was in a good mood with a smile on her face.

However, her smile vanished the second the Tan family entered the house. She questioned Li Jia in a very imposing manner, “Why did Tan Jing send you here?”

Li Jia was dumbfounded. How did she know?

She stammered, “What… I don’t know. Have you forgotten? We met at the ball before. I came here this time to ask you for a favor. I’m a little too embarrassed to ask. Can we find a place to have a good chat about it?”

Tan Rou took notice of her flustered expression and evasive gaze. She knew that Tan Jing must be up to something. Tan Jing did not rest even for a moment.

Tan Rou used her height advantage to force Li Jia to back up to a wall, she felt cornered, “Since you’ve met me before, you must have heard that I’m not to be trifled with, right? You must have been the one who told Tan Jing about the incident at the police station. Do you know why the police were involved? Can a little girl like you take a beating better than Zhou Wu?”

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