Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss

Chapter 20

020 Cleaning up the mess

Tan Jing bit her lips tightly and looked at the happy family of four in front of her. She was so angry that she was about to explode. She death-starred at Tan Rou.

‘Tan Rou, it’s all your fault! You were the one who stole the status as missy of the Tan family from me for more than ten years. How could you still enjoy the love and care of your biological family after coming back?’


Just now, you even deliberately said what happened two days ago to make the Tao family completely despise me. I will not let this go. You owe me everything. You owe me everything! You guys do not want to acknowledge me? Do you guys think Tan Rou is good? Sooner or later, all of you will regret it. I will make all of you pay the price!’

Tan Rou looked at Tan Jing’s somewhat ferocious expression with interest. She could not help but laugh. She had just started to retaliate, and she already could not stand it?

There would be many days like this in the future.

Tan Rou patted Mother Tao’s hand to comfort her and told Tan Jing, “I advise you to stop playing tricks. How nice of you to say that you want to come home and have a look? But in actual fact, someone must have tipped you off and you couldn’t wait to come and enjoy the show. Sorry to disappoint you.”

Tan Jing’s heart skipped a beat. Tan Rou was really different from before. In the past, she was always at her mercy. But now, she had to admit that she had underestimated her enemy. She was no longer that idiot, she seemed to be able to see through every move of hers.

But of course, she could not admit it, “What did you say? I don’t understand.”

Tan Rou did not care if she admitted it or not, “It’s okay if you don’t understand. I’m just telling you that if your friend can’t find her way home and likes to wander around, I don’t mind talking to her. However, no guarantees about what she may end up telling me.”

Tan Jing gritted her teeth. This vicious woman still dared to threaten her.

In a distance, a scrawny man ran over anxiously. Tan Rou knew him. He was one of Zhou Wu’s sidekicks, Wang Tian. When these people gathered together, there would always be a good show. Next, it would be up to Tan Jing to help Zhou Wu clean up the mess.

However, she was not interested in getting involved with them anymore. She pulled Mother Tao along and the whole family headed home without looking back.

Tan Rou stayed where she was and watched them leave. She secretly swore that she would definitely take revenge and destroy Tan Rou’s reputation!

Wang Tian was surprised to find that Tan Jing was also there. “Sister Jing? Why are you here? What a coincidence!”

Tan Jing turned around and saw Wang Tian. She knew that he must have heard about Zhou Wu’s accident and rushed over. She nodded. “Let’s go in and take a look. Your boss is in trouble.”

Wang Tian chuckled, “Sister Jing, you’re really resourceful. You even know about this. Our boss comes to the police station every two to three days. It’s a common occurrence. Sister Jing since you are around this time, you must help us.”

These words made Tan Jing very happy. She needed a group of people with brains who were loyal to her and not like Zhou Zheng, who screwed things up and still drag her down with him.

After entering the police station, Zhou Wu still felt a little aggrieved, “Why did you do that just now? You let that b*tch off so easily. Don’t tell me that you have given up on dealing with her. I can tell. Moreover, if you had really given up, you wouldn’t have come back, right?”

Seeing that Tan Jing had indeed come back, Zhou Wu felt a little more confident. As long as he had something that she needed, she might help him.

Tan Jing snorted coldly, “You’re really smart but you’re using your smarts at the wrong place. Since you’re so good at reading the situation, why can’t you see that the situation just now didn’t benefit you at all? The injury report is right there. What else is there to say?”

Zhou Wu cursed under his breath. “To hell with the report!”

Tan Jing asked, “Did she really hit you? If she did, then why didn’t the medical report show that you were injured?”

If he was really injured, she would naturally be able to make a big fuss and make that wretched woman, Tan Rou, suffer. However, without actual evidence, how could the police believe that Tan Rou beat up a man who was twice her size?

Zhou Wu said, “It’s absolutely true! God knows how she did it.”

Tan Jing could tell from his expression that he was not lying, and there was no need for that. It was not a glorious thing for a man to be beaten up by a woman and call the police.

“Alright, I’ll let it go this time. Don’t be so impulsive in the future. Listen to my instructions.” Tan Jing was also tired. Not only did she not gain anything from this trip, the Tao family even despised her for her actions. She was in a terrible mood.

“Hehe, I always knew that b*tch Tan Rou was unreliable. It seems that Miss Tan is indeed reliable. Don’t worry. From now on, I, Zhou Wu, and my brother, Wang Tian, will follow you. We will follow Miss Tan’s lead. However, right now, my finances are a little tight…”

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