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Chapter 1117 - Yellow Crane for the Crown Prince 3

Chapter 1117: Yellow Crane for the Crown Prince 3

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“I will keep whatever Chaoyan likes. I don’t want to make her sad,…”


“Also, you may not know that though I am one of the shareholders in Yellow Crane, Chaoyan is mostly in charge, and it is the dowries her mother left for her.”


“I don’t think that it is proper for you to take her dowries right?”


“You are the Crown Prince, so don’t steal Chaoyan’s property and dowries, okay?”


“Otherwise… civilians may not have a good opinion for you, right?” Zhou Huaijin said calmly, as he sipped his tea.

Zhou Huailing’s expression sank when he heard what Zhou Huaijin said.

He believed that he had put everything clearly and Eighth Brother would know pretty well whether he should do as he was told. Unexpectedly, however, Eighth Brother still refused to let the restaurant go, even though he heard what he had said.

He was so narrow-minded and could not look into the future!

He was not going to offer him anything in the future since the Queen had not taught him well!

Zhou Huailing was very furious, but as he was about to vent his anger, he remembered what Junyi told him – he was still the Crown Prince and did not have a stable position in the capital, so he should not be impulsive causing him to lose something. One small restaurant might make him leave a bad impression, so that was not worth the while.

Zhou Huailing pressed down his anger.

After a long while he said, “Eighth Brother, what do you want, just say it.”


“You want money or tasks in exchange for Yellow Crane? I can offer anything, as long as I am capable of doing it.”


“You and I grew up together in the capital, so we have a special bond. You can just reveal what you are thinking to me straightforwardly rather than through riddles.”


“What I need is nothing more than Yellow Crane, and I already told you straightforwardly what the whole thing is about, just tell me what you want in exchange?” Zhou Huailing was getting very impatient.

He was not very interested in Yellow Crane, but Ruxue already asked him for the favor and since he already nodded at the request, Zhou Huailing decided to make it work, to keep himself from losing face.

He could not depend on force at the moment, so he needed to offer some soft means and his own conditions.

Eighth Brother was so narrow-minded, so he decided to offer him anything he wanted. However, he was not going to treat his Eighth Brother well in the future.

Zhou Huailing was becoming very angry inside.

Zhou Huaijin shook his head. “You are right, Crown Prince, it is just a restaurant, you can get any restaurant in the capital, why do you want Yellow Crane?”


“I won’t give away anything that Chaoyan likes.” Zhou Huaijin insisted.

Zhou Huailing’s face turned dark. He could not pretend to be friendly any more. His expression sankas he stared straight at Zhou Huaijin. “Are you sure?”

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