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Chapter 1116 - Yellow Crane for the Crown Prince 2

Chapter 1116: Yellow Crane for the Crown Prince 2

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“Everyone wants to stay in the flourishing capital of the Saint Divine Land, and the best thing is to live well in the capital. Look at our Elder Brother, and how he is doing at the border, and how he is doing here? He came back as soon as he had the slightest chance.”


“In the past, you and our Sixth Brother went out of the capital and you know that he is always drifting around everywhere. Do you think that he really enjoys a life like that? Everyone likes to live stably here in the capital and to be respected.”


“I am the Crown Prince, and I will definitely take the throne in the future.”


“I am different from our father. I care about our brothers, and if you like living in the capital in the future, I will not make you move. It is that easy.”


“But it depends on you if you want to keep our brotherhood.”


“If you don’t want it, then I don’t think that I will be able to treat you well in the future.”


“You know pretty well what you ought to do.”

Zhou Huailing spoke gently, yet he had a very fierce look on his face. Having said that, he stared at Zhou Huaijin.

He spent so much effort in saying this, not only because he needed Yellow Crane, but because he was telling his Eighth Brother, who was born by the Queen, that he might have had a good life in the past, but things were different at the moment.

He was warning his Eighth Brother to understand the situation he was in currently.

Apart from Yellow Crane, there would be other things like this in the future.

Since he said everything like this, he would make sure that his brother understood it all. Then a lot of trouble would be saved.

Zhou Huaijin showed no expression on his face after hearing the Crown Prince’s threatening words.

Fu Bao, however, looked very annoyed. He believed that this Crown Prince thought too highly of himself and how dare he threaten Lord Huai like this.

This Crown Prince must have no idea what Shadow Door could do. He had not yet taken the throne and yet he already believed that he could do something to suppress Lord Huai!

If not for the fact that Shadow Door should not be revealed at the moment, this Crown Prince would not be living so leisurely right now.

How dare he ask for Yellow Crane so straightforwardly! The Yellow Crane was built by Lord Huai and Lady Chaoyan. Even Fu Bao, as an outsider, knew how much Lady Chaoyan had done for Yellow Crane. They should not take it away for themselves or for the Gu Family!

Yellow Crane was part of Lady Chaoyan’s dowries, and the Gu Family and the Crown Prince were just shameless!

Fu Bao was thinking this inside his heart.

Zhou Huaijin heard what Zhou Huailing said to him, but he showed no expression.

He knew pretty well what Zhou Huailing was like – he never fulfilled his promises. So he did not even fear Zhou Huailing. If by any chance, he feared Zhou Huailing to any degree, he would not have trusted him.

Zhou Huaijin smiled briefly. “Crown Prince, I don’t think that will work.”


“Chaoyan likes Yellow Crane as well.”

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