Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 554 - Chapter 554: Shi Qian Is Back

Chapter 554: Shi Qian Is Back

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A smile tinged on the man’s initially indifferent and handsome face.

“Would you like to enter the house?” Shang Sizhan asked.

Shi Qian had played with Yaoyao and Beastie for a while. She said, “Okay, let’s go.”

The two walked to the villa together.

“Master Zhan is indeed easy to coax sometimes,” Yan Yi muttered from behind.


“That depends on who’s coaxing him.” Baili Xi glanced at him.

Anyone who caused Master Zhan to become unhappy would die!

The king is influential.

Shi Qian missed school for a month. Her sudden appearance surprised many.

“Isn’t that Shi Qian? She has finally arrived!”

“Wow! It’s Sister Qian. Sister Qian has finally come to school. Her beautiful face is my motivation in coming to school.”

“That’s right. It is like we miss a beautiful scenery without Shi Qian.”

A figure appeared on the way.

Shi Muxue chatted and laughed with her friends. She froze when she heard Shi Qian’s name.

Then, she saw a familiar figure not far away.

It was Shi Qian. She had returned to school.

Shi Muxue’s good mood quickly disappeared. ‘Why has this b*tch returned so soon?!’

She hoped for the permanent disappearance of Shi Qian. She wished her to never appear before her.

“Muxue, are you alright?” Song Wei asked when she saw Shi Muxue’s displeasure.

“I’m fine,” Shi Muxue replied calmly. “Wait a minute,” She suddenly said.

“What’s wrong?” Song Wei asked.

“I think I left something in the restaurant. You can go back first. I’ll go get it.”

“What is it? Do you want me to go with you?”

“No need, I can go by myself.” With that, Shi Muxue turned around and left.

Song Wei rolled her eyes and followed her secretly.

As expected, Shi Muxue did not go to the restaurant to get anything. Instead, she went to a secluded corner to make a phone call.

“Hello, Yiran, it’s me, Muxue.”

Wen Yiran’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Why would you suddenly contact me? What can I do for you? Is there something wrong?”

“Yiran, I know I shouldn’t have hidden the fact that Shi Qian is my sister from you. It’s only right that you’re angry, but I had no choice that time.”

“Why don’t you just tell me why you called?” Wen Yiran snorted coldly.

“My sister is back,” Shi Muxue said. “She came to school today. I would advise you to spare Wen Ke’er. Otherwise, with my sister’s temper…”

Wen Yiran interrupted Shi Muxue coldly before she could finish, “Enough! Do you think I am afraid of your sister?

“She’s finally back. I’ve been waiting for her for a long time! I’m telling you, I’ll make her disappear from Hillford very soon.

“Of course! She would kneel in public and humiliate her before I’d make her disappear.”

Wen Yiran would never forget that humiliating day. She must make Shi Qian kneel and apologize before her.

Shi Muxue heard this, and her lips curled into a smile.

She hoped for Wen Yiran to have found a strong backer and could send Shi Qian away this time.

She could live a peaceful life like this month without seeing Shi Qian’s annoying face.

Shi Qian entered the classroom, and everyone looked at her.

She calmly found a seat and sat down. Wen Ke’er arrived afterward.

She was stunned when she saw Shi Qian.

Shi Qian smiled when she saw Wen Ke’er.

Wen Ke’er’s face was a little pale. She tried her best to smile as she walked over to her.

“Qianqian, you’re back.”

“Yes.” Shi Qian saw that her face was pale and she looked sick.. “Why do you look so pale?”

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