Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 553 - Chapter 553: The One Who Cared So Much

Chapter 553: The One Who Cared So Much

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Shi Qian raised her head slightly to look at the man.

Shang Sizhan looked down at her, and their eyes met. Neither of them spoke.

His gaze turned to her red lips. He raised his thumb and gently slid it down. He deliberately said, “Why is it so red?!”

Shi Qian was bereft of words.

Shi Qian’s lips moved. She wanted to say she didn’t know how hard he had pressed!


But Li Feng still drove ahead, and she thought about it. She swallowed her words.

“What do you want to say?” Shang Sizhan noticed her actions and asked again.

“Nothing.” Shi Qian paused for a few seconds. She said, “Perhaps it was because? A mosquito bit me the other day.”

How could there be mosquitoes in the middle of winter? She referred to Shang Sizhan.

Shang Sizhan curled his lips slightly. He suddenly lowered his head and gently bit her lips.

Shi Qian was at a loss for words.

She felt that not only was her mouth red, but it was also swollen.

Shang Sizhan pressed her head back into his chest. His arms hugged her tightly. His low and hoarse voice rang out again. “Qianqian, don’t provoke other men in the future.”

Shi Qian lay on his chest. She listened to his strong heartbeat.

Her heart shook one after another every time she felt it. That especially reminded her of someone in this world who cared about her, cared about her very much.

She hummed softly and smiled as she continued to listen to his heartbeat.

The car moved forward quickly. The journey was very peaceful, and everyone returned to the castle safely.

Everyone else left early and returned late in the next few days.

Occasionally, a few guests would appear in the castle to discuss matters with Shang Sizhan.

A busy week went over, and everything in North America was over.

Everyone boarded the plane for their return trip on a sunny morning.

Baili Xi stood before the window and looked at the castle in the snow. He said, “I’m finally leaving this damn place of snow! It’s so cold!”

“I don’t feel cold,” Shi Qian muttered as he stood before the window.

Baili Xi was at a loss for words.

Master Zhan didn’t let her go out every day. She would sit by the fireplace and play games most of the time. It would be strange if she felt cold!

“Miss Qian, you have a good physique,” Baili Xi said as he glanced at the big boss beside him.

The private plane landed at the King’s Garden.

They walked into the courtyard.

Yaoyao and Beastie were the most excited. Shi Qian got off the plane, and the snow wolves surrounded her.

Shi Qian hugged Yaoyao’s neck. They had grown up recently. Her arms could hardly embrace their necks.

Shang Sizhan stood at the side and watched the wolves play silently.

Shi Qian quickly let go of the two snow wolves and smiled. “It’s only been a month, but Yaoyao has grown generously bigger. Will I only be able to touch their heads when they lie down in the future?”

Shang Sizhan stood still. He did not speak.

“Master Zhan, have you seen other specially bred snow wolves?” Shi Qian turned to look at him and asked. “How big will they grow when they reach adulthood?”

“I don’t know,” Shang Sizhan finally said.

Shi Qian froze open-mouthed.

“I haven’t seen one before.”

Shang Sizhan had never seen one before. The main reason was that he did not care about them. He couldn’t know and tell.

“Oh.” Shi Qian nodded.

Shang Sizhan took a few steps forward. Suddenly, he reached out and touched Yaoyao’s head. Then, he said, “You can ask Yuwen Chengyuan to contact the breeder in the Ninth Province if you wish to know. Ask them to send you the video of the largest adult snow wolf.”

“No need. I can wait.”

Shi Qian turned around and looked at Shang Sizhan afterward. “It doesn’t matter how big or how they look. They are Master Zhan’s gifts to me. That

matters most to me..”

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