Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 14

I Keep a Low Profile

Shi Qian held a skewer of chicken wings as she looked at Jiang Ci. “By the way, why did you go against Sheng Xiao and Lu Sizhe?”

Jiang Ci picked up a meat skewer and replied, “Who’s to argue with him? I’m just teaching him a lesson.”


Then, he paused and looked at Shi Qian. “You didn’t interact with them at Imperial University, did you?”

Shi Qian shook her head. “No, I keep a low profile.”

Jiang Ci looked at her beautiful and eye-catching face.

‘How could she keep a low profile with this face that could bring disaster to a country and its people?’

He was sparingly worried.

“It’s fine if you don’t. I’m telling you, stay away from those two. The two are not good people. You have to draw a clear line between them, understand?”

“What’s wrong? Do you have a grudge against them?” Shi Qian asked.

At this moment, Huo Fei said, “No, Sister Qian. It’s that kid Sheng Xiao who’s against our brother Ci.”

“There’s still a grudge between us!” As he spoke, Shi Qian’s lips curled up into a smile. She appeared like a gossiper. She asked again, “Could it be… Were you two love rivals in the past?”

Jiang Ci’s face was full of disdain. “Who’s his love rival!”

Huo Fei looked at Shi Qian and smiled. “Of course not. Ever since high school, brother Ci has only had eyes for…”

Before he could say ‘you’, Jiang Ci glared daggers at him. Huo Fei immediately shut his mouth.

“Only what?” Shi Qian asked curiously.

“It’s nothing.” Huo Fei chuckled. “It’s not what you think.”

He changed the topic after a pause.

Shi Qian glanced at him. “We’re still driving later. Why are you drinking?!”

“Call the driver over.”

Shi Qian smiled. “I’m sorry. I can’t compare to you, Young Master Huo. I don’t have a driver.”

“Sister Qian, don’t be so humble,” Huo Fei said with a smile.

Jiang Ci glanced at him. “That’s enough. Eating won’t shut your mouth.”

“Sigh, boring.” Huo Fei sighed.

The three were halfway through their meal when Shi Qian’s phone rang. The words “Evil Big Boss” flashed on her phone screen.

Shi Qian’s nerves suddenly tensed up!

“Young Master Zhan!”

She looked up at the two people before her and immediately gestured for them to keep quiet.

“Hello, Young Master Zhan.” She hurriedly picked up the phone.

The man’s low and magnetic voice came from the receiver. “Where are you?”

“Hmm… I’m eating out.”

“With who?” Shang Sizhan asked.

Shi Qian looked at the two people and answered honestly, “Jiang Ci and Huo Fei.”

After that, Shang Sizhan didn’t say anything, and the atmosphere fell silent.

At this moment, she suddenly received a message on her phone.

[Qian Qian, Young Master Zhan seems to know that you went out to race. Come back quickly!]

When she looked at the message, Shi Qian’s heart tightened, and she immediately said, “But I’ve already finished eating. I’ll go back immediately.”

“Alright,” he said. Shang Sizhan, who had been silent for a long time, said one word.

Shi Qian stood after she hung up the phone and looked at the two. “The two of you can eat slowly. Young Master Zhan seems to know I went out to a car race. I have to hurry back.”

Then, she picked up his car keys and left quickly. She did wait for the two to speak.

Jiang Ci looked at Shi Qian’s back and said unhappily, “Damn, you’re leaving just like that?! Xiao Qian, you’re good!”

“Brother Ci, are you sure you don’t want some wine?” Huo Fei asked.

“Come!” Jiang Ci said.

“Boss, here to get some beer.”

Shi Qian drove back to her car and quickly returned to the king’s garden.

Starlight brightly lit the courtyard.

Shang Sizhan sat on a white rattan chair by the pool. His unfathomable eyes watched Shi Qian while she walked over from the garage.

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