Mr. Zhan's Little Demon is All Grown up

Chapter 13

That’s Too Awesome

The result.

Shi Qian was the first to return to the corner.


One could not find the three cars behind her.

The man beside Huo Fei widened his eyes in disbelief as he looked at Shi Qian’s car. “F*ck! How was that possible?!”

About a minute later, Jiang Ci, Sheng Xiao, and Lu Sizhe appeared one after another.

It bewildered everyone!

It was too awesome!

Huo Fei turned to the man beside him. “It’s a bank transfer, right?”

“Bank transfer,” the man said through gritted teeth, his face dark.

At the bend.

Jiang Ci, Sheng Xiao, and Lu Sizhe emerged from the car.

Shi Qian looked at Sheng Xiao and Lu Sizhe outside the window and did not move.

She did not expect the arrogant guys Jiang Ci mentioned to be Sheng Xiao and Lu Sizhe!

Jiang Ci was in a good mood.

Although Sheng Xiao had lost, he seemed in a good mood. He looked at him and said, “You won this time.”

Lu Sizhe asked Jiang Ci curiously, “Your friend’s pretty good. Why didn’t she get out of the car?”

He looked at Shi Qian’s car as he spoke but couldn’t see the person inside. He didn’t notice who the person was when they first arrived.

“She doesn’t like to see strangers,” Jiang Ci replied lazily.

Shi Qian sat in the car and looked at the time on her phone before speaking into her Bluetooth earphone. “Jiang Ci, let’s go.”

Jiang Ci chatted with Sheng Xiao and Lu Sizhe for a while before he returned to the car.

Huo Fei got into Shi Qian’s car, and they left together.

Lu Sizhe looked at Shi Qian’s back and said, “Who’s there? You’ve made it so mysterious.”

Then, he turned to Sheng Xiao. “You’re early. Did you see the person?”

“I saw it.”

“Who is it? Do we know each other?” Lu Sizhe asked.

Sheng Xiao smiled but did not say who it was.

“Let’s go back first,” he said. He then turned around and got into the car.

It was already evening when Shi Qian bade Huo Fei and the other two farewell and returned to the city.

Huo Fei said he had won money from a bet and treated the two to a big meal.

However, when they passed the food stall, Shi Qian suddenly said, “This food stall looks pretty good.”

Jiang Ci turned to look at a barbecue shop by the road. “It’s not bad. Let’s eat at the food stall then.”

So, they parked the car by the side of the road and chose to have an open-air barbecue.

The three found a seat by the side and sat down.

“What would you like to order?” The boss came over with the menu.

“Meat skewers, chicken wings, grilled shrimp, scallops… Huo Fei took the menu. After he ordered a bunch of dishes, he looked up at the two people opposite him. “Sister Qian, Brother Ci, look and see what else you want.”

Shi Qian replied lazily, “There’s no need. It is enough.”

Jiang Ci took the menu and ordered some more.

Across the road.

Shi Muxue and Wen Yiran sat in the black car.

The two had gone shopping today and bought a lot of things.

Wen Yiran’s gaze suddenly fell on the three people eating at the food stall across the road.

“Isn’t that Shi Qian?”

When Shi Muxue heard this, she followed her line of sight and said, “It’s her.”

Shi Qian was eating at a roadside food stall with two men!

She looked at this scene and thought about the high-end restaurant she had just been to. A glint of pride flashed in Muxue’s eyes.

Wen Yiran retracted her gaze and said mockingly, “A country bumpkin is indeed a country bumpkin. He’s only worthy of eating this kind of rubbish roadside stall.”

Shi Muxue didn’t say anything. But she was supremely delighted.

Wen Yiran continued after a pause. “Muxue, you said your family will work with the Su family. Is that true?”

“Yes.” Shi Muxue nodded. “That’s what my father said. Yesterday, he was so happy that he even gave me a gift.”

Envy filled Wen Yiran’s eyes.

Although the Su family was not a third-rate wealthy family in the Imperial Capital, the power behind the Su family was the Huo family, which was only second to the four great families.

Of course, it was only a branch of the Huo family, not a direct descendant.

But even if it was a branch of the Huo family, it was enough to make the Su family glorious!

Their future would be limitless if the Shi family could establish a relationship with the Su family.

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