Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 504 - Bathroom 2

Chapter 504 – Bathroom 2



Where and how she got so fast to do that, Ye Cheng was still finding it hard to understand.

"Hey, babe, why are you resisting your hubby?"

"Because my naughty honey bun is becoming even naughtier."

"But it is your responsibility to tame your beloved, is it not?"

"It is and baby just want her beloved to be at rest now. Making love is going to tire you out some more."

"Then let it. It is for my wife."

"Are you sure you know what you are saying? Tsk."

"Besides, who plans on making love to you?"

"Huh?" her brows kneaded in between, forming a deep frown at his words.

Ignoring her obvious look of confusion, he relaxed his head on the edge and waited for her to continue with what she started. "I am waiting, my love," he reminded her after some time.

"Ohh, yes, sorry."

"What is my wifey thinking of?" He engaged her, trying his best to bring her mind back so he could enjoy her presence more.

"Nothing. I just did not understand you. Never mind, I still need to ensure you eat tonight. So let us hurry up with this massage and bath, then you eat and I massage you again till you sleep. How is that?"

"Sounds great." Closing his eyes, Ye Cheng allowed Li Jing to take over and take care of him.

While she had that plan in her head, he had his own mischief laying in wait for her.

Why ruin the fun. Let her think that was what the plan was and then ruin it in the most amazing way ever.

It took her fifteen minutes bathing and massaging his shoulders and when she was done, she quietly announced.

"All done, honey." Standing up, she came to stand at his side and gazed down at him lovingly.

She seemed to recall this face from over a year back. It was the same one she fell in love with on first sight.

It was the one she slept off to and woke up to the next morning thinking she met a god.

Yes, back then he looked like a charming god of seduction. It wasn't like he was not still looking the same now. He was but right now, she recalled all the churn in her stomach and importantly how her cheeks reddened at his stair.

How he made her feel giddy and lovely each time. He wasn't her first love but he was her one true love.

"Love," Ye Cheng called out but she did not respond. "Baby," he added and got similar response. Letting out a sigh, he decided to rest his head on his left arm and admire her in turn.

She lied so enchanting just watching him through her lashes like that. His little seductress was doing more to him than she could ever think of.

Yes she was his and his proud wife but he never could take that feeling away.

It felt like the first time, waking up to see a smallish beautiful angel sleeping on top of him. She was the light to his world and the new hope he had to move on when things where becoming unbecoming.

"Ahh!" He let out a satisfied sigh. All those times, those days.

How his heart played out with her and how much loved he had for her but would always conceal it on the pretense of being her boss and looking out for her whereas he was a mess in his head and mind.

Even when they shared their first kiss, he was broken and the kiss after that…

Shaking his head, the side of his lip pulled back a bit. A pleasant, yet seductive smile laid in wait after.

"My love," this time around he called out more charmingly and loudly than before.

"Ahh!" he had shocked her no doubt and he felt sorry for that, especially seeing how that dreaming look on her face quickly disappeared.

Regardless, he was going to see so much more of it when she slept and other lovely expressions when he was done with her.

"Hey baby. You look sexy."

What a cheesy, flirting husband he was right now but she was determined not to let him under her skin, well technically, her gown today.

Who Knows!

"Thanks." Even though she blushed, she pretended not to be affected, further fueling the mischief already playing out in his head. "Now, time to get up and get dressed, honey," she reminded.

"Ahh, sadly. Okay, help me up then. I am so bloody hungry today."

"That's a first. I am glad I prepared your favourites." Smiling, she stretched her right hand at him, completely lost in her thought for diner to see the smirk on his face.

Holding unto her hand a bit tightly than she had expected, Ye Cheng yanked her towards himself, causing her to loose balance and fall into the bathtub with him.




She shut her eyes quickly when the whole incident happened, preventing bath water from getting in.

Sorry to say the least, that was the least of his plans for her. Getting soaked was just one aspect.

"Ye Cheng!"

Okay, he was definitely in trouble now wasn't he?

"Yes love?"

"Why did you?" Her lips were still parted as she asked her question but he could no longer take it and in the next second he dove right in, capturing her lips and sealing it with a lovely warm kiss.

For a moment she was lost, unable to do anything at the moment and just aloowed him have his way.

It was when he played with the cervices of her mouth that she regained her composure and kissed him back a bit.

By the time he pulled back, she was not just soaked but a soaked in her head and mind.

"How was that? Exquisite right?"

"Exquisite? You just…"

"I told you."

"You told me what?"

"That I want you."

She rolled her eyes at him.. "You cannot make love today honey."

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