Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 503 - Bathroom

Chapter 503 – Bathroom



While he took his bath, he forgot about locking the door as he was too tired and just chased after relaxation. Unknown to him Li Jing who was busy in the garden when he came, found her way into the bathroom unannounced.

Well it wasn't like she did not have a right to anyway.

At first upon entering the room, she noticed his pile f work clothes lying scattered on the floor and smiled sadly to herself.

He was her darling husband and one that she dared to love and look after.

Picking his clothes up one after the other, she took it tp the dirt clothes rack and neatly kept them away. By morning she would get it done or give to the house help to handle it for her.

Now, she needed to go attend to her man.

Stepping in tipped toes in the bathroom, she went closer and closer to the tub. He was not bathing just enjoying the feel of the hot water.

It was a good thing that she left the heater on when she came else that would have been another issue.

Thinking about the time he arrived, her eyes closed as she knelt down behind his head and drew up her sleeve so avoid being wet.

Without a single sound, she brought her hands forward, over and around his head before letting them touch the water quietly.

To think that all these she was doing was to not disturb the naughty naked CEO hidden inside the water.

She took a deep breath first, closing her eyes and by the time she opened them, she was left in a fright.


Staring right back at her was the handsome delectable face of the husband she had intended to surprise. To her dismay, she was the one who got surprised instead.

She pulled back her hands and almost landed on her butt but he was fast and witty, catching her hand before she got a chance to fall.

"Ye… Ye Cheng," she managed to say after swallowing so much saliva and finding her voice.

"My baby is being naughty and sneaky."

"I thought your eyes were closed and you know." She inhaled again before trying to continue her sentence.

"Umm, your baby is sensitive, wife. I knew when your tiny tip toes stepped into the bath room. Who did you think eft the door open in the first place huh little wifey?"

"Hey, so you set me up to come and watch you bath?" She questioned him like one offended house wife but they both knew she was nothing at all like offended.

"Hmm," he nodded at her, daring her silently to do anything reckless.

"Ahh!" she gasped, freeing one hand from his grasp, she held her chest like a hurt babe. "Hmm, my baby is becoming even naughtier than I am."

'Is that so?"

"Yes. I wasn't the one who left the door open now was i?"

"I don't know what you are talking about. Me is just an innocent soul being accused by his cute and lovely missy."

"Aigoo… it is useless trying to talk it out with words with you," Li Jing confessed.

"Ohh." He sounded more shocked but even that was a prank. He knew he got to win her any time and day.

"Well, then since words of the mouth does not work, I wonder what other ways there could be."

While she looked up rolling her eyes at his playful remark, he tapped on his chin thoughtfully.

"Ahh, I know. I guess a lovely bath massage and wash up would be a good way to win this game."

"Just say you want your love to give you a massage and bath you. O wonder you did not bath yourself in the first place and just relaxed."

'Of course, I was waiting for my missy to come and do me the honours."

"Ah, you never fail to amuse me. You are one cheesy, naughty, handsome, cute ass, might I add great sexing, hubby. You know how to play your cards well."

Although he was grinning from ear to ear at her praise, he manage to smirk at her. "Of course I would be all of those and you forget, more. I can sex you up real great while also…" As he spoke, he noticed her eyes weren't on his anymore but rather they had shifted elsewhere.

Following the line of her gaze, he soon came to find out where they got lost to.

His Dick!

'Jeez woman!' he mentally screamed.

Meanwhile on the outside, a perfect mischievous smirk laid in wait on his handsomely perfect face.

Just from her talking he was already getting hard imagining the things he was going to do to her that night and somehow, her innocent eyes caught sight of it.

Now she was transfixed ta his lovely dragon.

"Wow I would not know if not now that my wife loves my dragon more than the owner himself or is she more attracted to it?" His words had pulled her out from her mini trance, causing her to blush crimson.

She did not even know she was staring so obviously and being caught, that was something else.

"Hey," he pulled her chin up so she could look him in the eyes. "Do not be shy. He is yours to tame after all. Not just that him and I belong to you. You have all the right to stare at your lovey husband's body for as long as you wish. Eat me up if you must."

His little words of encouragement was all that she needed. It gave her boost and now she was tempted to do much more than just stare at it. She wanted to hold it, tame it like he said and kiss it.

'Shut up, Li Jing. Bring your naughty thoughts back here to your hubby,' she scolded herself mentally.

"Ahh… I… No do not worry.." Quickly before he had the chance to argue, she turned him around and began to lather his body with soap.

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