Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 31 - When Is The Divorce

Chapter 31: When Is The Divorce

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Hearing Qiao Nian’s words, Teacher Liu nodded in understanding. Although he was getting old, he knew that young people nowadays would typically register their marriage before holding a wedding. It was different from Teacher Liu’s era.

In fact, among everyone present, Qiao Xin was the one who was most upset. She looked at Qiao Nian in utter shock. She had never expected Gu Zhou to stand up for Qiao Nian.

Qiao Xin glanced up at Gu Zhou. Sensing the coldness radiating from him, she couldn’t help but shiver.

By her side, Su Yan was staring at Gu Zhou in shock, his lips pressed together. He had made a mistake. He had never expected Qiao Nian to marry Gu Zhou.

What should he do now?

Su Yan recalled how he had insulted Qiao Nian over and over again. His father had repeatedly exhorted him to get along well with the Gu family, but now, he had offended Qiao Nian.

If Qiao Nian told Gu Zhou what he had said, he would…

Su Yan’s face turned paler and paler. He wanted to seize the opportunity to retreat quietly from the scene, but there were many people standing behind him. He had no choice but to stand still.

“Which of you here said that my wife is mentally ill?” Gu Zhou asked coldly.

Zhou Xue had never seen Gu Zhou before, so she naturally didn’t know who Gu Zhou was. She only felt that this man had a foul aura around him. Frowning, she stepped forward.

“Don’t be fooled by Qiao Nian. She’s not a good person at all!” Zhou Xue spoke firmly, “She was really a patient in the mental hospital!”

“Is that so?” Gu Zhou gave Zhou Xue a cold glance, then spoke to Chen Qing, who was standing not far away. “There seems to be something wrong with this lady. Take her away.”

“Yes, sir,” Chen Qing responded. He walked forward to take Zhou Xue away.

Zhou Xue’s expression changed. She said anxiously, “Who are you? Don’t touch me!”

As soon as Zhou Xue finished speaking, Chen Qing knocked her out without hesitation. Swiftly, he carried her out of the banquet hall.

When Teacher Liu saw that the troublemaker had left, he smiled at Qiao Nian and said, “That annoying little girl has finally left. The entire hall has finally quietened down.”

Everyone thought to themselves, “Of course it’s quiet. No one dares to speak!”

Seeing Gu Zhou walk over, Dr. Wang put on a fawning smile and said, “Second Young Master Gu, how do you do!”

Gu Zhou raised his eyebrows slightly. He did not seem to recognize the man in front of him.

“I am Wang Shuo. I thank the Gu family for investing in this research project.” Wang Shuo smiled eagerly and extended a hand to Gu Zhou, wanting to shake his hand.

Gu Zhou didn’t shake hands with Wang Shuo. Instead, he turned to gaze at Qiao Nian gently, speaking in a low voice. “If you need anything in the future, just ask for my help directly. It’s useless to ask these shady people for help. After all, they clearly can’t understand people of high intelligence, like you.”

Everyone: Do you think we’re all dunces?

Wang Shuo’s hand hovered awkwardly in midair. He did not dare to retract it.

Teacher Liu agreed with Gu Zhou. He said approvingly, “Nian Nian, if you want to continue studying Chinese medicine, then…”

“Honey, why didn’t you just tell me that you wanted to work in a laboratory? We can just build a laboratory.” Gu Zhou gazed at Qiao Nian dotingly, his voice gentle.

Hearing Gu Zhou’s words, Qiao Nian gave a sweet smile. “Thank you, Hubby.”

Gu Zhou then turned to look at Wang Shuo and continued, “I’m sorry, I want to withdraw my investment.”

The color on Wang Shuo’s face instantly drained away. He felt as if the sky was collapsing!

Qiao Nian, too, was privately stunned. She didn’t know why Gu Zhou had changed so much. In the past, Gu Zhou didn’t even want to interact much with her.

After a while, Gu Zhou brought Qiao Nian out of the banquet hall. Seeing that Qiao Nian was still holding her PhD diploma, he said, “Your mentor likes you a lot.”

“Teacher Liu is a good person.” Qiao Nian looked down as she spoke, her voice impassive.

Actually, Teacher Liu was aware that her family had locked her up in the mental hospital on purpose. He would often send her lesson materials, and meticulously answered any questions she had regarding medicine.

Gu Zhou had asked other people to investigate the relationship between Qiao Nian and Teacher Liu. Seeing that they had nothing to do with the rest of those people, he was relieved.

“Can you treat my illness?” Gu Zhou asked calmly, his arm still around Qiao Nian’s waist.

“Yes, I can try.” Thinking about Gu Zhou’s illness, Qiao Nian said thoughtfully, “Gu Zhou, when do you plan to divorce me?”

The flirtatious atmosphere between the two of them instantly vanished. A gust of wind blew, causing Qiao Nian to feel a little cold.

Qiao Nian did not receive any response from Gu Zhou. She smiled and said to him, “Don’t worry, I’ll continue to treat your illness after the divorce.”

“Divorce?” Gu Zhou gave Qiao Nian a cold look, his eyes filled with ice. “I will never divorce you!”

Qiao Nian stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Gu Zhou, blinking in confusion.

Under the silvery moonlight, her small face looked even fairer.

Qiao Nian’s lips parted slightly in confusion. “Why?”

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