Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Offense

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Everyone present was dumbfounded.

They felt offended.

Most of them had only graduated at 30 years old!

They glared at Teacher Liu angrily. Teacher Liu had graduated with a doctorate at the age of 26. They did not expect Teacher Liu’s disciple to be even more formidable. She graduated at the age of 24!

Zhou Xue turned bright red in embarrassment. She seemed to have recalled something, and hurriedly spoke. “That’s impossible. You must be having an improper relationship with her. Otherwise…”


Qiao Nian walked up to Zhou Xue and gave her a brutal slap across the face. Then, she took out a tissue and began to slowly wipe her hands, making sure every finger was pristine. When she spoke, her voice was as clear as a stream. “How dare you slander my teacher? You’re too brazen.”

“Nian Nian, it’s because you’re usually too low-profile. This is why people misunderstand you!” Teacher Liu took out Qiao Nian’s PhD diploma from his bag, handing it to her. “Congratulations, Addie, you’ve graduated early. Now, which hospital do you want to work at?”


There was an uproar. Everyone was shocked!

Everyone present had heard of this name, Addie. This person was a rising star in the medical field and had once won a world-renowned medical award. However, this person maintained a very low profile. All the doctors in Country Z knew that she was a woman, but none of them knew anything else.

None of them could have guessed that Addie and Qiao Nian were one and the same.

“Thank you, Teacher Liu. I haven’t decided.” Qiao Nian had initially wanted to go to Doctor Wang’s hospital to join his project, but now she had changed her mind.

“Impossible! You can’t be Addie!” Su Yan strode towards Qiao Nian and yelled, “You have got some nerve! How dare you impersonate her?”

Su Yan had always treated Addie as a beacon he strove towards. He had always tried his best to be on par with her, but he had never expected the person he admired for so long to actually be Qiao Nian, the woman he despised the most!

Su Yan hated Qiao Nian more than anyone else in the world. That woman pretended to be innocent and acted like she knew nothing, but she had committed so many despicable acts!

Qiao Xin frowned. She didn’t know why everyone was looking at Su Yan with disdain. She tugged at Zhou Xue’s sleeve, her voice quavering as she spoke. “Sister, you’ve told such a big lie. What will you do if it’s exposed?”

When Zhou Xue heard Qiao Xin’s words, her eyes darted to the side. Immediately, she stepped forward. She said loudly, “You’re talking nonsense. Do you think you can take on Addie’s identity just by claiming to be her? How dare you lie in front of everyone? Qiao Nian, your mental health is truly deteriorating. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible!”

At this moment, Qiao Nian’s cell phone began to ring.

Qiao Nian took out her cell phone and placed it beside her ear. She couldn’t hear the other party’s voice. “Hello, who’s speaking?”

“You’re really Addie!” The white-haired Director Zhao, who oversaw the school of medicine, stepped out of the crowd. He looked at Qiao Nian in disbelief, his lips trembling slightly as he exclaimed, “I saved your phone number in the past! I…”

Director Zhao’s phone was still placed next to his ear. He had only been testing out a theory just now, but he had not expected Qiao Nian to really be Addie.

Qiao Nian smiled. She greeted, “Director Zhao.”

“This is impossible, you can’t be Addie!” Zhou Xue seemed to have lost her mind. She didn’t expect that Qiao Nian’s name would be cleared. Her voice trembled as she spoke. “You clearly… you…”

“Who’s mistreating my wife?” A cold voice came from the doorway.

The temperature in the banquet hall seemed to have dropped by a few degrees. Everyone turned to look toward the door. They saw a man in a well-tailored suit entering the banquet hall, his stance elegant and his steps unhurried.

The moment he stepped in, he attracted everyone’s attention. A select few of the people present recognized him.

One by one, the gazes of the young female students present all turned shy, as though they had become girls with a crush. They had never seen such a handsome man in their lives. His face was like the most perfect masterpiece bestowed by heaven. They were unable to take their eyes off him.

Qiao Nian stood there calmly. She frowned slightly when she saw Gu Zhou walking towards her.

Why was he here?

Gu Zhou walked unhurriedly in front of Qiao Nian. In a natural motion, he put his arm around Qiao Nian’s waist, tugging her towards him. His narrow phoenix eyes swept coldly across everyone present. “Honey, who bullied you?”

Hearing Gu Zhou’s words, the onlookers were all stunned. Their gazes lingered on Qiao Nian and Gu Zhou’s faces. They had never expected Gu Zhou to marry Qiao Nian.

Teacher Liu was also stunned. He blinked in confusion, pushing his glasses up his face. He asked calmly, “Nian Nian, when did you get married?”

“Teacher, my husband and I registered our marriage a few days ago. We haven’t held our wedding yet. We had important matters to settle just now during the banquet, so I haven’t had the chance to tell you yet.” Qiao Nian explained with a smile. In her heart, she had already scolded Gu Zhou a few times over.

She did not know what Gu Zhou was up to.. She couldn’t believe that he had come to the banquet, and even made their relationship public.

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