Mr. Gu, Your Replacement Bride Is A Big Shot!

Chapter 225 - Test  

Chapter 225: Test

Her eyes were clear, and she looked as if she genuinely wanted to learn music.

However, to become a musician, passion and sincerity were not the only things that mattered.

Professor Zhang pursed his lips and said, “Alright, I’ll give you a test.”

When everyone heard Professor Zhang’s words, they heaved a sigh of relief.

If the newcomer wasn’t good enough, she would be chased out by Professor Zhang. Then, they wouldn’t have to worry about the newcomer dragging down their grades.

If the newcomer was skilled, she would bring glory to the class if she joined!

However, no one felt that this newcomer would be any good.

Professor Zhang glanced at all the students in the room and said, “For the sake of fairness, all students will come to the instrument room with me. We’ll observe the new student’s test together!”

Hence, everyone made their way to the instrument room excitedly.

Professor Zhang looked at Qiao Nian and said, “This student, since you were able to gain admission, you should be aware of the rules of our school. Even if you have an acceptance letter, you still have to obtain the professor’s approval before you can enter the school to study.”

Qiao Nian had already asked around before she arrived. She nodded slightly.

Qiao Nian was feeling a little uneasy. Looking at the instruments, she was a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to enter the school successfully. She hadn’t practiced in a long time.

Professor Zhang glanced at the instruments around him and said, “You can pick an instrument you’re good at and play a piece of your choice. As long as you can pass, I’ll accept you.”

The students looked at Qiao Nian as if they were watching a good show. They were waiting for Qiao Nian to back off.

Qiao Nian’s nervous heart gradually calmed down. Stepping forward, her gaze fell on the guqin. She sat down in front of it.

The students who had come to watch the show all looked at Qiao Nian in disbelief. Gasping, they said in confusion, “She’s so bold. She actually dared to choose the guqin!”

“That’s right. The guqin is so difficult. Doesn’t she know?”

“Without a teacher, it’s impossible to learn the guqin!”

“She must really be the silly daughter of a rich family. She’s not capable at all!”

Qiao Nian stroked the guqin with both hands, her fingers gently strumming the strings.

The timbre was not bad.

It was tuned to the correct pitch as well.

Qiao Nian sat up straight, blocking out all the noise from the outside world. She raised her hands and placed them elegantly on the guqin, then began to strum the first string.

Music began to flow languidly from the strings of the guqin.

“Is she crazy? She’s playing ‘Spring and Snow’!”

“That’s the song Xia Xue is famous for!”

“She’s overestimating herself. How dare she challenge the prettiest and most capable girl in our faculty!”

“Don’t be like this. She just arrived. How could she know anything about our school?”

“Let’s just listen!”

Professor Zhang and Director Hu, who were standing at the side, were slightly stunned.

The piece “Spring and Snow” was famous all over the world. This piece was very difficult, and it was known for putting one’s technical foundations to the test. None of them had expected Qiao Nian to choose such a difficult song.

Qiao Nian’s slender hands danced atop the strings, reminding one of a pair of butterflies fluttering atop a bed of flowers. Every motion was elegant. Clear and crisp musical notes rose from her fingertips, causing the listeners to become involuntarily immersed in the music.

Everyone was stunned. They had never expected Qiao Nian to be able to play such beautiful music.

“How could she be self-taught? She must be lying!”

“She plays much better than Xia Xue!”

“Is that so? Did she privately study under a teacher?”

“If someone like this joins our class, she’ll pull up our grades, right?”

“Alright, stop talking. Perhaps this is the only song she knows!”

After all, those students were still too young and immature. Jealousy was written all over their faces.

After the song ended, Qiao Nian slowly retracted her hands. She hadn’t played this song in a long time, and her fingers were a little stiff. Fortunately, she could still play it perfectly.

Qiao Nian stood up and looked at Professor Zhang.

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