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Chapter 224 - Self-Taught  

Chapter 224: Self-Taught

Professor Zhang sized Qiao Nian up in one glance. With a solemn expression, he asked, “Previously, which school did you study music at?”

Qiao Nian answered truthfully, “I studied at home. I’m self-taught.”

Professor Zhang frowned. How could this student, with no music background whatsoever, have entered their music academy?

When the other students in the classroom heard Qiao Nian’s words, they couldn’t help but gasp. They all turned to look at Qiao Nian in disbelief.

“Oh my god, did someone in our class offend the bourgeois? Could it be that they’ve deliberately sent someone over to mess with us?”

“She’s just a newbie. She’ll be useless here! Does she plan on dragging down our average grade?”

“What should we do? If our class doesn’t get first place, it’ll be terrible!”

“That’s right. Who would be so insensible? Stuffing someone new into our class!”

Professor Zhang, who was standing at the podium, listened to the discussion below. Deep down, he agreed with them.

One had to know that everyone who could enter the music academy aspired to be the cream of the crop. Who would be willing to be held back by an ignorant young lady who knew nothing?

Professor Zhang frowned and asked, “Director Hu, you know that our class is progressing very quickly. How can we let a newcomer join our class? She won’t be able to keep up.”

When Director Hu heard Professor Zhang’s words, he couldn’t help but smile. He said, “Professor Zhang, don’t be humble. Everyone knows that the classes you teach are always the best. To educate this student, and to ensure that she gets a good score, even though there’s only half a semester left… I think you’re the only one in the entire world who can accomplish this.”

Professor Zhang’s expression darkened. Although Director Hu was praising him, he didn’t want this kind of praise at all. Hence, he said coldly, “Director Hu, the grades of the classes I’ve taught so far are outstanding because all the students I’ve taught have a good foundation. They’ve all been admitted through examinations, which is why they have such good results. If you insert a newcomer into our class just like this, it’ll only affect the future of our students.”

Qiao Nian stood there silently, listening to the doubting voices around her. However, she didn’t get angry.

If she were a professor or a student sitting in the classroom, she might also be unwilling to let a newcomer enter, and affect the results of the entire class.

Moreover, she had not gotten in through her own abilities. Instead, she had been recommended.

Director Hu, who was standing beside Qiao Nian, looked troubled. Qiao Nian had been recommended by the principal, so he naturally hoped that Qiao Nian could learn from Professor Zhang.

Qiao Nian stepped forward and said softly, “Professor Zhang, I’m really sorry. I’m a new student here. I know your concerns. Why don’t you give me a test? After that, you can decide if you want to accept me as your student.”

Qiao Nian’s words stunned all the students in the classroom.

“This new student is really bold. She’s just learned a little at home, yet she still wants to show off in front of Professor Zhang. Isn’t she afraid of embarrassing herself?”

“How naive. Doesn’t she know what shame is?”

“Which rich family’s daughter is this? Does she think that she can enter our class just because she’s rich? Just because she has a little money! She doesn’t know her place at all!”

“I’m so excited. I’m just waiting for Professor Zhang to rebuke her. I want her to realize that she can’t always get her own way.”

“Could there be any possibility that she’s one of those experts who keeps a low profile?”

“How is that possible?”

“This isn’t a novel. You have to start learning music from elementary school. If one hasn’t been trained professionally, how can one become an expert?”

“That’s true. If someone like her, who’s self-taught, can master a musical instrument, I’ll become Beethoven!”

When Professor Zhang heard everyone’s voices, his frown deepened. “Quiet!”

Everyone fell silent. They stared unblinkingly at Professor Zhang, waiting for him to continue.

Professor Zhang’s gaze fell on Qiao Nian’s face.

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