Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 370 - Lin Nuan Trusted That He Wouldn’t Go Back on His Word

Chapter 370: Lin Nuan Trusted That He Wouldn’t Go Back on His Word

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Lin Nuan took out the card from her bag, walked down the stairs, and passed it to Fu Tianci.

“What’s this?” Fu Tianci asked before Lin Nuan could utter a word.

Lin Nuan replied, “This is what’s left of the repair fees you gave. I’d wanted to pass it to Fu Huai’an, but I probably forgot. There’s about ten thousand dollars in there. The password is six zeroes.”

Fu Tianci was stunned, he couldn’t believe that good luck had just fallen into his lap!

Fu Qingquan was going to coerce Fu Tianci into marrying a disabled woman four years older than him. Fu Tianci was reluctant—he was a fine young man, why would he want to marry a cripple?

What’s more, the cripple was four years older than him!

He had objected to it, and Fu Qingquan had threatened to cut him off. Fu Tianci had been pampered since he was young and wasn’t convinced that his father would really do that…

But when he tried to use his credit card this morning, he realized it had indeed been frozen.

Fu Tianci had argued with Fu Qingquan over the phone, but Fu Qingquan was insistent on going ahead with the engagement at the end of the month. If Fu Tianci cooperated, he would double Fu Tianci’s allowances!

Fu Tianci was appalled and felt especially aggrieved. He flared up, smashed his phone, and even stomped on it for good measure.

After venting his frustrations, Fu Tianci felt his future was bleak.

Everyone thought Fu Tianci was a stupid good-for-nothing, but he knew clearly that the old fogey wanted him to compete with Fu Huai’an for the Kaide Corporation. That was why he was to be engaged to a crippled older woman against his wishes!

If he were to be honest, Fu Tianci simply wanted to lay idle as a wealthy second generation. He wasn’t interested in the Kaide Corporation!

He knew his own capabilities; he wouldn’t be able to handle the business of the Kaide Corporation, it would go bust in his hands within a few years.

And from the bottom of his heart, Fu Tianci never intended to compete with Fu Huai’an in the first place.

Fu Huai’an was special to him… To say he worshiped and adored Fu Huai’an was putting it lightly.

He told everyone that Fu Huai’an was his brother, and he truly hoped for that. Fu Huai’an was unaware… but Fu Tianci was even willing to sacrifice his life for Fu Huai’an.

When Fu Tianci knew of the old fogey’s intentions to pit him against Fu Huai’an, he tried his very best to turn himself into a rascal who was looked down upon by all.

Everyone in his school and his friends all claimed Fu Tianci was a different man.

When he was in his teens, Fu Tianci’s name was Lu Tianyu. He was a straight-A model student from Haicheng Secondary school. The moment he changed his identity to become Fu Tianci, he became a notorious wealthy second-generation delinquent in his new school for aristocrats and the wealthy.

Was Fu Tianci incompetent? Or did he become overbearing after turning rich overnight?

These weren’t the reasons!

It was because Fu Tianci didn’t want to compete with Fu Huai’an, and he knew he wasn’t a match for Fu Huai’an in the first place.

Seeing that Fu Tianci didn’t take the card, Lin Nuan prompted, “So do you want it?”

Fu Tianci pursed his lips and gazed at Lin Nuan. “I was the one… who scratched your friend’s car after that incident. How much were the repair fees for that? You can deduct it from the card and give me back the remainder. If there isn’t any money remaining… you could lend me a few thousand dollars!”

She hadn’t expected Fu Tianci to scratch Bai Xiaonian’s car in the basement car park, but what was more surprising was the fact that he actually admitted it. Stunned, Lin Nuan paused momentarily before she uttered, “Take the card first, I’ll get my friend to contact you regarding the repair fees…”

Since Fu Tianci had admitted to it so readily, Lin Nuan trusted that he wouldn’t go back on his word.

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