Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 369 - Why Are You Following Me?

Chapter 369: Why Are You Following Me?

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“Yes! And she still tried to put on an act when she went on the show… To think that I thought it was okay to forgive her!”

“That woman is so detestable! I feel sorry for Lin Nuan and Wen Moshen. How are the two of you? Will you two get back together?”

“How can they be together? Gu Hanyan and Wen Moshen are already married! I doubt that wretched woman will agree to a divorce!”

“That woman deserves to die!”

“Death would be letting her off too easily! She should be hacked to pieces! How could such an abominable woman exist in this world!”

Lin Nuan smiled awkwardly as more and more people started to crowd around her, as if in a show of solidarity.


The elevator had reached ground level. Out of courtesy, Lin Nuan said, “The elevator is here!”

The group chattered non-stop as they got into the elevator. Some expressed admiration for Lin Nuan, while others felt sympathy for her. There were also a few who felt she was too silly and should have revealed the truth immediately. Even if Wen Moshen didn’t believe her, she should have stood up for herself instead of suffering in silence all this while!

Lin Nuan kept smiling. When the elevator reached the seventh floor, she said hurriedly, “I’ve reached my floor, I’ll make a move first!”

Lin Nuan heaved a sigh of relief when she exited the elevator.

She had wanted to go to the eighteenth floor, but Lin Nuan had enough of what was going on in the elevator, and so she decided to exit on the seventh floor.

The time on her watch indicated that she was still early. In order to avoid a situation like before, Lin Nuan decided to take the stairs.

When she pushed open the door to the stairway, Lin Nuan saw Fu Tianci sitting in the middle of the steps blocking her path. On the floor was a mobile phone which had been smashed to pieces.

Fu Tianci was taken aback and embarrassed to see Lin Nuan. He frowned as he got up and walked up the stairs.

There was a contestant number tag from the station’s reality program, ‘The Voice’, stuck on his leather jacket. Lin Nuan thought that he must have been buzzed out of the competition by the judges and was hiding in the stairway moping.

But she took a glance at the time and realized that the competition hadn’t yet begun, so it had to be about something else.

Lin Nuan didn’t think much about it as she walked up the stairs.

Fu Tianci walked in front of her, and her high heels clicked behind him.

They had climbed two levels when Fu Tianci suddenly stopped in his tracks. He paused to listen and turned around in frustration to snap at Lin Nuan, who lowered her head as she climbed up the stairs. “Why are you following me?”

Lin Nuan paused momentarily and then continued up the stairs, past Fu Tianci.

Fu Tianci watched as Lin Nuan brushed past him. His ears turned red, and he bellowed, “What’s the meaning of this?”

In Lin Nuan’s eyes, Fu Tianci was just a spoiled brat. Although the media tend to portray the affluent second generation in a negative light, Lin Nuan wasn’t personally prejudiced against them.

She didn’t know Fu Tianci well, but regardless of whether he was a good person or not, she had intended to keep a distance from him as she felt he was hedonistic, arrogant, and bossy.

Fu Tianci was peeved that Lin Nuan had ignored him and continued walking up the stairs. He sulked as he followed behind her.

When they had almost reached the tenth floor, Fu Tianci could no longer keep it in. “Hey, could you do me a favor?”

Lin Nuan stopped in her tracks and turned around to look at Fu Tianci.

Fu Tianci flushed, he was supposed to be the one asking for a favor, yet his hands were in his pockets, and he stuck out his chin in a high and mighty manner. “Can you lend me a few thousand dollars? I’ll pay you back once I get the prize money from the competition!”

Lin Nuan recalled that Bai Xiaonian had passed her a card to return the repair fees to Fu Tianci. She had wanted to give the card to Fu Huai’an to get him to return it, but either she had forgotten to pass it to him, or Fu Huai’an had forgotten to take it. Regardless, the card was still in her bag.

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