Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 31 - A Call From the Pet Shop

Chapter 31: A Call From the Pet Shop

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“Help me look after Tuan Tuan for a while. I’m taking a shower.”

“Try to get some sleep. Take a shower after you wake up,” Bai Xiaonian said, noticing the paleness in Lin Nuan’s face.

Lin Nuan shook her head and replied, “Fu Huai’an’s picking us up at eight to collect our certificate.”

Bai Xiaonian replied with a troubled expression, “Lin Nuan, are you sure you don’t want to think this through a little more?”

Bai Xiaonian still felt that a woman as bright and beautiful as Lin Nuan deserved to be with someone she truly loved.

Lin Nuan didn’t answer.

She had already reached that point—what use was there in thinking it through?

Fu Huai’an—the alpha of the lawyer world, the commander of Wall Street. How many women in Ocean City had dreamed and prayed to be with him?

Not to mention, he had a devastatingly attractive face.

For Lin Nuan, Fu Huai’an was out of her league.

As long as a man as wealthy and grounded as him could show her basic respect, Lin Nuan was willing to give a shot at spending a lifetime with him.

When Lin Nuan came out of the shower, Bai Xiaonian was putting down Lin Nuan’s phone.

Hearing the door of the bathroom open, Bai Xiaonian turned around and said with troubled eyes, “Nuan Nuan, the pet shop just called. They said that Mushroom doesn’t have much time left… They’re asking if you want to go see him…”

Lin Nuan clutched the towel tightly in her hands, her nails digging deep into the flesh of her palm.

The pain traveled through the blood vessels in her hand, piercing straight into her heart.

When Lin Nuan sent Mushroom to the pet hospital, she was well aware that such a day would eventually come—he was, after all, an old cat.

Lin Nuan was terrified at the thought of seeing Mushroom in pain. That was the reason she sent him to the pet hospital in the first place, to alleviate his suffering for whatever time he had left to live.

Lin Nuan brushed her fingers through her hair and stated, “I understand.”

Wen Moshen had entrusted Lin Nuan with Mushroom before he left. Wen Moshen had raised him for ten years and he was an extra picky cat. He wouldn’t eat anything given from strangers.

Then as Mushroom grew more familiar with Lin Nuan, he began to eat the food she fed him.

Every time Wen Moshen went on a business trip, he would leave Mushroom with Lin Nuan.

It’s just that after the last time Wen Moshen left Mushroom with Lin Nuan, he would no longer get the chance to pick him up again.

Her dripping wet hair stuck to her back, soaking up her pajamas…

She stood dumbly at the door, forgetting what she’d come into the bedroom to find.

Lin Nuan felt as if her brain had gone blank… She stood there with vacant eyes for a while, and then went back into the bathroom to get a hairdryer to blow out her hair.

The noise from the hairdryer flooded her ears. Slowly, her eyes began tearing up…

All these years, Lin Nuan felt as if Mushroom was accompanying her in waiting for Wen Moshen to come back.

If Mushroom was no longer here, then the last reminder of Wen Moshen in her life would be gone.

Mushroom wouldn’t make it to the next time Wen Moshen came back to pick him up.

At the very thought of that, Lin Nuan looked down and the tears kept streaming down…

After she dried her hair, she wiped away her tears and tied her hair up into a ponytail.

By the time Lin Nuan came out of the bedroom all tidied up, Tuan Tuan was already eating breakfast in the company of Bai Xiaonian.

Tuan Tuan had the porridge bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other. He clumsily shoved the porridge into his mouth, making a mess on his face.

Bai Xiaonian wasn’t a good chef so she ordered takeaway. She felt her stomach growl as she saw how much Tuan Tuan enjoyed the food.

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