Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 30 - I Heard That She’s a Beauty?

Chapter 30: I Heard That She’s a Beauty?

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“I don’t remember her name, all I know is that she’s the host of the Ocean City radio station…”

“Her name is Lin Nuan, the radio hostess from six to eight every evening. Her voice is so lovely.”

“I heard that she’s a beauty?”

Tang Zheng kicked Lu Jinnan under the table and snapped, “Did you hear what I said?”

Lu Jinnan put out his cigarette and answered, “I’m not deaf. I just think that Chu Xun is a better match for Fu Bro than Lin Nuan.”

Someone from the mahjong table heard Chu Xun’s name and asked with a smile, “Whether or not Fu Bro settles down with Lin Nuan, why are you making such a fuss about it, Lu Jinnan?”

“He’s had a crush on Fu since he was a kid, apparently…” Tang Zheng stated jokingly. He picked up his phone and cigarette box and said to Fu Huai’an, “I’m going to call my girlfriend and get her to free some time to see you tomorrow.”

The next morning, Bai Xiaonian came out of Lin Nuan’s bedroom and fumbled her way to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge. She took a sip and spotted Tuan Tuan and Lin Nuan sleeping in the living room.

Bai Xiaonian was taken by surprise.

Lin Nuan was sitting on the carpet, her arm supporting her head. She was holding Tuan Tuan’s tiny hand and leaning on the sofa, fast asleep.

The morning light shone through the parted curtains. The golden rays of sunlight carved out Lin Nuan and Tuan Tuan’s silhouettes—they looked like they were bathed in gold.

Bai Xiaonian leaned on the dining table, holding the bottle in one hand.

Bai Xiaonian already knew about Tuan Tuan’s identity…

But Lin Nuan wasn’t staying with Fu Huai’an because she genuinely liked him. So, there was no need to put so much effort into bonding with her future stepchild.

The rays of light moved leisurely across Lin Nuan’s fair, flawless cheeks and across her eyelashes. She slowly opened her eyes.

“You slept out here all night?”

Bai Xiaonian’s voice traveled across the room. Lin Nuan’s eyes squinted to block out the sunlight. She followed the source of the voice but all she could see was a green shadow…

It wasn’t until Bai Xiaonian walked up right in front of her that she realized who it was—she could finally see her pretty face clearly.

Tuan Tuan was still holding onto Lin Nuan’s hand, with no intention of waking up.

Lin Nuan pulled back the sheets that Tuan Tuan had kicked away last night and covered him up. She cautiously removed her hand and tucked his little elbows inside.

Tuan Tuan wasn’t used to feeling nothing in his palms. He turned around, smacked his lips then fell right back to sleep.

Bai Xiaonian passed the milk to Lin Nuan. She noticed the traces of the hoodie left on Lin Nuan’s right cheek from when she pressed against it last night. She asked with a hint of anger in her voice as she looked at Tuan Tuan, “What are you doing out here?”

“What time is it?” Lin Nuan asked.

Lin Nuan’s neck and shoulders were aching from sleeping in that position all night. She stretched her muscles and rubbed her neck.

“Six-thirty…” Bai Xiaonian sat down near Tuan Tuan’s feet and propped up her legs. She looked at Lin Nuan, still sitting on the floor. “You didn’t look after this kid the whole night, did you?”

“Nope, his father sent him over here last night.”

“He really does see you as his mother,” Bai Xiaonian said with a grin.

“Keep your volume down, don’t wake him up,” Lin Nuan said as she lowered her voice.

It was only seven. The child could sleep for another hour…

Last night, Tuan Tuan had grabbed her hand before she could dry out her hair. After a whole night, she was left with a stuffy headache.

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