Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 14 - So You're Willing to Come Back Now?

Chapter 14: So You’re Willing to Come Back Now?

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Bai Xiaonian would never believe that Gu Hanyan was waiting for Wen Moshen.

A woman like Gu Hanyan knows exactly what she wants.

She wasn’t Lin Nuan… and she definitely wouldn’t reserve herself for a man almost confirmed dead.

Gu Hanyan’s act of devotion in front of Lin Nuan was merely to manipulate her love for Wen Moshen!

Bai Xiaonian knew that even if Lin Nuan saw through it, she wouldn’t do anything about it.

Wen Moshen had always been Lin Nuan’s weak spot.

As Fu Huai’an’s car reached the gates of the Lins’ mansion. Lin Nuan suddenly made his assistant park the car near the road.

Lin Nuan turned and said to Fu Huai’an, “If I don’t say anything in advance to the Lin Family and just break the news that we’re getting married, my mother won’t be able to accept it. How about I go in first to lay some groundwork, then you can come in? I only need twenty minutes…”

Lin Nuan talked it over with Fu Huai’an. After all, as a busy, influential figure in the lawyer world, his time was valuable.

To her surprise, Fu Huai’an nodded.

Lin Nuan thanked him, took her purse and alighted from the car.

Taking a deep breath, she looked at the imposing black gates of the Lin Mansion.

It was where she grew up. It all seemed so familiar, yet so distant.

Before Lin Nuan could muster up the courage to walk up to the door and ring the doorbell, a car approached her from the side.

“Nuan Nuan…”

The driver seat’s window rolled down, revealing Lin Chen’s face.

After the truth was revealed—that Lin Nuan wasn’t kin to the Lins—Lin Nuan was unwilling to see anyone else from the Lin Family besides her mother. The last time she saw Lin Chen was actually four years ago.

Lin Chen got down from the car. He was still handsome and elegant like he was four years ago, but with an extra touch of maturity.

Lin Chen was wearing a white shirt with a wide collar and a gray vest, and he looked quite exceptional. Perhaps the Lin Family was too busy that period, but his eyes were full of sleepiness. The moment he saw Lin Nan, it felt as if he’d entered a different world. He felt a gentle ache somewhere at the bottom of his heart.

He still remembered the scene when Lin Nuan left the mansion with her luggage. She stood at the bottom of the staircase—he stood at the top—when she said, “Brother, if you still consider me as your sister, then don’t ever come to see me again. The same goes for everyone else in the Lin family. It would just feel like my heart got stabbed with a knife.”

Because of that sentence, Lin Chen had visited her house so many times, but he would just sit in his car, anticipating the moment he could see her rushing back home from work.

Lin Chen was unaware of how four years could change a person. He just felt Lin Chen grew slimmer, her delicate face as pale as a sheet.

“Brother…” Lin Nuan unconsciously called out, her eyes watering and her nose turning red.

Lin Chen stood in front of her with his slender, long legs, a scent of tobacco lingering on him…

“So you’re willing to come back now?” Lin Chen fought back the lump in his throat and asked in a heavy voice.

Lin Nuan tightened her grasp on her purse, the bitterness surging through her heart. She looked up at him with a pained expression, trying to suppress her emotions.

The sun was shining on her face; the mist beneath her eyes dampened her long eyelashes. Lin Nuan looked down and said, “I brought home my fiancé to introduce to Mother…”

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