Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 13 - A Marriage With Fu Huai'an?

Chapter 13: A Marriage With Fu Huai’an?

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Tuan Tuan saw the kid opposite their table splattering his face with ice-cream, his mother chuckling and wiping it off the corner of her little sweetheart’s mouth—his heart ached with longing at the scene.

He took a peek at Lin Nuan and felt a sinking feeling inside… he, too, had ice cream splattered all over his face.

When Tuan Tuan dropped his head to take another scoop of ice cream, a soft, slender finger suddenly grasped his head.

He looked up and saw Lin Nuan wipe his mouth gently with a handkerchief.

“Eat slower… look at the mess on your face.” Lin Nuan’s voice sounded so lovely, just like the first time he heard it on the radio station. It was so soft—soft enough to make people feel fuzzy inside.

“Okay!” Tuan Tuan nodded. But he didn’t want to eat slower. He liked the way Lin Nuan gently wiped the corner of his mouth when he made a huge mess on his face. It felt like he was being lovingly adored by a mother.

Bai Xiaonian sat across Lin Nuan and Tuan Tuan, chewing on her straw. She crossed her long, slender legs, a troubled expression written all over her face.

“Are you really… going to marry Fu Huai’an?” Bai Xiaonian felt Lin Nuan’s decision was too rash.

Lin Nuan nodded.

Bai Xiaonian knew Lin Nuan was smart. She was sure that Lin Nuan knew that Gu Hanyan was just using her, but she was actually willing to let herself be used for Wen Moshen.

“But what about your happiness?” Bai Xiaonian asked again, “And what about that dignified fiancé the Lin Family arranged for you?”

“That was the fiancé they prepared for a daughter of the Lin family. Their legitimate daughters should be the ones marrying into the Gu Family—”

Lin Nuan stopped herself mid-speech.

Of course, the Gu Family wasn’t going to let a woman with a mentally disabled mother marry their only son.

Bai Xiaonian knew Lin Nuan all too well. The real reason was that Lin Nuan had no feelings towards the young Sir from the Gu Family. If she did, she wouldn’t have managed to say all that so nonchalantly.

“Is it all worth it then… just for Wen Moshen?” Bai Xiaonian asked, her beautiful eyebrows furrowing together. Obviously, she thought it wasn’t.

Lin Nuan looked down and chuckled. “Even if it was, I still owe Moshen’s brother. Maybe he won’t hold a grudge anymore after this?”

“Just keep lying to yourself.” Bai Xiaonian sighed.

Lin Nuan’s head fell as she let out a faint laugh, a blank expression covering her face.

Out of all people, how could Bai Xiaonian not be aware of Lin Nuan’s gratitude towards Wen Moshen?

Yet it wasn’t Lin Nuan lying to herself. After all, it was her final warning to herself. She felt it was time to let go—let go of her past with Wen Moshen.

At exactly three-twenty, Lin Nuan’s phone rang. Fu Huai’an was calling.

“I need to go…” Lin Nuan grabbed her purse and glanced at Tuan Tuan who had already finished his ice-cream. “Tuan Tuan, let’s go. Your father is here.”

“Okay!” Tuan Tuan nodded.

Bai Xiaonian sat in the ice-cream shop, watching as Lin Nuan walked towards the black Bentley parked on the roadside, Tuan Tuan nestled in her arms.

Under the sunlight, Fu Huai’an stood at the rear end of the car, his lips biting a cigarette. He stood there in his navy fitted suit, the top unbuttoned, revealing the white, neatly ironed shirt underneath. He didn’t wear a tie.

His mannerisms exuded the sophistication and intellect of a cultivated alpha male, intimidating people at mere sight.

Bai Xiaonian crossed her feet and rested her chin on her hand. She had to admit Fu Huai’an, and Lin Nuan looked like a great match.

Bai Xiaonian had heard about Fu Huai’an. He was notoriously cold, especially towards women. So many of them had attempted to approach him upon hearing about his power in the lawyer world, yet they all received terrible ends.

But why did Gu Hanyan turn down Fu Huai’an, a man with such credentials who was willing to marry her, and instead turned to Lin Nuan to ask for help?

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