MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Gold Equipment

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Walking out from the shop, half of Qin Ruo’s backpack was emptied. The only items left were one Gold Equipment that dropped from the Galewind Wolf King, two Violet Equipment, four Blue Equipment, one Blue-tier necklace, and one Galewind Wolf’s Core, which he deliberately kept.

Of course, other than that he still had 2,400 gold coins. For the first time, Qin Ruo found the world to be so beautiful and he was confident about his bright future…

“Tut-tut, the feeling of having money in my hand is good!”

He ran into a shop with much excitement. It was a hut with several messy patterns painted on its wall. This was the only appraisal shop in Savis Town. Many players lined up in front of several old men with white beards, waiting for their equipment to be identified

The speed of the NPC appraiser was very fast. With just a quick glance, he could judge an equipment’s value, and at the same time, also determine whether the player had enough money to pay the bill or not.

Evaluation and payment—the whole process was done by a single NPC, and it was very efficient.

When Qin Ruo’s turn came, the old man before him peeked at all the Blue Equipment that Qin Ruo placed on the counter. He frowned, then blue lights appeared on his hand and moved towards the equipment. After that, he lifted his chin in a provoking manner, as if to say, “You’re here again?”

Luckily, Qin Ruo was already used to it and he did not really care. He knew that this was due to the old man’s mischievous behavior. Next, Qin Ruo checked all the equipment that had been evaluated earlier. After that, he took two Violet Equipment out and stared at the old appraiser.

This time, the blue appraisal light turned violet and the evaluation process was complete. Once again, the old man lifted his white-bearded chin arrogantly.

“So fast…”

Qin Ruo was filled with admiration!

If I had such a great skill, I would never need to work so hard. When I have no money, I’d just need to go online and evaluate some equipment, then I can survive for a long time.

Qin Ruo then left his world of imagination. He had no intention of occupying his current position for too long as it would cause public outrage. He immediately picked up the Violet Equipment, and took out the last unidentified “boots”.

When this thing came out, it drew the attention of surrounding players.



The surrounding players were visibly jealous.

After all, Gold Equipment was different from White, Blue and Violet Equipment. Gold Equipment had to be obtained by killing Boss-type monsters, or completing high-tier missions. As long as a person owned one or two Gold Equipment, that person was considered a pro.

In addition, Gold Equipment with lower attributes were still stronger than Violet Equipment of the same tier. Its value could range from a few hundreds, up to tens of thousands of gold coins. This unidentified Gold Equipment was actually a symbol of wealth. If lucky, it could cost thousands of gold coin.

For a time, all eyes in the appraisal shop were focused on the boots that were about to be identified. They were wondering if Qin Ruo would end up disappointed, or become a lucky fellow and a nouveau riche in the game.

“Receiving the appraisal fee… 130 gold coins.”

Once the golden light diffused into the equipment, there was a prompt from the notification system at the same time.

At this moment, Qin Ruo’s attention was not on the equipment, but the system’s prompt. He was shocked, and soon after, did not even care about the attributes of the boots. He quickly grabbed his equipment and rushed out of the shop at the speed of lightning!

Everyone was speechless.

All players in the shop, who were ready to “appreciate” the wonderful attributes of the Gold Equipment reacted. They hurled insults in the direction of the one who had already disappeared into the crowd.

“What the f*ck! Would a look kill ya?”

“Damn it…No one’s gonna rob your equipment. What are you running for?!”

“Bastard! Lao Tzu is gonna curse you with a daughter without her thingy…”

“… Sh*t, he’s still running.”

Rushing out from the appraisal shop, Qin Ruo ran like the wind and entered an inn somewhere within Savis Town. After paying five gold coins for the accommodation, he closed the door of the upper house. This made him feel like he was totally isolated and not being watched.

He took out the Galewind Wolf King’s Boots. They were delicate, with exquisite golden patterns and streams of light surrounding them.

“I hope that guy didn’t lie to me…”

The “guy” that Qin Ruo was talking about was a colleague and a brother of his. He called him “Big Mouth King”.

Big Mouth King’s actual name was “Wang Da”. He was given the nickname “Big Mouth” because he liked to boast in front of his female teammates. Those familiar with him would call him Big Mouth King.

Wang Da was the one who introduced Qin Ruo to this virtual online game. Due to income problems and other reasons, Qin Ruo would spend time online every night. He considered it as a part-time job to earn some extra money.

In contrast to Qin Ruo, who only liked making money, Wang Da was totally fond of the game. His understanding of the game was also very profound. He enjoyed pumping facts into Qin Ruo about everything from the background story of the Mythical Continent to the frequency of an NPC picking his nose.

The cost of appraisal was once a topic highly discussed by Wang Da… He even summed up a relatively deep conclusion for the relationship between the cost of appraisal and the value of the equipment.

For Blue Equipment, the evaluation fee was usually a few silver coins to one or two gold coins. Unless it was of the highest grade, then it would maybe break through this boundary (The probability of having the highest grade was very low; nobody knew what the chances were of having it, because there was no specific data to calculate this).

As for Violet Equipment, the fee was usually one or two gold coins, up to ten gold coins. Riding on the same theory, the appraisal fee for the highest grade equipment was higher.

Meanwhile, the fees for Gold Equipment had to be at least 20 gold coins. It could go up to 100, or even hundreds of gold coins. Rumors circulated that the highest appraisal fee was for a golden ring called “Vampire’s Pupil”. This ring not only had very good basic attributes, it also granted one a precious transformation ability, which could be used once a day. The wearer of the ring could transform into a vampire and he or she would possess the vampire’s ability to “suck blood”. The appraisal fee for this ring was 200 gold coins.

However, the appraisal cost for jewelry was generally higher than equipment…

Therefore, based on the charge for the Wolf King’s Boots, although its attributes were probably not as good compared to the Vampire’s Pupil, it would not have been much worse. If not mistaken, it was definitely the highest grade of a Tier 3 Gold Equipment.

Although the amount of Gold Equipment with the highest grade was not few, it was a resource that many Clans or even Leagues were willing to buy and compete for at a high price. In the small Savis Town, to obtain equipment from Boss monsters and other adventurers, fights happened very often. Innocent men would get into trouble because of their wealth, and Qin Ruo had a more personal understanding of the meaning of this phrase. This was the reason why he left the appraisal shop so quickly and hid in an inn.

For a lone adventurer, possessing a whole set of Dark Gold Equipment, or a strong Legendary Weapon was still insignificant in front of strong powerful warmongers such as Clans and Leagues. Not to mention, Qin Ruo was just a Tier 3 Aquamancer. If news about these boots were leaked, there would probably be many Tier 4 Bandits willing to have “close contact” with a novice like him.

While he estimated that those people would not publicize the news, people would probably not care too much if they did not know the specific attributes of this equipment. Mainly because, in the game, many Gold Equipment appeared every day.

Once he calmed down, he slowly brought the Galewind Wolf King Boots closer to his eyes.

Galewind Wolf King Boots:

Gold Tier

Increases 14 Defense

Increases 8 Magic Defense

Increases Movement Speed by 20%

Wind Element Affinity +5

Additional Skill “Windstep” (Movement Speed increases by 200%, duration of 15 seconds, cooldown of 60 minutes)

Limited to Elementalist

Requires 24 Strength

Requires 22 Agility

Requires 58 Intelligence

Level Requirement: 35

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