MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The Lurking Cayman

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The Galewind Wolf King was a Tier 3 Elite Boss after all. Although the Bandit only appeared for a short instance, the big guy, now with limited HP remained highly alert.

Even though the battle had ended with its three enemies lying dead in front of it, the Wolf King did not let its guard down.


Golden inferno once again ascended wholly from the Galewind Wolf King’s body. Accompanied by its manic howl, the Wolf King paced into Kane Jungle as though it knew that there was still a human adventurer lurking in the shadows. As it roared, an unbeatable tornado centered around the Galewind Wolf King began to gust. This was a Tier 4 spell—Wolfsbane Hurricane.

Instantly, countless Windblades glided uncontrollably in all directions within the tornado’s radius. Every single matter within its radius was fragmented, even the few bushes in the surrounding area were scraped away.

The tornado persisted for ten seconds before slowly fading away. Nonetheless, the Galewind Wolf King remained restless. Based on its current physical condition, the Wolf King was still trapped in a very dangerous situation. Thus, the Wolf King was clearly aware that it was not truly safe until it discovered the corpse of the Bandit.

After the tornado rested, the Wolf King’s golden pupils scanned its surroundings cautiously. It refused to lower down its guard.


There were sounds of footsteps…

The Galewind Wolf King narrowed its eyes and swiftly focused on the approaching adventurer, who was now coming out from the dark a few dozen meters away.

The actions of this adventurer not only attracted the attention of the Galewind Wolf King, it also surprised the concealed Bandit who was preparing to strike.

“It’s him…”

In the darkness, the Tier 4 Bandit apparently recognized the identity of the adventurer. Memories gradually returned to him in flashbacks. A Tier 3 Aquamancer against an Elite Tier 3 Galewind Wolf King; this was such a rare combination.

He moved a little, and quickly calmed down, containing himself. For the time being, he could only remain silent in the dark since he was not sure whether his sneak attack towards the three adventurers had been discovered by the Aquamancer.

The approaching adventurer was none other than Qin Ruo.

Qin Ruo was certain that the Tier 4 Bandit who assaulted him before was the same person who had just sneakily attacked the Radiant Priest, called “Cayman”.

Previously, it was also this guy who had knocked him down from the back when he was freezing the Galewind Wolf King. This allowed the Wolf King to collect his “remnants”. This round, it was his turn to return the favor.

Normally, a Tier 3 Elementalist would not stand a chance against a Tier 4 Bandit. However, nobody expected Qin Ruo to have learned his lesson from his previous encounter, and specifically designed a method to counter the Bandit in this very jungle.

Thanks to this method, he was able to detect the existence of the Bandit before he even made a move. It was this skill that provided him the confidence to kill the Tier 4 Bandit.

Walking out from the bush, a condensed Aquashield appeared on Qin Ruo’s hand. The size of the shield was about one third the size the Berserker’s. But the thickness was sufficient to hold three to four attacks of a Tier 3 skill. It was perhaps only able to defend against a single blow from the Galewind Wolf King, however the situation was different with the help of a Water Enchantment.

It could have been due to the presence of the Bandit at the side, or due to an entirely different reason, but the Galewind Wolf King did not launch an attack immediately. It remained in its position upon seeing the presence of Qin Ruo. The Wolf King stared at him painstakingly as Qin Ruo moved forward and advanced closer to the three adventurers’ corpse. It continued to let out a deep, provocative roar.

Qin Ruo was well aware of the Galewind Wolf King’s true potential at a late stage. He would never ever underestimate this Tier 3 Elite Boss. He nervously stared at the Galewind Wolf King while he moved closer to the Thunderlord’s corpse. At the same time, he kept on adjusting the direction of his Aquashield as well as a floating “Giant Frostpike”, which was now emitting a terrifying glacial aura.


The Galewind Wolf King was highly intelligent. The huge Tier 3 Frostpike was the exact reason why the Wolf King did not attack the intruder at first sight. The monster clearly understood that if it attacked recklessly, the long spear would penetrate it in a split second, and may even result in unknown magical effects. That was why the Wolf King kept on waiting. It waited motionlessly for the greedy adventurer to approach the corpses and equipment on the ground. That would be the exact moment he entered its attacking distance.

Qin Ruo had to admit that the steadiness of the Galewind Wolf King perplexed him a little. He initially believed that the giant wolf would immediately pounce over to fight him. He never expected this smart creature to have such a deep understanding of human nature. He was baffled and he became hesitant on whether he should risk being attacked to make a fortune from the dead.

After all, the group of three consisted of all Tier 4 players. Any dropped item was probably worth a lot of money. Neglecting those, the Tier 4 Magic Scroll alone was still worth 600 gold coins in itself…

“It’s shameful to be wasteful.”

Finally, Qin Ruo decided to take the risk. He wanted to defeat the Galewind Wolf King and avenge himself against the Bandit. At the same time, he wanted to retrieve all the dropped items from the three dead adventurers… Hey, that’s a little bit greedy!

But since the main objective of this mission was revenge, he would of course not allow Cayman to have any opportunity to make up for his losses.

Qin Ruo gritted his teeth and swiftly swallowed one bottle of Mana Potion to recover his exhausting MP, which was used to support two Tier 3 and one Tier 2 magic skill. He then raised the Aquashield and dived full speed towards where the Radiant Priest and Thunderlord lay.

Almost instantaneously…

The Galewind Wolf King also made its move. At a half-meter radius,its Golden Windblade sounded sharply and slashed in speedily. In addition, the flares, which had long amassed behind the Wolf King merged and form the same Giant Firewolf seen before. The fiery wolf, trailing the Golden Windblade raged aggressively towards Qin Ruo.


Qin Ruo cursed at the shameless Galewind Wolf King, who began the fight by casting two Tier 4 magic spells in succession. He dared not take the fight lightly. While the Frostpike was unleashed to counter the beast, a single layer of the Water Element rapidly appeared in front of his Water Enchantment to contest the incoming Golden Windblade and Giant Firewolf.


The Golden Windblade penetrated the Aquarampart and Water Enchantments almost simultaneously, finally striking the Aquashield held by Qin Ruo. The remaining impact bumped the Aquashield and almost scattered it.

Luckily, Qin Ruo still managed to respond in time.


When the Giant Firewolf blasted, Qin Ruo transformed the outermost layer of the Aquarampart into a Frostrampart, which had higher heat resistance. Owing to the fact that the Water Element itself also had measurable resistance against the Fire element, the flames that just melted the Frostrampart were no longer harmful enough to damage Qin Ruo, who was protected by his Water Enchantment.

On the contrary, the situation was not that optimistic for the Galewind Wolf King. Its waist was punctured by the Frostpike.

Although the Wolf King was only frozen for less than two seconds, Qin Ruo was able to seize the golden opportunity…

“Water… Condense…”

Qin Ruo began his next round of the water condensing attack as he moved towards the corpses. Guided by his consciousness, water vapor in the air was condensed rapidly to surround the frozen Galewind Wolf King.

The Galewind Wolf King could only watch in silence as the Water Element quickly circulated its waist. Its eyes finally showed a sense of panic and fear. Its body began to struggle uncontrollably and the Frostpike, which penetrated the Wolf King started to melt.

However, it was too late for the Wolf King!

Right before it launches its next wave of attack, Qin Ruo had cast his next spell…


Right after it broke off from its frozen state, the circular Water Element surrounding the Galewind Wolf King suddenly turned from transparent into a frozen “swim ring” filled with glacial aura. The Galewind Wolf King could only yell in horror. Without any reconciliation, it was once again dragged back into a frozen state. This time, aided by its wound, the frozen state was lengthened to four seconds.

Four seconds was sufficient for Qin Ruo to utilize the next two Magic Scrolls. This was more than enough to not just finish off the Galewind Wolf King, who only had 1,000 plus HP left, but also take care of the lurking Cayman, who had just taken action.

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