MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Violet Orchid the Priest

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The Blackflame Shackles that Gold Digger Babe obtained from the elderly elf had been appraised. It was actually a Gold-tier magic tool equipment. As it was a special tool, it could only be appraised at the Bandit Guild. According to Gold Digger Babe, a magic tool could be exchanged for some rare metals such as refined Gold and Mithril, worth between thousands to tens of thousands of gold coins. Moreover, one could also use them to upgrade his or her proficiency in some lockpicking skills. The smug expression on the girl’s face was apparent as she spoke.

After getting to know the properties of the Gold Equipment and Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword, the two girls were amazed. This was despite Little Kitten knowing that the total value of these three equipment was more than 10,000 gold coins…

As expected, no one gave the suggestion about splitting the items under the circumstances.

Qin Ruo dared not to mention it, because after all, they were all friends and teammates. Bringing it up would just hurt everyone’s feelings; as for the two girls, it was rather impossible for them to talk about it as well. Hence, the topic was once again centered on Aquamorph.

Regarding this skill, Qin Ruo only knew a little more than the two girls, but even if they started to study it now, there was not so much time left before the sky turned completely dark! Come to think of it, he began his quest at 2.00 pm, and until now, four hours had passed… Having had his lunch at noon, his stomach was starting to growl.

Upon adding each other as friends, Qin Ruo parted with the two girls, who seemed a little reluctant to leave, and go offline.

It was 6.00 pm!

Usually at this time, Qin Ruo would be at Xin Yu’s place. However, it was only an hour away from his agreed meeting time with Slayer’s Heart and team. Given such a short afternoon break, there would not be enough time to go there, thus he gave up the thought. After going out to have some food, he returned to his game again.


It was almost 7.00 pm by the time he returned to Savis Town. It was close to the agreed time, so Qin Ruo did not have the chance to look for a secluded place to study Aquamorph.

He looked around subconsciously as what Brother Da said during the day crossed his mind. Players came and went as usual, he could not detect any traces of undercurrent.

This was the biggest difference between the gaming world and reality; one was a virtual world with hundreds of millions of players where they fought whenever there was a dispute. But the next day, it would be so peaceful, even when the two enemies met, they may not even try to kill each other immediately. Most were just doing what they had to…

Fights involving nearly 10,000 people as well as battles between tens of thousands of people would not affect the structure of this world. They would also not cause all the players to slow each other’s progress.

However, an important figure’s insignificant and minor action… such as not being online for a day, could cause rankings to drop from the top. It could actually lead to a huge earthquake in this virtual world!

The unearthing of a legendary equipment, or the fall of a powerful Boss would change the whole world!

This was the gaming world, which was filled with countless uncertainties and variables!


When 7.00 pm came, Slayer’s Heart, Burning Rose, Little Apple, and iLittle Arrow arrived as scheduled. They appeared in front of Savis Town’s entrance.

Seeing Qin Ruo waiting there, the four of them smiled.

“Have you been here for a long time?”

“I was on leave this afternoon, came here at 2 o’clock, and completed a quest. Can you guys give me some advice on whether these equipment can be sold?” Ever since Qin Ruo knew that prices for highest grade equipment sold within the Seven Great Leagues were a lot higher than when sold outside, he lost interest in putting those items up for sale on the market. He then retrieved the three equipment for everyone to see.

The four of them glanced at each other, then Burning Rose laughed and said, “It’s just been half a day, where did you farm these two Gold Equipment from? Their properties are pretty good… Each one’s estimated to be worth at least 15,000 to 20,000 gold coins.”

“What about three of them?!”

Qin Ruo’s heart was pounding uncontrollably!

“I want this Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword, 25,000 gold coins.”

Little Apple suddenly spoke and took away the Dark Phoenix Spellbreaker Sword. The other four were surprised by her move, while the latter took no notice of it. With one hand holding the sword and the other caressing it, she said, “It’s very rare to see one with the Spellbreaker skill!”

“So, captain, you help Qin Ruo put the Blackflame Staff up in your Clan. There should be many Shadoweavers who need it. As for this Pyromancy Bracer… I’ll pay 25,000 gold coins for it. What do you think?” The properties of the Pyromancy Bracer suited Burning Rose, and it was really better than the bracer she was currently using.


Qin Ruo was once again stunned! He did not know what to do at this point. He never imagined that two out of the three equipment would be sold so soon, and at such a high price of 25,000 gold coins to Burning Rose as well as Little Apple…

Usually, Qin Ruo would have been singing happily, but this time, the buyers were Little Apple and Burning Rose. This made him a little embarrassed somehow. Everyone was in the same team, and he still had to earn experiences with them. How could he have the nerve to ask for such a high price.

Noticing Qin Ruo’s awkward expression, Slayer’s Heart smiled and patted him on the shoulder. He sent Qin Ruo a transaction invitation, and said, “Ha, you farmed these on your own, if you had obtained them with us, I wouldn’t give you a single coin. You can just take this money. They’re happier to buy an equipment they like than earn 25,000 gold coins.”

Qin Ruo hesitated, but finally accepted the 50,000 gold coins sent from Slayer’s Heart. Actually, his original intention was to exchange them for Aquamancer equipment, but since everyone could use the equipment, he just forgot about it. 50,000 gold coins was certainly not a loss for him.

The Blackflame Staff and Galewind Wolf King Boots could also be exchanged for a few good equipments in Bauhinia Clan… Anyway, he was not in a rush now. It was not too late to wait until Tier 4 to change his equipment.

Just that…

It was not safe to bring this huge amount of money with him.

After some pondering, Qin Ruo made a trip to the bank. He only returned to the town’s entrance after he deposited his gold coins in the bank. By now, there was an extra member in the team—a beauty the likes of Burning Rose and the others. She was a Tier 4 Light Priest with Sacred Radiance emitting all over her body and she was extremely beautiful. Needless to say, she had to be Sister Violet whom they had mentioned before.

“So you’re our new teammate, Qin Ruo? Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Violet Orchid, a Level 43 Light Priest. You can call me Sister Violet like the rest of them.”

After her gangster self-introduction, Qin Ruo smiled. He nodded and called her Sister Violet. Luckily, he was highly immune to beautiful girls as there was always some pretty beautiful girls around him. Or else, he would have been giddied from being surrounded by four beauties.

“Rose and Little Apple have been telling me how awesome you are, hehe. I have to pay close attention later when we’re in the ruins, to see what kind of a man that can make these haughty girls praise you like that.”

Without saying a word, Qin Ruo gave her a smile. If he was a rookie during their first time leveling together, then after coming out from Specter Castle with his current ability to manipulate the Water Element, coupled with the environment in the ruins, which was conducive for Water Element manipulation, he believed that even a Tier 4 Elementalist could not gain an advantage in a fight with him. And now, owing to Aquamorph, he could perform more skillfully at a place like that.

This silent admission caught Violet Orchid off guard. She was a little doubtful before, but she now showed signs of surprise. This Tier 3 Aquamancer was not really modest in front of the Tier 4 job holders.

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