MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Elderly Elf

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Once they obtained the Bone Key and returned to the second floor, Gold Digger Babe randomly picked the nearest room and stepped in. She explained that the secret chamber was actually hidden behind that particular row of rooms. Among the 72 rooms, no matter which room they entered, they would be able to find the machine to insert the Bone Key. It would have been complicated if they had searched the secret chamber without the key. A lot of their time and energy would have been wasted. If they had the key first, and used it to search for the machine based on the symbols in those rooms, it would be much easier.

Fortunately, Gold Digger Babe had Advanced Thievery, and she had seen this kind of mechanism before. As a result, it did not take her too long to identify it, so there was no way for them to waste any time.

Before opening the machine, Qin Ruo continued to keep his safety first priority in mind, and stood at the most front. He cast all of his defensive skills like Aquabarrier, Aquashield, and Aquarampart, being very well prepared. After all, they were in a different dimension, and the task description did not mention that the old Elementalist to be rescued would be alone inside the secret chamber.

In addition, the grand gift given by Frandy before his death was still vivid in his mind. Only God knew if there was any trap hidden in it!

He held his breath and turned the key.


The outline of a small stone door appeared on the inner wall of the room, and it slumped heavily. Following that, the sound of a spring could be heard and the stone wall slowly moved backward. It revealed a long and narrow dark chamber.

“Wait a minute.”

After stopping Qin Ruo, Little Kitten took out an Illuminating Crystal, and threw it into the secret chamber. A clear echo was heard in the dark secret chamber. At the same time, under the illumination of the halo, the situation inside became gradually visible!

“Where is he?”

After confirming that there were no traps around, he entered the secret chamber cautiously.


There were a few unnoticeable noises within the secret room. Fire ignited on its own without any wind on both sides of the wall! It was as if they had lined up, and were now greeting the three newly-arrived people. The two sides neatly extended to the end of the secret chamber…

A few seconds later, the trio’s gazes were focused on a dispirited old man, who was sitting cross-legged, hundreds of meters away. Three of them exchanged looks, and slowly approached him after Little Kitten did some inspections.

If not for the faint reflection caused by the unique luster of the magic metal from his extremely tattered robe, Qin Ruo would surely not have been able to identify the old man with pointy ears as the Aquamancer he was supposed to rescue.

The quest did not mention that the Elementalist was an elf…

However, it was very obvious that this aged Elementalist was in very bad shape. His long hair was filled with dirt and there were layers of wrinkles below his hair. Under the restraint of weird handcuffs and fetters, he seemed very unstable and desolate. Watching this scene, one would involuntarily curse Frandy for his inhumane actions—how could he treat such an old man, an elderly elf of unknown age that way?

Gold Digger Babe’s eyes were wide open after she saw the weird handcuffs and fetters. Not waiting for orders from Qin Ruo, she took out a slender, metal wire from her backpack. It seemed to be carved with strange lines. Next, she squatted down next to the elf Elementalist and got busy.

“What is this?”

Qin Ruo stared curiously at the thing in Gold Digger Babe’s hand as it slowly changed its form amid a faint black light. He could not help but reveal a shocked expression—it was his first time seeing the Thievery skills of a Bandit.

His comrade, Gold Digger Babe looked like she could not be distracted at this moment. She was still carefully focused on the handcuffs in front of her eyes. She put the metal wire, which had changed its form into a small, tiny hole that one could barely see on the handcuffs.

At the side, Little Kitten explained in a soft tone, “…This is the Brigand’s lockpicking skill. This skill is only used for conventional magic locks, thus it’s not commonly used.”


Qin Ruo suddenly realized why Gold Digger Babe could hardly wait to try it out. However, when he thought deeply about it, he felt a bit afraid. If Gold Digger Babe’s lockpicking skills were too low, was it possible for her to not be able to open this lock?

For a time, he felt nervous again!

Luckily, his comrade, Gold Digger Babe did not disappoint. Within half a minute, the handcuffs that were tightly fastened around the wrists of the old elf Elementalist were unlocked.

It was unclear if he was awakened by the clear unlocking sound or the awakening of his suppressed and sealed power, but the old, elf Elementalist opened his eyes all of a sudden. At the same time, his previously dispirited and dying demeanor changed. He gazed at the faces of the three people in a calm and lively manner.

The trio was completely taken aback!

The sudden change of this old elf Elementalist astonished them. It was just like trying to save an old man by giving him some water to drink. The next moment, the dying old man opened his eyes without any warning and became very vigorous as well as powerful, strong enough to throttle a person to death. This unexpected change made it hard for the three of them to continue.

Nonetheless, Gold Digger Babe still subconsciously put the magic handcuffs into her backpack. Then, she stared at the elderly elf opposite her with a very innocent expression.

Qin Ruo of course, noticed her actions…

He was just stunned and thought to himself.

Why is she keeping that stuff?

Is there any way for a Bandit to use handcuffs?

Before he could snap out of his thoughts, he could feel the lively gaze on his face turn gentle and soft. Next, the old elf slowly opened his dry mouth and said his first sentence, “Frandy… Is he… dead?”


“Your mentor… sent you here?”


Qin Ruo was stunned for a while. He did not expect this old man to know a lot, but the elderly elf’s next sentence dazed him. “It appears that my disciple’s disciple has good insight. It has been so many years… Finally, he finds a decent apprentice before my death.”

Huh! My advanced mentor is his disciple’s disciple?

Qin Ruo was speechless as he opened his mouth. Not because he found something wrong, but because he wondered what title he should use to call this old man? Master? Or, Grandmaster?

OMG! This is like hitting the jackpot!

“Little brat, don’t waste your time! This thing is a product of a Grandmaster Alchemist. He used materials with magical magnetic power such as Mithril, Gold Essence, and Copper to refine it. There’s a magic circle in it that can enhance magnetic power by ten times, so it can change its trajectory at any time. Hence, it works against the lockpicking skills of a Bandit… Unless your lockpicking skill is at a grandmaster’s level… there’s no need to waste your time.”

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