MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Dimensional Portal

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The long corridor in Vampire’s Castle was not very spacious. However, the high-tier Vampires there were not likely to use strong and powerful magic to kill players. It was due to the fact that they wanted to get fresh blood from the players. In fact, Qin Ruo took advantage of this weakness, and used his method earlier to trap all the Vampire Demons, abandoning them far behind.

Soon, the three of them reached the entrance of the basement safely, but they were scared. There were no more vampires nearby for now.

They rested for a while. During this time, Qin Ruo explained to the girls some information about the map and the precautions to take. In the conversation, he could feel that the way Gold Digger Babe looked at him was completely different than before…

His first impression of her when they first met, he would say that she was full of hostility and disdain. However, upon entering Vampire’s Castle, she looked much kinder. As for now, it felt as though she had just discovered something new and interesting. He could feel the mischief from her excited and suspicious looking eyes. It frightened him for a while.

Qin Ruo was aghast as his thoughts brought him back a few minutes ago, and he recalled the shocking words of the girl…

He was dripping in cold sweat!

Although Li Lanlan was actually a beautiful woman, and he had no bad impressions of her, Qin Ruo never thought of chasing her. After all, not every man liked to conquer a cold and elegant belle. Moreover, Qin Ruo’s dream girl was a tender person. They could take care of each other and exchange warmth, instead of him just hugging an ice block to sleep.

Thinking of this, Qin Ruo’s instincts told him that this wicked little girl might have gotten his relationship with Li Lanlan all wrong, thinking that he was after her sister…

I need to stop this. This matter has to be explained to her clearly. Or else, she’ll say shocking things like that again during the task. I could be affected by her words and make some deadly mistakes. I don’t want this mission to fail because of this “beautiful misunderstanding”.

While Qin Ruo was in a state of meditation and restoring his MP, he sent a message to Gold Digger Babe, who then stared at him. In the message, he briefly explained the relationship between him and her sister.


Gold Digger Babe looked at Qin Ruo incredulously and said, “My sister’s so good, and you’re saying you don’t like her? Relax, I was just joking just now… Look, seriously, I can see that you’re quite smart and strong, so I allow you to chase my sister!”

Qin Ruo’s brain went blank for a while, then he got a headache.

What’s wrong with kids nowadays? Why is she thinking about this nonsense?

As a last resort, he explained to her that this was the first time he had partied with her sister for the mission. From the time he posted the request in the forum until the present, he told her every single detail he could remember. Gold Digger Babe was still a little doubtful, and said, “So, that’s the whole story? It can’t be… If there’s nothing between the two of you, why did my sister force me to come over here? She said that if I didn’t come, I wouldn’t have any pocket money.”

Peeping at her sister, Gold Digger Babe seemed very dissatisfied.

Qin Ruo wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

“Maybe your sister wants to return a favor to me.”

“Impossible. That’s just a tiny thing…”

Gold Digger Babe raised her little head, and blinked her eyes in an adorable way. She started to think of some nonsense again. “Or maybe, my sister’s the one who has interest in you?”

Qin Ruo almost broke down… He knew that things were going to get worse!



Following the heavy sound of a heavy gear, a magnificent palace door opened in the basement of the dark Vampire’s Castle! The old, mottled door, which seemed to have thousands of years of history was a door that connected to a completely different universe. It was a Dimensional Gate!

Tier 9 Space Magic could connect a small space to another dimension. However, rumors said that only the ancient Envoy of God and Demon or the powerful Holy Mentor could cast it. These maps were just a “game” they created and left on the mainland. They were used to test the later generations. From the players’ perspective, it would be like hitting the jackpot if they could reap the rewards. The games only needed small triggers to start, but when it came to the rewards, it was based on the strength and ability of the player.

The name of this map was “Save the Aquamancer Elder”. The map was the reward Qin Ruo surprisingly received from the Elementalist Guild when he was promoted to Tier 3!

As for the details of the mission, he needed to open the map before he could be promoted to Tier 4. Next, he needed to find and kill the Tier 3 Boss, Necromancer Frandy, who imprisoned the old man. After obtaining the Bone Key from the Boss, he needed to discover the secret room where the Aquamancer was imprisoned in. With the help of a Bandit who had the Intermediate Thievery Skill, he unlocked the gate earlier.

He could bring two people into this map and the reward of the mission was a Water Element Magic Skill.

The three of them then entered into another dimension…

When their feet landed on the ground, they could feel cold air blowing at them which gave them a chill. They looked around and caught sight of a black castle in front of them. Cold wind blew out from the opened door of the castle. The soughing of the wind made the dark and gloomy castle look more frightening as well as appalling. They turned their heads and saw vast plains with no end in sight. The plains were covered with countless corpses, which were stacked and packed together. The battlefield was filled with innumerable souls!

After figuring out the exact location they were in, the scene really creeped them out and made their hair stand on end.

When they turned back again, the dark, gloomy castle seemed more dangerous and mysterious than ever. It felt like a huge nightmare that would cast its shadow on everyone.

Qin Ruo never expected the map to be designed in such an abnormal way. They walked out from the cursed atmosphere of the battlefield. Next, Qin Ruo cast an Aquabarrier, anAquashield and prepared some additional water element, in case he needed it later…

“Xinqin, please focus on searching for the secret room. About the battle, just leave it to me and Little Kitten.”


After he described the situation to the two girls, Qin Ruo calmed his anxious mind, and stepped into the haunted Specter Castle!


In contrast to Vampire’s Castle, Specter Castle covered a smaller area. However, its gloomy ambiance was creepier than the atmosphere in Vampire’s Castle. Inside the castle, there were no candles or any source of light. They could only use their eyesight to distinguish the objects within it.

Fortunately, Qin Ruo made some early preparations. He took out a small piece of Illuminating Crystal and used it for lighting. In addition, he embedded a little magic in the crystal which emitted an obscure light. Everything within a ten-meter radius was illuminated by the light, thus becoming visible!

Handing it over to Little Kitten, Qin Ruo instructed Gold Digger Babe to start looking in every single possible place where the secret room could be.

However… the front hall of the castle was so empty. There was no chance for the secret room to be there…

Passing through the front hall, they went left into a narrow internal passage, which was less than two meters wide. Qin Ruo instantly paused. He could sense that something was coming. He quickly put down a Frostrampart in front of him while he extracted water in the air as fast as possible. He also got Gold Digger Babe and Little Kitten to stay on lookout at the back.

After he finished talking, many dense and heavy footsteps began to swiftly approach. The number of footsteps was extremely high!

Soon, the red eyes of many Skeletal Warriors appeared in the white light. It appeared that the Level 32 Skeletal Warriors were part of a well-trained Spectral Army!

All of them were well-equipped and they had regular warrior armor on. They each carried a shield in their left hand and an axe in their right hand. The Spectral Army neatly arranged themselves into two columns, and dashed at the trio in unison! The speed and movement of the army gave off an unbeatable and overwhelming illusion to the three onlookers!

Little Kitten and Gold Digger Babe were scared by this imposing manner presented by the Spectral Army. They inevitably stepped back. Qin Ruo was the only one still unaffected, and he continued with his preparations.

Compared to the Galewind Wolves, the Skeletal Warriors were not as threatening. To top it all off, he had an upper hand in this terrain.

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