MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Twelve Frostramparts Formation VS Netherspirits

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Within fifteen seconds, Qin Ruo placed twelve Frostramparts around the Gorefiend Spider Demon, Slayer’s Heart and the other Berserker. With four walls as one layer, they overlapped in a disorderly but picturesque manner, in a formation.

What was more fearsome was, as he lowered the Frostramparts onto the ground, the people around could obviously feel the temperature on the battlefield dropping. It changed from a slight chill earlier to a bone-chilling cold.

Even those outside the formation could feel the iciness from the twelve Frostramparts, what more the Gorefiend Spider Demon, Slayer’s Heart, and the other Berserker who were inside it. Fortunately, the Berserker was able to strengthen his magic defense and resistance under his Berserk state. It made it unlikely for him to be frozen… The Gorefiend Spider Demon was in a much worse situation as its action was somewhat rigidified. A layer of fine ice had formed across its seductive body.

Upon completing the formation, Qin Ruo wiped the sweat off his forehead.


Although this self-created skill was a little dumb, and required more time to set up, in any case, it created enough time for Slayer’s Heart and the other Berserker. The effects of the skill indeed showed!

“Twelve Frostramparts Formation…”

His attack caused the Gorefiend Spider Demon’s moving speed and attack to slow down by 20%.

Slayer’s Heart immediately detected the Gorefiend Spider Demon’s condition! Even though he had no idea who created the Frostramparts, he was in no way going to give up once he had even a slight hope. Whilst the Gorefiend Spider Demon`s actions were paused, he quickly consumed a bottle of MP Potion, and charged into the Gorefiend Spider Demon`s side…

His Pazuzu’s Warhammer emitted a “hooting” sound as Tier 3 and Tier 4 skills were hurled one after another at the Gorefiend Spider Demon!

The other Berserker whom he had been cooperating with for nearly one minute, had also gulped down one HP Potion and one Panacea. This was to regain his optimal state, while also conserving his power to strike right after Slayer’s Heart’s continuous attacks ended!

The situation on the battlefield became more favorable to them, and iLittle Arrow suddenly said, “Priest! Resurrect Little Apple!”


The Radiant Priest, who had just loosened up, was stunned for a while. Soon after, he saw why…

This was a respawn point, and the Gorefiend Spider Demon would respawn in just one minute! By then, everyone would be in a fresh round of danger, so why not grab the opportunity to resurrect a warrior. Hence, even when Gorefiend Spider Demon respawned later, the seven of them would be able to overcome it easily; if they were lucky, under their concerted effort, they would probably have the chance to batter the Gorefiend Spider Demon to death!

Stopping the nonsense at once and taking the advantage of the Frostrampart Formation, the Priest started to chant the spell for Resurrection… The target was the Zephyr Swordmaster, whom iLittle Arrow mentioned—Little Apple!

The two Berserkers used ten seconds to launch continuous attacks before Little Apple was resurrected. The Gorefiend Spider Demon barely had a chance to fight back, and it was stricken insanely by the duo. At the same time, it also faced attacks from the three Elementalists and two Bowmasters, causing its HP to plunge.

However, it was impossible to keep using Fusion Blitzes as the cooldown for their skills was up. The firepower from the Elementalists was also beginning to falter…

The Gorefiend Spider Demon was after all a Boss. After some rest to regain its strength, it struck once it spotted a gap!

It opened its huge, ugly mouth and let out a strange ghostly howl. All of a sudden, countless black evil spirits that looked like they were released from the depths of the netherworld, flew out from the Gorefiend Spider Demon’s mouthpart! Emitting disturbing wails, they charged towards Slayers Heart and the other Berserker respectively…

At that moment, the facial expressions of Burning Rose and the others changed abruptly as if they had seen something horrifying!

“Not good!”

“Those are Netherspirits… Why did it release them so soon!”


As everyone asked the two Berserkers to retreat, Qin Ruo felt a shudder.


That was a Tier 5 Dark Element AoE Magic attack!

He had heard about this magic while browsing through the website. It was said to be very powerful AoE Magic attack, which could launch attacks without acknowledging its target’s Defense. As for its shortcomings, each evil spirit had a certain HP, which was extracted from the host, so they could not be singled out and attacked. Only AoE magic attacks could wipe them out…

Generally, a Dark Boss would only resort to this trump card at the eleventh hour, allowing the Netherspirit to leech off its body to maximize its range of non-differential attacks on surrounding targets!

Yet at this moment, the Gorefiend Spider Demon still had more than 10,000 HP left, so how could it be considered as the last minute?

Everyone had a wry smile as more and more Netherspirits flew out of the Gorefiend Spider Demon’s mouth. Some were chasing after Slayer’s Heart and the other Berserker, while some were flying towards the rest. The circumstance conferred on the players had definitely been turned from a favorable one into an unfavorable one!

The most depressing part was the Radiant Priest just completed the Resurrection. Under the Sacred Radiance, Little Apple’s “corpse” stood up from the ground…

The moment she was resurrected, like sharks, dozens of Netherspirits detected the smell of fresh blood. They flew and attacked Little Apple, who was still unclear about the situation on the field!

Qin Ruo had no time to think. He immediately conjured Frostsoul!


After he shouted this…


Everyone could only hear a huge explosion. The twelve Frostramparts before their eyes became one and shrouded the sky! It covered a thirty-meter radius with the Gorefiend Spider Demon as its center!

Up in the air, the ice flared. Numerous evil spirits that had been flying and chasing after the Berserkers were struck down; even the strong Gorefiend Spider Demon also howled in pain…

Everyone, including the experienced Tier 4 players, who were used to seeing great spectacles, was dumbfounded at this spectacular scene. They were unable to believe that this was created by a Tier 3 Aquamancer!

The twelve Frostramparts Formation not only caused such damage to a Tier 4 Elite Minboss, it even became a terrifying, murderous tactic at a later stage…

This Aquamancer … was too formidable!

After a moment of shock, the way everyone looked at Qin Ruo changed.

Everyone once again had their minds on the more important issue at hand. The Gorefiend Spider Demon was dying—after releasing hundreds of Netherspirits, its HP should have been reduced to almost zero.

Slayer’s Heart was the first to react, rushing back onto the battlefield with increased speed. By now, the Gorefiend Spider Demon had weakened a lot, because not only had all the Netherspirits died, the Gorefiend Spider Demon was also hurt by twelve Frostbursts. If Qin Ruo’s magic attack had not been a mere Tier 3 level, the wave of attack earlier could have killed it.

The Gorefiend Spider Demon’s current situation was rather tragic to look at—wrinkles appeared on its once smooth and seductive body, and there were blood-stained frost as well as bloody wounds all over it! It was also completely exhausted!

Before Slayer’s Heart could complete his Fusion Blitz, the nearly four-meter-tall body of the Gorefiend Spider Demon collapsed…

On the other side, a revived Little Apple was staring at the ground, which was covered in solid ice. She saw the Gorefiend Spider Demon’s dead body, and the Aquaband around her. She still had not recovered from the intense moment earlier.

“Is it over?”

Dumbfounded, Little Apple asked her two sisters who were walking towards her.

Burning Rose and iLittle Arrow glanced over at Qin Ruo, who was behind them and replied, “Yeah… it is over!”

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