MMORPG: The Elementalist

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The Disharmony Among Lower Ranking League Members

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Seven Gorefiend Spiders were an absolute deadly threat to the team of five!

But as long as they made use of the terrain, and remain inside the cave, the threat of seven Gorefiend Spiders would be minimized. The only problem that could put the team in danger was the two Gorefiend Spiders in front of Slayer’s Heart and iLittle Arrow.

Under the protection of two warriors, Burning Rose calmly charged her AoE spell, “Infernal Flame”. It shrouded the cave in a ten-meter radius. The beautiful and eye-catching flame lit up the dim and dark second floor of the ruins!

Although the Lunar Spellgunner iLittle Arrow could not deal AoE damage, she could help the warriors trap the two Gorefiend Spiders in front of them. It greatly reduced Gorefiend Spiders’ assault to the cave.

In this way, Qin Ruo’s workload was even smaller. He could hide behind and relax. He just needed to cast “Aquaheal” from time to time, and wait for Infernal Flame to turn the Gorefiend Spiders into barbecue.

It took no more than ten seconds for a group of Gorefiend Spiders to fall and emit the smell of cooked meat. While Slayer’s Heart and Little Apple were picking up the drops, Qin Ruo and Burning Rose started “meditating”, seizing every minute they had to accelerate the recovery speed of their MP.

The respawn timer was set for one minute.

In one minute, 30 MP was recovered, so Qin Ruo was quickly able to return to tip-top condition.

However, Burning Rose was slightly depressed. Usually, there was a Radiant Priest to enhance her attack power. As a result, the battle would usually end in eight seconds. The MP consumed could then be recovered perfectly in the next minute. Unfortunately, at the moment… she could only gain back most of her consumed MP after meditation. For her, things were pretty annoying without a Priest.

But of course, she refused to show her annoyance. The one to blame was Violet. If Violet had not followed her boyfriend and left the team, they would not have been forced to recruit a Tier 3 Aquamancer as support.

Luckily, the Tier 3 Aquamancer they recruited was doing very well…

Little did she know, Qin Ruo was happily calculating the Experience he had gained. “Six hundred and thirty for each monster; there are seven monsters per round; one round takes one minute and ten seconds. Then, in one hour I’ll get…

“Haha! I’ll level up in about half an hour! If I had known how good it was here… Even if I need to go through the nightmare earlier another two more times, I’ll do it!”

In addition to Qin Ruo, Slayer’s Heart and iLittle Arrow also got a hold of something good. The drop rate over there was higher. A Toxic Spider Silk or Poisonous Sac would drop every five or six rounds. In the previous round, even a Gorefiend Spider Mana Core dropped. This was a Tier 4 Dark Crystal, and its price was no less than 800 gold coins…

It was no wonder that the Seven Great Leagues wanted to set Aricus Underground Ruins as their designated place. It was also no wonder that the four of them were so rich. The place was an absolute paradise for players! He now understood why the girls could ignore the psychological impact of the Gorefiend Spider.

It was all due to the power of money!

After some time, Qin Ruo was simply amazed by the high drop rate and high Experience gained. Suddenly, he was surrounded by a ray of golden light, and prompted by the system that he had leveled up to 36… After everyone congratulated him, he finally asked, “Is every respawning point here just as efficient?”

In front, Slayer’s Heart shook his head and answered, “In the whole lower second floor of Aricus, there are only five places where seven Gorefiend Spiders respawn at the same time. I’m not sure when it comes to other places, but I think the efficiency shouldn’t be this good.”

“Only five?”

Qin Ruo was struck by for a short while. The cold eyes of the Radiant Priest from Netherspirit’s Claw unknowingly appeared in his mind.

“Well, only a few people know this secret. You mustn’t tell others…” As soon as he said this, he smiled and continued, “Haha, actually telling others is useless anyway. This is Bauhinia and Netherspirit’s Claw’s designated location. It’s impossible for non-League members to level up here. Besides, there will be guards in these five points for twenty-four hours non-stop. They won’t give strangers a single chance to level up here.”

Qin Ruo nodded and instantly cast Aquaheal on Little Apple. After that, he asked a question regarding the Radiant Priest.

“Oh yeah, since this place is the designated place for Bauhinia and Netherspirit’s Claw, why did you ask the priest to leave just now?”

When he mentioned the Radiant Priest, iLittle Arrow sneered at the side and said, “That ‘crackpot’ who just walked away? Hey, that guy’s been with us before. His ability to heal people wasn’t very good, but his ability of asking people for things was first-class. He’s a good-for-nothing Priest.”


After Qin Ruo listened to iLittle Arrow’s description of the Priest, he opened his mouth in surprise, feeling a bit speechless. However, he remembered when the Priest looked at Slayer’s Heart with a cold stare and walked away without saying anything… He nodded as the Priest also gave him the same impression.

“Hey, stop daydreaming!”

After Qin Ruo was brought to the present by Little Apple, he quickly cast two Aquaheal spells in a row. Once the battle ended, Burning Rose carried on.

“The people from Bauhinia aren’t the only ones who hate him, his comrades from his own Netherspirit’s Claw do as well. But this guy’s really arrogant. He recruits a group of lackeys and uses the Netherspirit’s Claw’s name to take advantage of other players. Previously, he used his numbers to take advantage and grab our respawn point. In the end, our captain taught him a lesson.”

Qin Ruo suddenly caught on.

This explained the whole matter. No wonder sparks flew when they met. It seemed like the relationship among members of the Seven Great Leagues was not as united as he had initially thought.

As he was pondering, Slayer’s Heart’s voice rang in his ear.

“Qin Ruo, how about teaming up with us again in the future? Since you’re only in Tier 3, you won’t grab much of our Experience…” Slayer’s Heart was very satisfied with the Aquamancer he had randomly selected.


Qin Ruo was very happy about it and accepted the offer straight away.

I’ve already been planning on boosting my level before this. If I can come here every day, I can certainly rush my level up to 40 in two days’ time! Haha, I originally accepted this job because I was bored and I wanted to get some money. I never expected it to be so good. The one who rejected the offer is definitely a fool.

He thought to himself.

However, immediately after, he frowned.

“But, I only have time to go online at night after I finish work in the afternoon.” He was a little worried. If their free time did not match, there was no reason for them to go back to the city for a disposable rookie; in the meantime, he could not reach the place alone by himself… at least for the time being.

“At night’s just right! We’re not full-time players. We also have to stay in our company during the day.” Burning Rose’s words dispelled his worry.

“Well, that’s it then! Every day at 7.00 pm, we’ll wait for you in Savis Town, the place where we met you for the first time. Just wait there.”

When speaking of this, Slayer’s Heart sighed. “If the ‘Gorefiend Spider Demon’ did not randomly respawn here, we could just stay here and farm every day. The pay here is much better compared to real work.”

“Gorefiend Spider Demon?” Hearing this name, Qin Ruo was just a like curious baby, looking for the answer: “Is it a Tier 4 Elite Monster or…” Before he finished, he suddenly felt the fluctuation of the Dark Element not too far away. A strange scream from hell could be heard…

Qin Ruo was shocked.


At the same time, it also surprised Burning Rose, who was next to him. She stood up and left her state of meditation!

“What bad luck! Speak of the devil, we need to leave.”

Following everyone’s eyes, Qin Ruo saw a humanoid shadow twice as large as a normal human. It was less than a hundred meters away. It gradually turned… staring in Qin Ruo’s direction with its six big, quiet eyes…

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