MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 49 - Return Of The Fatty Best Friend

Chapter 49 - Return Of The Fatty Best Friend

/// Author's thoughts : as many of you missed the character , hence on popular demand , fatty Kalash is back! ///


(Kalash ' s POV )

Kalash had met Rudra a few days back in the cafè where they even talked about 'Omega' , he was pretty sure he talked about the gamer Shakuni to Rudra however never in his dreams did he think that Rudra would be that famous gamer ' Shakuni ' .

When Kalash saw him on tv at the Grey press conference he was shocked beyond words .... His best friend had become such an influential person ? He was genuinely overcome with joy and pride . He always knew Rudra was talented , and seeing him reach heights he felt happy.

He decided to bring sweets and presents to the Rajput Manor , to celebrate along with uncle and aunty , but to his dissapointment the apartment was empty now.

Someone from the neighborhood recognized him and said " You think the Rajputs will talk to a nobody like you now? They are influential now .... They long cut ties with this neighborhood ".

This sentence hit Kalash hard! That cant be true .... Money or no money , fame or no fame , power or no power. Rudra was always his friend right?

However depressing thoughts entered his mind... His friend had not even told him before leaving the country , neither had he contacted him in game... Maybe fame changed Rudra? .

It was this reason and this reason alone he never decided to contact Rudra .... He never found the courage to make that phone call of appreciation. He was genuinely happy for him though. While the world wanted to get a hold of the Rajputs for selfish motives , he did not even make a call to the private number that he had of Rudra.

All this changed today though .... He got a text from Rudra that said " Yo , fatty .... Need help .... Meet in game ASAP , come to my guild if possible , confirmation not needed , get your a** here ".

Such broken sentence structure , not asking for permission , Kalash sighed , noone other than his idiot friend could do this. But the smile never left his face ..... He was exited to meet his friend again .


( At The True Elites guild hall , inner city , VR )

Kalash was greeted by two NPC maids outside the guild hall and escorted in .... His jaw dropped seeing the grand guild headquarters infront of him . Especially the blacksmith hall .... He absolutely loved it , it was much much better than the smithy he used .

As he was escorted into the conference hall .... He felt awestruck ..... In almost a 50 meter long luxurious hall , Rudra sat at the very end , grinning from ear to ear looking at his friends awestruck reaction.

" Stop that smile, you look stupid " Kalash said nonchalantly ..... That was it ... All the excitement and anxiety wiped after one second of looking at Rudra 's face , now they were back to being best buddies.

He wanted to congratulate Rudra , he really really did , however at the risk of inflating his ego , he absolutely never would . 'You want validation? Dream on !' Rudra waited for Kalash to say something but the guy never did.

Rudra said " should'nt you be like wow i have got the best friend in the world , who is the Guild master of such an awesome guild ?".

Kalash said " shouldnt you be like , sorry i left the country without informing you , and now because of my stupidity we cant eat momos on the streets anymore ".

Rudra was dumbfounded for a second then they both looked each other in the eye and absolutely bursted laughing.

Rudra missed this .... In all the insanity of the world , fatty was a natural stressbuster..... 5 minutes with him and he aldready feeled refreshed.

" Okay , tell me what do you need " Kalash asked serious now.

" Well , i was casually scrolling through the list of top blacksmiths in PurpleHaze city , the informal list... And i surprisingly found you at number 4 " Rudra said raising his eyebrows .... "Just how good are you in smithing".

Fatty smiled in pride .... " Ofcourse i cant let you have all the glory now... Can i ? "

Both smirked " Need help with a secret project .... We need to make bombs for the upcoming war .... Ill make the chemical part of the bomb ... You need to make the shells .... And the entire process must be a secret ..... Can you do it? ".

Fatty was aldready convinced however he needed to shrink Rudra to size soo he said " Well .... I have an extremely busy schedule .... " Before he could continue he got smacked on the head

" You dare???? " Fatty asked retaliating

The two of them then started fighting like cats and dogs ..... Finally after 2 minutes of intense bout they laid on the floor panting.

Rudra said " you are soo goddamn heavy even in VR "

" Thankyou " Kalash said , clearly proud of his tummy.

Rudra said " join my guild brother , i need you ".

Kalash nodded ..... He asked Rudra " the war doesnt look to be in your favour , i watched the analysis of the things , and they say you made a big blunder ... I know you better to know that you would never do things on stupid impulse .... You are too lazy for that".

Rudra nodded , impressed by his friends intelligence to be uptodate

" So i assume this bomb is your trump card in the war i assume ..... And hence the top secret project ".

Rudra nodded again

" My crafting proficiency is only so-so , ill try my best though dont worry , ill work my ass off soo ill get it done on time .... Naturally you dont need to worry about me leaking information , however you do owe me a lunch party later ".

" Done brother , get familiarised with the new smithy today , ill send you the design and materials tommorow ".

" Cool! I loved your smithy , its really nice ".

And this is how the Fatty best friend joined the lifestyle division of True Elites guild.

/// Author's thoughts : this chapter was not scheduled in my plan but is made on popular demand .... Soo guys keep commenting , keep writing suggestions, i do seriously take them into consideration , and steer my chapters accordingly . Hope you enjoy! ///

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