MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 48 - The Plan

Chapter 48 - The Plan

Although Rudra had called out for the guild war ..... Guild wars are not as simple as it seems . You have to be ready for anything in a guild war. In 'Omega' guild wars are done in seperate space , the one who issues tha guild war is the attacking side who has the privilage to decide the day of the attack . While the one who is defending has defenders advantage as they can choose the terrain for the war.

Depending on your guild's strength you may choose an open battlefield , or maybe a rocky terrain , or maybe even a ship battle. The possibilities are endless with over 999 different terrains for war. Loosing the terrain advantage is a big loss for the attacking side. In such large scale battles tactics play a huge role in the outcome, and tactics are based on the terrain.

With the overwhelming numbers advantage that was being held by the Orange Rock guild, Rudra was 99% sure they will choose to use a open battlefield to maximise their numbers profit , and although the guild pulled off a miracle in a 50v2000 fight , doing it against 10000 would be suicide .

All this was no suspense, as many experts and debate channels had started discussing about the upcoming Guild war. After update1 there were a couple wars here and there between third rate guilds, but this could be said as a first major conflict between known powers.

Although Rudra 's team had built a solid reputation none of the analyzers supported True Elites in a victory scenario . Many experts criticized Rudra for his impulsive decision to go to war , as had Orange Rock challenged , they could have selected a terrain that negated the numbers advantage. Being blamed for his impulsiveness not one expert analyzer sided with a True Elites victory.

Rudra was anything but stupid , and although all the reports suggested otherwise one person held absolute faith in Rudra and that was Ethan Grey, never asking for explanations he simply ordered his staff to place bets with the best odds on a True Elite victory, and he wasn't wrong Rudra had a plan!

Rudra called for a all guild conference . Tension could be sensed in the atmosphere , although they Respected and beleived in Rudra by now , they also felt nervous after carefully thinking about their odds to win . It seemed a little farfetched.

Rudra said " Okay guys , heres the thing , if i have issued a guild war that means i am confident of winning the guild war!".


Murmurs and discussions broke out ... The leader had some tricks up his sleeve.

" My plan is sure to be effective , however for it to be realized , each and every member here must work their asses off ! ".

Everyone looked determined noone's resolve wavered hearing this ..... If there was a way ofcourse they would work their asses off.

" Get to grinding levels , everyone reach level 30 by tommorow..... Go and take the tier promotion quest and activate your subclasses . There is a massive stat boost after getting promoted succesfully , all of you get as strong as possible leave the rest to me ."

Rudra laid down the guideline ..... They needed to reach level 30 and get promoted ..... And that they will.

Everyone dispersed quickly , trying to reach level 30 as soon as possible.

What Rudra asked them to do was a lot .... To grind nonstop and then attempt a promotion quest where the result matters a lot for the subclass selection , they needed to be in peak form. Many even fail the promotion quest and have to wait for a month to retry and many waited to gain more levels before attempting one. Rudra knew he asked a lot from them however he needed to do even more.

1) He himself needed to reach level 30

2) He needed to get tier promotion and get atleast S class rating.

3) He needed to choose the non combat subclass Bombmaker.

4) After that he needed to craft the frost bomb and spike bomb

These weapons were the key to winning the war!

Rudra had a lot to do ..... And very little time to do so . He needed to get to work!


( Meanwhile Orange Rock guild)

" How dare that Shakuni guy killl me? ME? who the hell does he think he is, ill crush him , ill crush his guild , ill make sure noone will be able to recognize true elites after I am done with them ! You want to start a guild war .... Fine you start it ... However ill end it , and ill end you ..... I ll start a second guild war then a third then a fourth a fifth ... Till every single member of your guild quits and till you yourself delete your account totally defeated after being killed back to level 0 ". Donald was going crazy , the #OrangeTrash was trending worldwide , and he had lost a lot of face , not even able to parry a single strike from Rudra.

He went maniacal after the incident.... Spending a fortune in arming his guild members with the best possible weapons , he was preparing for his revenge.

Seeing his maniacal attitude the agent sitting across him from the Ambani group was extremely dissapointed ..... ' What an idiot ' he thought , having no control over your emotions , you are not suitable to be a leader ..... Sigh why did leader choose to work with such a fool . He thought .... However remembering how his leader always had a plan , he still followed orders helping the Orange Rock guild prepare for the upcoming war.

The Orange Rock guild members now had a reorganized structure with a party leader above every 5 party members , a squadron leader above every 10 party leaders and a legion leader above every 50 squadron leaders. With a military structure and chain of command they made sure that the guild would not fall into chaos upon the killing of a few experts , and that the war effort would steer in the right direction.

Learning from their mistakes , the new Orange Rock guild was a force to be reckoned with!

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